Baby Love!! Mamas Check-in July 6 - 12


steph, i seriously could eat a whole pan of mex c'brd by myselk! yum!!
thats great u love those new wo's so much!
good luck w/ c! j made it thru the night til now....crossing my fingers she konks out again!
picnics must be in the air today - hope yyours goes well!


Hi ladies...

couldn't do my workout last night because the treadmill was acting up.:mad: so I went to bed frustrated!! but got up this morning and it was working so I did my slow 2 miles- I put on a weighted vest to make it a little harder and I am wiped out!!!

I'll post later....


Sydney, Sorry abt the non-WO last night!:mad: Hate stuff like that! good job this moring tho! i'm sure you're not as slow as you think! I, on the other hand, get passed by old men pushing strollers up hill!:p


Lisa-Pomai is adorable!!! How's work and your wo's??

Wendy-I am really loving circuits right now too! I am doing 1 a week, with ff get ready for summer rotation.

Stephanie-you are lucky your dh watches the boys while you wo!! If I waited for Mike I would never wo, he is never home:( Yesterday the big boys lifted weights (2 pounds) while I did cardio coach on the elliptical:)

Kate- I am getting the boys pics today too!! Even though Ryder isn't officially 9 mos until the 18th. My mil requested a new pic of the boys and her b-day is on Sat. so I figured what more could a grandma want than pics of her beautiful grandsons:D

Sydney-I am sure you are not 40% fat:eek: I wouldn't trust the scale! Your wo's are great!!:)

There is a house being built next door and they started working on it today at 5:30 am:mad: I could hear them hammering which is better than yesterday when they turned the radio on at 6am:eek: I know they are just starting early to beat the heat of the day, but it is really annoying!

Not much planned today. I am going to do bc during Ryder's nap! Then pics this afternoon with the boys:)

hello everyone! well as soon as I ask where everyone is it takes off in here! :)
My DH is in Kuwait waiting for a plane. He may not be here till about Friday. everything is backed up right now. lots of guys trying to get home. Kinda bummed cause today is Noahs birthday. He is 6! were going to do a little mini-party. (get pizza and a movie) and when DH gets here will do cake and presents. Hes getting a Wii for his bday so that is a BIG bday present! :) Its really for both boys but he'll get to open it and have lots of fun while DH is here.

Lisa -Pomai is adorable!! is that a hawaiian name? do you live there? (seeing the beach). looks beautiful.

Sydney -hope your treadmill is working properly now? my scale isn't budging either and I guess I could be cleaner on the food. ugh! just so easy to eat whatever when your hands are full with a baby.

Lisa -my weight is definetly hanging out in my middle area (belly, hips and thighs) kinda wierd how my arms and face are thin but I got some real chub down there I can totally grab a handful of. plus big boobs atm. lol

Well I'll catch up more later. Liam woke up from his nap and I have to get lunch on the table.
aaack. I have a new addiction now!!! I made a sandwich for lunch. I had another craving for SUSHI!! so I went to our grocery store. I was going to save it for dinner. I couldn't resist and ate in on the way home. ugh!! its sooo goooooood. I only buy the cooked kind. I'm afraid of the raw stuff. I need to figure out how to make it at home though cause its so darn expensive! seriously it must be cheap to make. they are 7.99 for 9 pieces. atleast its a good addiction I guess. but its getting pricey. I have one in the fridge Im trying to save for tomorrow. I may just do a protein shake for dinner. I've already had breakfast, lunch and lunch #2. :p
I'm wondering what the sauce is on top though. very tasty stuff. its not wasabi its brown. one has light brown the other a dark brownish red. both are sweet tasting?? the light brown has an interesting flavor. mmm. what is that?
I thought of trying the spicey ones but thought that may upset baby's tummy w/the breast milk?


Hi everyone..

Home for a few days--- good, I need the rest!!

How can someone own a treadmill for 2.5 years and NOT know that if there is a power outage the treadmill computer needs to reset before it can run????:p I got to thining everytime I have issues with it, it is when there had been a power outage. duh!!! It's all good now.

Jess..... Happy b-day to your little man!!

Candra... I'm thinking that you may be right. 40% seems really high? I have a lot of muscle so maybe the scale's off:(

Stephanie... enjoy your picnic!! I love days like that.

Kate.... your girls doing 5K? really good. Good that they are into fitness already....

Wendy... we'll get there... I just have to put down the cake :p that CTX rotation had some good reviews when I was searching out rotations. spicy chicken.....yummmmmm

Hi Lisa!! Tana, Jen, Laura.... If you are reading... I'm think about you all and hope that all is well..
Anna had her 4 month appointment today!! Time goes by way too fast.. She is in the 80% for height and weight; 26in, 15 lbs and I am told that I can start her on fruit!!! I'm soooo happy about that. She is going to love it! I thought the Dr. was going to get me for giving her Rice Cereal, but she told me that I could start fruit and veggies:)
not sure what workout I'll do tonight....
Sydney -I always heard to start with veggies first or if they start with fruit they may not want the veggies? cause it isn't as sweet I think. Its so cute when they start eating and get all excited about it ;). Glad you figured out the treadmill issue.


Hi mommies! I can't believe it, but P is sick again! Agh..poor baby. She has another fever and no other symptoms. I'm hoping this passes quickly. I am so pooped out. The ped said there is a bunch of stuff going around like crazy right now. She is napping now and I should to, but I'm so wired that I can't iykwim. Anyway, I've been reading and promise to get to personals after all this. I'm going to try and nap now. Be back in a few and hopefully with a feverless, better baby.

Lisa -sorry P is sick again! hope it passes quickly!

second package of sushi down! oh well. was good! if it was cheaper I'd stock my fridge in it! I bought some quinoa there today too. never had it before! any suggestions for how to fix it or just cook plain?


Hi mamas!

Kate--YOU are not slow! I am! It takes me an embarrassingly long time to run a mile on my tm, but it's a good sweat, so I don't worry about it!

Sydney--Glad your tm is back on track! Picnic was great!

Candra--BOO on your neighbors!!! The radio is rude. I understand wanting to get to work early to beat the heat, but blaring the radio is just plain rude!

Jess--Ewww... Sushi!!! :confused: As gross as I think it sounds, it actually is a very healthy addiction! Wish I had healthy cravings!! :p

Lisa--Sooooo sorry about Pomai!!! She must have picked something else up while her immune system was down with the other illness... Hope she feels better soon!! ((hugs))


Wendy--Still waiting for that recipe...;)


OK I must go workout now. I hear the boys acting up, and DH will give them back to me if I don't go now!! :eek: Picnic was great today. We walked the gardens (yay legwork!). Now I have CLX cardio. I'm sipping on my vitamin water (which I used to think were totally stupid until I tried the 10 calorie energy one and am hooked now... It actually gives me energy.)... Anyway... Happy evening to you all!!! :cool:


Candra, How did your photo shoot go? J started off smiley then went all serious on me! Stinker!
Did you get BC in?

Jess, I've never had sushi....
Happy Bday Noah! Sorry Daddy isn't home to help celebrate! Bummer.

Sydney, Glad you got yor TM figured out! LOL!
Anna's growing up! I held off til 5 months to intro solids. I wanted to wait til 6 mon but she was so ready. Felt cruel "withholding" it.
yay new WO!

Lisa, Hope you catch a nap! Hugs to you & P!

Stephanie, Nice day today! Have a great CHILDFREE WO!!! LOL on DH will give them back!:p

We had a great day! After pics we went to a park and had a picnic. DDs played on the playground then we walked to get ice cream.. I had a little....ooooops! We found a beach on the lake that's in town. they didnt have their suits but somehow swam for over an hour anyway! I think I won cool mom points today! We came home and took a nice walk. I did STS chest and some of KB Surge after they went to bed.

Thursday we're going to an outdoor waterpark that's close by that we've never been to. SHould be another fun day!
Steph -lol!! that is what I always thought about sushi. never tried it so thought it sounded grose. My MIL kept wanting to take me to a japanese resteraunt for some and I always blew that off. well they had free samples one day at my grocery store. they have a whole little section for it! WOW IS IT GOOOOOOD!! basically has sticky rice, a little seaweed(I have always liked japanese snacks/crackers with that), either crab or shrimp(cooked!), avocado and maybe another few little things like that. One had jalapeno I think and I picked it out. And some super delish sauce on top of it. those are the kinds I tried. mmmmm. They have spicey flavored ones too. It's really great!

Sydney - I want to get insanity but should wait till we get paid again. yikes. the account is low. let us know how you like it!

Kate - I had a little icecream today too and dang it ate a piece of their pizza. it wasn't even good so that makes it worse. :( the boys liked it though. thats why I got myself sushi so I'd avoid the pizza. :p

OH I found this page with some quinoa recipes:


sydney, insanity sounds insane! lol. def not my kind of workout but enjoy=) lol abt the tm and power outage and now you know. and what a big girl you have! JJ is 10 mos and 19lbs.

jess, i hrt sushi, too! and like you only the cooked ones, except for the mackerel i will eat raw. a very lowfat meal but the sauces and white rice make it pretty carb-heavy for me to have often... i get it maybe once every 2 mos and enjoy every second of it! happy bday to your boy and sending good vibes for your dh to make a quick trip home!

lisa, i am so sorry to hear! JJ was sick recently like 3x in a row, or maybe it was recurring, so hard to know rlly, but its a bummer when our little angels feel ill =( take it easy on yourself so you can nurse her back to health!

candra - thats stinky abt the builders!! around here there are ordinances that keep ppl from doing that too early or late but maybe thats just because we are so close together? not sure if you are in a more suburban or rural area... what is the rotation you mentioned youre doing right now?

steph - you are doing awesome with clx, keep it up! vitamin water sounds good but the energy i can do without if its caffeine... drink too much coffee as it is and i prbly shouldnt with nursing... i am so sorry abt the recipes, blame it on the mommy brain =)

pulled chicken:


JJ went to bed with dh tonight-- bath and bottle of formula (!!!!) and rocked him. he cried some but mostly it was ok. we are doing this 1x again before sat wedding when mil will be putting him down... wish us luck. did ctx step intervals/chest while they were going in for bed. eats were not so fab today, tho. went to brkfst with some mama/baby friends and suffice it to say JJ now looooves french toast and sausage! i guess i can count this as a cheat day, thats a pretty big calorie cheat.

trish... becky... thinking about you!

night gals!



Wendy--Thanks, man!! Can't wait to cook it! Yum! Yeah, the energy drink does have "natural" caffeine. I don't care if it's natural/unnatural/supernatural... as long as it's CAFFEINE. I've cut out diet cokes and am down to one cup of joe in the mornings, and I need the boost. Just wish it wasn't a dollar a bottle!! :eek:

Sydney--I'm totally and completely green with envy!!! I want DETAILS about insanity!!! Are you getting the insanity preview DVD?? You lucky duck!

Jess--OK, if it's cooked, then I may have to change my opinion on sushi. What you described sounds YUMMY! :p

Kate--Your day sounds like it was so nice!

Did my CLX cardio/abs. Ate a BIG salad (and some of the bakery bread I bought for the boys/dh...:mad: can you say: SABOTAGE?? at least it was wheat bread...) Now ready for bed. I've been promised a back rub. Nighty night all!! :)


Jess, I HATE when a cheat food isnt all that good anyway....yet somehow you continue to eat it! GR!

Wendy, LOL @ JJ's weight! Julia is 9 months and 24#!!!!!
I bet he liked the french toast! ME too!!!
So you're getting a date night comin up! Awesome!

Steph, You're up late again! How do you do it!?
Mike was buying some protein water that was almost $3/bottle.!!! Thankfully, it was discontinued!!!
I am the queen of self sabotage! Sounds like you did ok tho!

Gotta finsih getting J to nap and get ready for the waterpark!


Good morning mammas..

Stephanie...No, I took the plunge and ordered the program:) I got it because it reminds me of hardcore P.T workouts that I do @ work!!! I call it Boot camp on Steroids!!!:eek: I don't know how long it will take for it to get here (or even if the discs will work----CLX first go rounds) but can't wait. Hubby says that this is it :mad: (thank heavens I pre-ordered Shock Cardio).

Wendy... your little one is so tiny next to Anna!!! she IS wearing 9mo sized outfits.

Kate...water park... lots of fun

Jess... I love sushi!!! I hear you about how much it cost though!! It was cheaper when we lived in Washington, I don't get it here unless we are @ a restaurant

Candra... I know my neighbors hate my dog Shadow!!! early in the morning he is on quitter patrol.... stands by a tree and barks at anything that moves in it. I let him stay out for about 30 seconds because I don't want the neighbors too mad @ me.

no workout this a.m so far, but will plan on something later...

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