Baby Love!! Mamas Check-in July 6 - 12


Hi mamas!

I'm FRUSTRATED today!!! :mad: I weighed heavy this a.m. I had continually lost last week. Every day the scales went down at least a half pound. This week, not so. They've GONE UP. I'm up a pound and a half from my low point last week. Wondering why!!! I've not been consistant with my recovery shakes, and I ate that bread yesterday, but that shouldn't have made a difference. I'm befuddled. Maybe this new Push phase is making my muscles retain water?? Anyway, it's made me ill.:mad::mad::mad: Anyway...

Sydney--Intensity AND shock cardio?? You're gonna be LEAN!!! :) I am not a huge cardio fan. I dislike it while I'm doing it, but I LOVE the endorphins afterward. I am a huge weightlifting fan though. Love doing it, but hate how hungry it makes me!

Kate--I am ALWAYS up late. It's a vicious cycle I can't break. Oh well... LOL at Julia's 24 pounds!! Don't you love big babies!?? I asked my sister yesterday how much my niece weighs (she's 17 months), and she said she weighs 22 pounds!! Charlie, who is 9 months, weighs 21 pounds!!! Love it! :)
Well, better get busy. The inlaws are coming to town tonight. They went to NY to visit family and are coming to visit us on their way home. They say they'll be here late and will go straight to the hotel for the night, but I bet that they will make better time than they think. I better fold the massive amounts of laundry I've let pile up. (at least it's clean!) And I must vaccuum. And make a whipped cream pound cake (my mom's recipe). too bad I can't eat any of it!! :( Hope everyone has a fantabulous day!! :)


Steph - Don't sweat the pound and a half. You'll probably lose it in a couple days. I think as long as you stay consistent like how you have been, it'll be fine.

Jess - I love sushi! Love spicy ahi. There's tons of sushi places here in Hawaii - yes, I do live here and yes, Pomai is a Hawaiian name.

Kate - You do get mom of the year for letting them swim in their clothes! I can feel the anxiety just reading that if they were my kids, lol! So would you suggest Meso2 to buy if we're not planning on doing the whole STS routine?

Sydney - DH and I were looking at insanity also. Still deciding.

Wendy - How has JJ been with his daddy? It must be nice to have an extra set of hands around to help.

Candra - How was your visit with family? Boo, for inconsiderate neighbors!

Thank you everyone for your compliments on P and well wishes for her. She still has a real slight fever, but it is def. getting better. I am one pooped mom. No wo since Sunday. Hoping to sneak one in today maybe. I lost a ton of weight these last two weeks and probably just from constantly nursing and not being able to stand around and snack. I finally got some sleep last night so hoping P is on the mend and she stays healthy for a really long time. I can't do another sleepless night like this!



Lisa--Congrats on the weightloss! Sorry Pomai still is feeling bad. Poor thing! She's had a rotten few weeks! Thanks for the encouragement about the pound and a half. My weight really fluctuates a lot, so hopefully, it was water.

Kate--I also want to know about Meso2 like Lisa asked. I can't afford the whole shebang, so I was thinking about just getting Meso2 after CLX. What do you think?
I'm procrastinating. House is clean as a whistle, but still have five baskets of clothes to fold. Yes, you read that right. FIVE baskets. UGH!!! :eek: Still have to bake my cake and make pizza dough for tomorrow night. I'm making unclean pizzas for the inlaws. DH was thrilled to find out that I'm making "white" crust instead of wheat. I also bought Canadian bacon, real pepperoni, and turkey italian sausage to put on them. Guess I'll just have one SMALL piece. The only time I make really "yummy" food for DH is when his parents come, so he's super excited. I'm dreading it. When will I ever be comfortable enough with my weight to take one guilt-free cheat night??? Anyway... Hope you all are having a great day!!


Waterpark was fun. I at last have some color on my day-glo body!:p Will post pics of Chub in her suit later.....

Ok, Meso 2.... this is my favorite of all STS and what my body responded to like MAGIC the first time thru. I'm doing it again for vaca prep and I LOVE IT! I'm leaning out and getting great definition in my UB. My legs are bigger which for me is A GOOD THING! I have notorious chicken legs. Meso 1 is endurance work....not my fave and my head wasnt into it, but I thnk that was mostly because of my postpartum issues. Meso 3 is like S&H series and I really liked that one too. Meso2 was my all time fave tho and these will get the most use for me hands-down! They are similar to GS series and each week has a differenr cool thing about it.... drop sets - FUN!!!! Double wave loads - FUN!!! If you dont want to invest in all of STS Meso 2 would be my recommendation.

Sydney, Hope you got your WO today!

Stephanie, IGNORE that scale! How are you FEELING??? The scale is a nasty beast!:p
Your pizza sounds marvy!
My laundry is piling up at an exponential rate.....

Lisa, Yay for weight loss, but yuc to how it happened! Hope you get a great nights sleep tonight! DH not too helpful at night? I RARELY ask Mike to go to her.... I can count on 1 hand the times he's gone. And when he does he's in such a sleep-deprived state it's not even worth it to me to have him it's all me. Most of the time I don't mind.



Steph - Homemade pizza sounds so good. Enjoy yourself since you don't do it often and just keep up with your workouts. I think we can get into the habit of being too hard on ourselves for every little thing which can become detrimental to our long term goals of being healthy. Even at my leanest and lightest, I couldn't have a "guilt-free" cheat day. Now I try to just enjoy even being a few lbs heavier than at my leanest. You're totally on track with your workouts, and I think that's so much more than what most people can say.

Kate - I don't ask DH for much help because he is not good with the sleep deprivation also. I feel the same as you, not worth the grouchiness the next day. I don't mind either as long as I can nap at least for a bit on those long nights.

I'll be joining you guys on the laundrymax! Gosh clothes and towels pile up so fast and not to mention the bedding I need to wash also. Pomai is finally getting back to normal. Fever is pretty much gone. Hoping it doesn't come back tonight. Watching HSM3 with dd, but she fell asleep. Better get going.



Morning Mamas!

Not sure what's up today for us. I am in desperate need of some housework but the weather's been so nice I've just wnated to go out and do fun things with the girls. Was thinking about the fair today...maybe the beach too. But the house is SCARY! Thank goodness the cleaning lady comes today! Candra, I'm indulgent like that too!:p Hey, if Mike can have a lawn guy I can have a cleaning lady!:p:D:D

What's everybody up to this weekend? Tmrw Mike has his 1st 5k. Sunday my BFF from Colorado is coming w/ her DH and 2 kids and staying until Wednesday. FUN! We'll be having a couple groups of company htat want to see them too so we'l have some busy days ahead! Wish me luck w/ my WO"s!!!! Thursday is packmax because Friday we leave for vacation for a week and a half!:D

Lisa, LOL that our DH's have the same night syndrome!:p
Bedding......oh my doI need to do that too! It's embarrassing how long its been for my big girls. I hate changing those bunks!
How's Pomai doing today?
hello everyone!
Well DH SHOULD get home today. but there was another delay again! maybe end up being tomorrow. were now over a week late! well anyway. I know hes more frustrated he's been sleeping on the floor!

Well I'm getting frustrated. Liam has been a handful the last week or so and isn't sleeping too well. when I do finally get him down for a nap or bedtime he wakes up too easily and I keep putting him down or give up and lay him next to me and go to bed. I haven't had a chance to workout in like a whole week. sigh. I think its still the gas issue! I am trying to not let it get to me. It will pass. I'm trying to atleast watch what I eat the best I can. except for eating that pizza and a bit of icecream I've done ok with that.

steph- yum on the pizza. I'm getting to where I think it'd be cheaper to stop by Papa murphys and they are pretty good. I just need things to be easy lately. I'm planning on making some favorites for DH while hes here but he'll have to hold Liam for me. ha. enjoy your splurge!

Lisa -are you sure you aren't talking about my DH?? really this would be the best time for a deployment anyway cause the first year of the babys life he'll be a big mommas boy and DH is worthless at night time. :p I hope P is feeling better today?

Kate- glad you had fun at the waterpark. DH wants to do some stuff like that but I think Liam is too young yet to do that kind of stuff. bummer! I'd love a day in the sun and water. :(

Hi Sydney and everyone else.


Morning girls!!

Kate-Have fun with the girls today! I feel the same way about my cleaning lady, if Mike has helpers at work then I get one too:p:D Your house will be nice and clean when your company comes!

Jess-sorry your dh is dealyed again! I don't think my wo's were really regular until Ryder was 6mos!! I would just squeeze in what I could. I also love sushi! It's good for you:D

Stephanie-did you get your laundry folded?? It's a never ending job:D Your pizza sounds yummy!!! One slice of pizza will not make you gain weight!

Lisa-Is Pomai better today? Were you able to get your wo in?

Sydney-I am so jealous you got insanity!!! I am trying to wait and hear reviews first, so please tell us all about them!!

Wendy-the builders are not supposed to be working so early!! I think they can start at 7am and have to be done by 6pm. We weren't going to complain , but this morning at 6am when it sounded like there was a mariachi band in our house, Mike called the owner of the company! It's just so rude to blare your radio at 6am:mad:

Mike is taking the boys camping today!! They are going for 2 nights and are soooooooooo excited! Of course I am so worried b/c they will be out of cell phone range so I won't be able to check on them:( So I will be alone with Ryder!!



jess.....sorry abt dh! how frustrating! and liam woes too! this too shall pass! ikwym re wanting to do waterpark-type things,. as much as i love having a baby it is wonderful having big kids & doing big kid things too.

wendy, how neat that your guys are going camping together! im looking forward to girls weekends w/ my dds. shopping in chicago sounds good to me!:D whatcha doin w/ our gents gone?

house is all clean....yay! did cs ub/abs and some amy bento abs. will do sts legs tonight.


Hi ladies,

I'll do personals a little later.....
Just wanted to say when I got home from work today....
Insanity was on my doorstep!!! Yea!!! I will preview later after I drop DS @ the mall....
Sydney -WOW that was fast! I hope you love it! I'm am so tempted to buy now but I should wait.

Kate -sounds like fun with the girls weekend. My DH will do things with the boys while I clean etc (before Liam) and they say its "just the boys" time. I'm like HEY! lol. but its kinda cute. I can't wait to try out STS esp with all the good reviews!

Candra- I'd me a nervous wreck if I couldn't check on them! hope they have a good time!


Kate - Have fun with your company!! Are you cooking for everyone all those nights??
Jess - I hope your DH gets home soon! That must be so annoying to have to deal with. I hope Liam is feeling tons better today with the gas. Hope he grows out of it soon.
Candra - I don't know how I would feel about not being able to reach them. I can get paranoid like that. Hope the boys have fun!
Sydney - Do tell how the workout is when you finally do it! That was fast!

Pomai is doing so much better today. No fever and she's back to herself. I went into work and now I'm free of the older kids. One is with their uncle and the other is at her friend's. I did not get to wo though. We have my nephew's bday party tomorrow so the house is a little crazy. Probably go running this afternoon when DH comes home. Have a great weekend ladies!!



Hi everyone....

I did the fit test tonight (well part of it---all that jumping around made Annissa start to cry)---I'll have to finish it with I put her down for the night. So far, there is a lot of jumping!! Kind of made the back of my legs hurt. But it looks like something that I could get into!!!

Lisa... I'm happy that P is doing better. Have fun @ the party...

Jess...Hope hubby arrives soon.

Candra... you're not going camping with the boys?



HI Jess!

Sydney, You've got me mighty curious about Insanity!

Lisa, YAY POMAI!!! What a battle you've had! Seeing the light at the end fo the tunnel now! Hope you get your run! I'll have 1 night off of cooking but other than that Cafe Kate will be running full steam!:D

We went to the fair tonght. YIKES - we forgot how SICK those rides make you. I felt like I had preg nausea all over again! And how EXPENSIVE it is for a fam of 4 to go out.$40 for the 4 of us to ride 2 rides!!! My sister was over to sit while Julia slept. Nice huh?


hi ladies! back from my firends rehearsal dinner, wedding is tomorrow. dh said jj went to bed super easy tonight for him. hea still been up to nurse since i got home but this is 2x dh put him down to prep for tomorrow, mil will put him down while were at wedding. ctx kb/bis/abs this morning. missed yesterday so that will have to count as my rest day, i had planned ctx for 14 days with one day off, may need to add a day off in 2nd week i suppose. we shall see how my knee holds up. enjoying ctx so far but def am modifying a lot. besides a ton of high impact, it takes up a fair amt of space i dont have so i have to adjust for that. overall, it seems a good remedy for me right now... straightforward, short-ish, no guessing what im gonna do and when. its kind of my "no-bs" plan for myself right now and so far i am liking and doing well.

jess - hope your dh walks in that door and surprises you any minute!

candra, id be jealous to be left behind! love camping!

kate, that chubber of yours is super cute =) (otherthread)

lisa, so glad pomai is better and sounds like you are due some good sleep...

sydney - cant believe how fast you got that! and beachbody is notorious for late arrivals!
Last edited:


Wendy - Good luck at the wedding and yay for JJ going down with no probs!
Kate - I know those carnivals are sooo expensive.
Sydney - I was wondering the same as Jess re: the test run.

Grr..DH is still not home and it's already 6:40pm. He said traffic is bad. Maybe a different wo tonight then since there may be no run.



Hi mamas!
It's LATE. So I'll just do a quick post. Will do personals tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a good weekend! My inlaws came today. I made homemade pizzas tonight and hot wings. I ate WAAAAAAY too much, but I hardly ate all day. Does that excuse three slices. Yes, ladies, I ate like I had been on a desert island for the past month. I got my workout in this a.m. though. Does that count? Tomorrow I'm clean as a whistle again. I think I'll skip the scales in the morning!!! :eek:


Wendy, Glad it's goign good for JJ thus far - hope it continues! CTX does seem to take up a lot of space! But it's so fun it's worth it to modify it!

Lisa, Did you get your run?

Stephanie, oh my word....we ordered pizza a couple nights ago and I swear I could've ate the whole thing. Hot cheesy saucy delish! I made myslef get AWAY FROM THE TABLE!!! Good job w/ the AM WO!

Mike ran his first 5k this AM and did it in 24 minutes. I was so proud of him! It was POURING!

Think we'll go swimming at IL's today. GroceryMAX too to prep for tons o' company starting tmrw! yay!

STS Legs tongiht!

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