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Howdy Texas Road Trippers....

Is everybody readyyyyyyyyy????

I have so much nervous energy I don't know what to do with

If you arrive early and want to join us before the event for a little "get-to-know-one-another" gathering, please meet us at the pool (or in the lobby if it rains) at 6:30pm on Thursday Oct 7th. If you are not sure where the pool is, please check with the front desk for guidance.

If you are traveling with your family members/friends, please bring them with you. I'd love to meet them. After a little chit chat and picture taking we will head off to walk the nature trails. Your family/friends are welcome to join us on the walk too. We should be finished with the walk by 8:30pm so that you can get well rested for a busy weekend :D Please note that since we will not be fully set up for the weekend at that point in time, you should bring a water bottle with you if you think you will need it on the walk. However, once the weekend officially kicks off on Friday, water will be provided with every workout :) Edited to say be sure to read my clarification down a bit further :)

See you soon "partners" :D:D:D
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Thanks for the update. We are about 45 minutes from departure time so it was perfect timing. I can't wait to meet you!


A nature walk sounds like fun - thanks for making yourself available. Look foward to meeting you and everyone else. This is my first road trip :)

Cathe Friedrich

A clarification

Hi All! Just wanted to clarify that once the event officially kicks off, water "stations" will be available at all the workout events. So it's a great idea to bring the water container you will receive in your packet and put your name on it and fill it at the water stations so that you have your very own container with you for every workout. Feel free to refill at anytime as needed. Okee dokee? :D


Literally jumping up and down with excitement! Haha......guess I better stop and save this energy huh?!

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