Baby Love!! Mamas Check-in July 6 - 12


Everybody have a good weekend?

We had no party plans so eats were great. It was nice to have a quiet weekend!

We have company coming for the night so we feel wierd using our WO rm w/ them down there getting ready for bed. So tonight......we are doing B&G floorwork/abs premix together! Will give a full report on the hysterics w/ DH tomorrow! Should be a good one!:p:p:p
Kate -has DH done B&G before? I know I should get my DH to do a cathe w/o sometime and he would be beat. hahaha (evil laugh).
DH is delayed AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! something wrong with the planes. just unbelieveable. well better safe than sorry I guess. shouldn't fly in a dust storm or with the door not shutting and whatever else was going wrong with the planes.
Just for fun here is a screenshot of Liam and I talking to DH on the webcam haha. Since I never get my own pic taken with him atleast I have that. lol.


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Good Morning Moms!!

We had a great weekend:) The kids are exhausted from being with their cousins for 3 days straight. I think the only time they were out of the pool was to eat or sleep;) I didn't get to wo while everyone was here, so I am getting back on track today!! The scale stayed the same so I am happy with that:)

Jess-you look great in your pic:) Ikwym about not being in any pics! I am always the one taking them. Sorry dh is still delayed:(

kate-have fun doing B&G with Mike:D I did that Thurs night:eek: Is your company only staying one night?

Today is laundry and clean up the house day!!!!!!!!!!!! We had so many people over for the fourth, our backyard is a mess!! Good thing the cleaning lady comes tomorrow:D



hi ladies! drive-by check-in for me! dh is home today and working around the yard. i am food shopping and then large batch cooking for the week. also getting starting on a quick job i do every summer for a folk music fest in the berkshires... setting up all of the motel arrangements for artists and staff... mostly ph calls and emails but time consuming and time-concentrated (fest is july 23-26). no idea whats on the plate for today. love my circuits... any suggestions???

hope you ladies are all recovered from 4th festivities!

jess, hoping your dh gets on his way soon... i feel for ya...



Hi ladies...

Wendy... you sound busy today.

Candra..... Have fun with the laundry and the pre-cleaning.

Jess.. nice pic!! You look thin. are you back to your pre-pregnancy weight?

Kate... Had a great weekend.. the house is full.... MIL when back home but my step-kids are here for the summer. So back up to 4 kids to care for.:)
It's nice that your hubby works out with you.

Got a good workout in early today.. I left the house and went to the gym and was able to run for 35 min; then I did the elliptical for 45min and finished with a spin class for 20 min (i could only last @ spinning for 20 min). Anna's a little fussy today. My 13 year old DSD put my doggie in Anna's sling so I have wash it and that seems to be the only thing that calms her down quickly.... I'll pop back in a little later..


Hi mamas!
Jess--You look great!! Sorry your DH has been delayed again!! Good things come to those who wait, though, right?? ;)

Kate--My DH would DIE if he did B&G! LOL I think those one-legged squats would get him! Have fun!

Candra--Glad you had a great weekend poolside! Yay on the scales staying the same!! Proves that occasional workout vacations won't kill ya!

Wendy--That fest sounds fun! What workout did you decide on?

Sydney--FOUR kids?? Yikes! I bet that workout was a little vacation for you! ;) You rocked the gym today! Running, elliptical AND spinning!!! :eek: Way to go!
Well, my cold is a little better today. It may just be bad allergies. Charlie is in a very restless stage. He kept waking up last night and I put him in bed with us and he tossed and turned and fussed. I NEED SLEEP!!! :confused: Scales were kind this morning, but I fell off the wagon a tiny bit by having five m&ms as I doled them out for the boys. :confused::confused: Curse those m&ms!!! My willpower must have been down from sheer exhaustion. But five won't kill me. Tonight is supposed to be a CLX rest day, but I may walk on the tm with my weighted vest or do yoga. We'll see. Hope everyone has a great afternoon!! :)
Steph - yeah should be soon!! everyones upset over there. I've not done so great on eating the last two days either. ugh!

Skyy - I still have 12 lbs to go or so to pp weight. but its all concentrated in my belly/hips/thighs. I'd actually like to loose more like 17 but that may be wishful thinking. :p Liam loves his sling too. wow you got alot of w/o done.

Wendy -hope you get a good w/o picked. what did you do?

Candra- lucky you a cleaning lady!? I wish. sigh! hope you get alot of housework done. I have laundry waiting also.


jess, sorry abt the delay! ds's have gotta be so bummed!
and you look great!

candra, i heart my cleaning lady too!:D glad the wkend was a success!

wendy, that fest sounds busy! did u get your circuit?

sydney, awesome wo, batman!! crazy!:cool::eek:

steph, 5 mms IS will power, woman! i wouda had 50 w/ a giant handful of nuts too!

company stayed up late so no bg. m was half-glad!:p
gotta get bfast rolin....bbl


yooo hooooo!
must be nice out where everybody is!
gorgeous here. think we'll go for a walk soon.
did sts wts/plates abs. yowza!!!! burner!!!!
heavy ub lifting tonight! keep the furnace burnin'!!:D:D


Hi ladies! I'm going to try and upload a pic of P. Let me see if it will take. I hope I don't have to resize. Anyway, P is back to normal now and I'm doing major catch up. Have to do lots of cleaning and working and working out. I fell asleep last night early and when I got up it was morning already. So no wo yesterday, but I did Original BC on Sunday. Planning on GS CT today. Okay let's see if this works.



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Yay it worked!

Steph - Five m&ms are nothing. I know what you mean about no sleep.
Kate - Lol about Mike being relieved. No raincheck for B&G with him?
Candra - You have a cleaning lady also?? I'm so j!!
Wendy - LIC maybe? It's long, but fun.
Sydney - Awesome wo!
Jess - Isn't it funny how we hardly have pics of us with our babies since we're always behind the camera?? Cute pic.



Hi all...

I know I get crazy when I go to the gym!!!:) I really like being there. I use the time there as "me" time and somethings I just keep on going.

Working out @ home is pretty good too... just most times I have to stop, do a few things, then start up again.

tonight, I am going to do PUB and a slow 2 mile run on the treadmill (I have to name my treadmill). later...


Hi mamas!
Whew what a day! It IS pretty here, but we're cooped up inside. I'm cleaning and doing laundry. My mom is coming tomorrow to keep the boys while I go to a PTO meeting. (yes, a summer PTO meeting. WTH??) My in-laws are coming into town late Thursday night and staying until Saturday. Luckily Dh is taking Friday off, so I won't be a one-woman entertainment show. Still have to clean upstairs. It's HARD to get anything done with Charlie who hates being in his highchair or bouncy seat because he's so MOBILE!! :eek::eek::eek: My sweet Oliver cleaned up the bonus room so I only have to vaccuum and dust it, which is nice. Anyway... OH Charlie slept through the night last night!! Hoping we are getting back on track. I gave him some Little Noses before bed, put a blanket in his bed and cranked up the air. Apparently he loves a cool room at night. Just like his parents...

Kate--Ah mike escaped bg torture!! You'll have to make him do it with you another time! STS plates/weights is a TOUGH one! I did it the other day and I couldn't even do some of those plate moves. Yowza is right!

Lisa--Pomai is gorgeous!! And the backdrop of your picture looks like a postcard! Glad she is feeling better!

Sydney--I love my workout "me" time. I tell the boys, "I'm going to go workout now. No one bother me!!" DH watches them while I exercise. I LOVE that time, and I think it's important for our kids to see that we LOVE that time, so they will grow up knowing exercise is a wonderful thing, not something to be dreaded. Ya know? Your workout tonight sounds great! You mix your cardio and weights a lot. Have you seen a lot of results doing this? I've been doing the CLX rotation, where I do two days of cardio, three of weights and use one of the rest days doing one or the other, but rarely both. Maybe I should start mixing them too...

Well, back to the grindstone. Guess I better grab some lunch. Scales were up a half pound this a.m., so I'm obsessing over it. I know, I'm nuts. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!! :)


Hi Stephanie

I am seeing results, but it is really really slow. I know that it is because of how I eat. I want to cut back and eat clean, but I just haven't the will power just yet. :( I do mostly cardio because I am trying to "burn the fat." my bathroom scale says that I am 40% body fat and I believe it, because even though I fit my clothes, I am soooooooo fluffy:mad:


Sydney--I'd not put too much stock in those scales. Aren't calipers the best indication? My scales give a body fat percentage too, but I think it's just the BMI calculation (because I had to put my height in). How do the scales know how much fat vs. muscle we have? Plus, if you're in your size 10s, I highly doubt your at 40 percent!! :)

I felt fluffy for awhile, and now I feel the muscle forming, but I feel saggy. I'm wondering how long it will take to firm up once I reach my goal. Isn't it always something???

DH took the boys to the pool. Just have to vacuum upstairs and I'm done with my chores. I'll workout when they get home. CLX again. :)

Hope everyone is having a great evening!


oh, gosh sydney i am "fluffy" too... my poor husband is being so patient with me and not saying a word... we will get there together! work it girl!

stephanie, how is charlie getting around now? i know you said hes crawling and is he also pulling up on things and cruising around? are you in phase 2 of clx yet? i want to hear more!

kate, i think your dh is a lucky man that b&g didnt happen! did you get out for a walk today?

lisa, what a beeeeyoootiful baby! and what a backdrop, must be nice to live in hawaii =) so glad she is better and you will be back on track in no time!

candra - a cleaning lady would be AWESOME right about now! enjoy that! hope your company didnt leave too much of a mess, tho...

jess - nice pic of you and liam! you look great! your arms look thin so if youve got any pg wt left it must be around the middle.. cuz i cant see it =) youll be down to pre-pg soon i bet! is dh on the way yet?

it was rain and thunder today, no outside for us. i did ctx power circuits/back/abs. ive been good on wos lately so i decided today, my plan is to do ctx in its entirety for 2 wks (1 rest day) and see where im at wt-wise. if its working then i will switch it up for a week and then do ctx again for 2 weeks. we'll see if i can stick to it considering i love my circuits but ther ea re a lot of things i like abt ctx. hope my knee can handle it and i dont get bored! wish me luck!

i made the slow cooker pulled chicken recipe today from over in healthy recipes, pretty good! tripled it and made it less sweet and more spicy. made cheddar jalapeno cornbread yesterday (NOT a healthy recipe lol) that dh is in love with, served it with that and i had a teeny tiny amt plus a bunch of veg. did well today eating wise overall.




Y'all got all chatty on me this afternoon!:D

Nice day here! Took a walk, did some abs, made good food, enjoyed our company, DDs had swim lessons tongiht, came home and did STS. Payroll is done too!

Tmrw Julia has 9mo pics. WAH!! I want NB pics again!:eek: I think we'll go to a park and have a picnic too. A little bribery for the big sisters to be good for the photo shoot!:p

Hi Jess! ANy word on DH?

Lisa, Every time I see that pic of P I just smile! What a sweetie pie!!!
Glad you got some sleep! I slept from abt 1a-6a LIke. A. Rock.

Sydney, LOL! We name stuff too! Hope you get a good ride on ..... hmmm..... this could get interesting!:p

Stephanie, You're right abt exercising and our kids. DDs just KNOW that is a part of our daily routine that we look forward to! They are so into 5k's now - I love it! They have one this weekend and again in a cpl weeks.
Re goals: I guess I don't even KNOW what my long-term goal IS! I just know I want to feel and look healthy. Most days I think I accomplish that but I would still like a little chiseling.
Busy days ahead for you! Hope it all goes well!
Get in that WO tongiht, mama!:cool:

Wendy, WTG on eating!! You're winning the battle!:)
And no Poor Husband talk! They are lucky they have such healthy fit women!
I've never done CTX as intended.,,...always add on bits to my reg WO's. I should do a rotationw/ it.

Better roll on to the shower & sheets!:D


Wendy--Yes, I started the Push phase this week. I did the second workout tonight. WOW! Major shoulder work. And those one-legged lunges were awesome!! What's your chicken recipe? Sounds yummy! I love making Mexican cornbread too, but I leave out the jalapenos and just put in cheddar, onion and corn...

Kate--It's great that your girls are into 5Ks!! Sounds like you have healthy goals! Wish I just had to work on chiseling!! :p You lucky duck!

OK Charlie is SCREAMING.... He's been so grumpy today. He gets mad when I get on the computer, so I better get off now... See ya tomorrow ladies. It'll be late, though because I've got a PTO meeting and picnic with the boys.. Later!!

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