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Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! I'm looking for some feedback on the Butts and Guts DVD. If you have time, I'd love to hear your comments.

For those of you who have this DVD...please tell me the top 3 things you love most about it...and if you don't like it you can tell me that too, wink. What is the biggest change you saw? What exercise was your favorite? What premix was your favorite? How did you like the ab routines? Do you do it in its entirety or split it up? Do you use the premixes more than the original? Share anything you want, about this DVD ....thanks!
Hey Cathe,

I love the floorwork in this one but totally think there are way to many walking lunges. I am doing one of the premixes tomarrow I can give you more feedback then.
Hi Cathe!

I use this DVD often, but mainly for the “leg blast” premix. This premix continues to challenge me! I love that it requires minimal equipment and keeps my heart rate elevated. It also introduced me to firewalkers which helped strengthen my outer hip area and resolve some issues with my running. The one-legged squats are brutal, yet so fun!

I enjoy both of the abdominal sections, but do the stability ball one more often. My husband loves this section because incorporating the ball keeps him focused on the exercises and prevents him from zoning out.

Hope this helps!

The best things about B&G to me are:

I love the abundance of premixes on this workout, and use them more than the as-is version of B&G for sure.

I like that there is an all floorwork premix, and the premix is still long enough to feel like I'm getting a "complete" leg workout, and not just an "add on" of the floor work portion of the workout.

I like that it focuses on using light dumbbells, a band or just body weight for most moves. I prefer low/no weight workouts that are still challenging-- especially when it comes to lower body.

It doesn't feel like an endless repetition of squats, lunges and leg presses. There's a real feeling of variety!
I love Butts and Guts! I do mostly the standing work. I get a good burn and a good sweat. I am a pear so I need to do as much lower body work as I can. Actually Butts and Guts was my first Cathe DVD. I was looking for something for my lower body and someone recommended it. Now I'm hooked.
I use the Leg Blast premix the most and I LOVE the stability ball abs. I reach for it fairly often. Especially on those days when I'm not really wanting to do abs, but know that I need to do them.
Thank You Everyone! This is very helpful to me. I will read all of your comments here, Ask Cathe, and on FB over the next couple of days. If you have not yet posted and want to, please feel free to :)
I love B&G but only use the standing portion. I do feel worked afterward and the next day my legs feel "tight".
I love the floor work and how it's actually lengthy instead of just a few exercises thrown in at the end like most other floor work routines. Floor work is popular and a good, lengthy and effective workout like this is truly lacking out there in video workout world! I love the firewalkers!! In the main workout the only portion I usually skip is the lunges as they tend to bother my knees too much.

I love Butts & Guts! Are you thinking perhaps Butts & Guts II?

I am Leary of dead lifts. I always feel a twinge in my lower back that it might possibly do me harm. Long ago it did force me to wait a couple of weeks before I could do them again. I'm scared of that so I use much lighter weight. I think that using lighter weight may be a waste of time though. I can never really figure out if I am doing them correctly. Perhaps while using my abs at all times, sticking my butt out more as I bend forward with the weight and then turning my butt muscles on while standing up? I don't know.

I love that maybe some fresh and new/innovative moves may be coming our way to target those 3 muscle groups in the butt and also the muscles in the tummy.

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I love B&G :) My favorite things about it: it's super challenging and very thorough; the abs portion b/c those planks at the end never seem to get any easier!; the fact that there's a mix of standing work and floor work. Favorite moves: low pulse lunges and fire walkers!! I also like the lunges mixed w/ plie squats, and later mixed with regular squats, I feel it so much more than with static lunges.

I never really use the premixes on this one - if I don't do the entire dvd I just play it through and skip exercises I don't feel like doing.

As far as what I didn't like - well, I guess there was a lot of equipment used. I don't have a high step so I use a regular one...I don't have a barbell either so I just use hand weights. I also felt like there was a LOT lunging and was hoping for more variety. (ok, also b/c I hate lunges b/c they're so hard, lol) I also wish there was some calf work, and maybe a little more lower back at the end of the abs section.

None of those things were deal breakers though of course. On the whole I LOVE B&G and thought it was an excellent buy, considering how many minutes of exercise are actually on there! (I really like those bonus sections!)
Hi Cathe, I really love this DVD, but I find the full length a bit daunting. I used to try to do the whole DVD, but recently I have been using the Premix # 3 Leg Blast - 47 1/2 min. I try to add the bonus stability ball abs in at the end. I enjoy the Forward Thrusting Hammer Punch, Walking Lunges, Side to side thrusting hammer punch, Freestanding lunge/squat combo, Firewalkers, Low Pulse Lunges.
howdy, i posted on your FB, cathe, but i do have a question. i really, really don't like floorwork. so, i will probably do the standing pre-mix the most. how many time a week should i use this to work on the ole' hip area? i am a pear, too , i think. never have been too sure. am only 5', and just turned 55, so, i am fighting hard to stay fit as a get older. i have lost 6#'s in the last couple month and i feel good about my weight, i just need to keep what i have and just work to develop more muscle. it is very hard for me to develop muscle. i'm kinda lean and small boned built, so i don't muscle up very easy. anyway, sorry to ramble. i really just wanted to ask about the # of times a week i could do B&G. :)
thanks, cathy

oh , and if you have time, where are you from in Deutschland? i lived there as a teen. we lived in Darmstadt. loved it!! europe is so beautiful.
I love the versitality of this workout! Some days I do standing glute work along with core work and a nice stretch. Other days I do floor work, abs, and stretch. This workout travels well and that's a real plus!

BTW, Cathe, you may want to contact Affinia Dumont Hotel in NYC. They are a health/fitness hotel and they deliver fitness kits to your room that include dvd, weights, mat, bands, stability ball.... The only problem is their dvds aren't so great (they don't have any Cathe dvds). I bring my own, but I bet you could make a deal with them (and their other hotels in NYC, D.C. and Chicago) to offer your dvd's in exchange for some free advertising! It would be great to get to try out some new dvds when I'm out of town!

The hotel also offers a private fitness studio (that includes a tv with dvd player) and a complete gym to use during your stay, so other members might like to stay there, too. Seems Affinia and Cathe could really scratch each other's backs as well as give members a nice option when on the road.
Reply to Butts and Guts

I got the DVD about 2 years ago. Was not an avid exerciser at all, but had done some of the workouts on FIT TV. Was extremely challenged doing this and am still challenged. I dothe entire workout mostly and love that it challenges me still. I have always done this 1- 2 days a week along with walking and jogging. Love the reg. ab workout that comes with it. Love/hate the one legged squats that I do with my kids bathroom stool. Love the firewalkers. Love the walking lunges. Don't particulaly care for the low pulse lunges. Love the whole floor workout also. After I complete this workout I feel slightly sick. But I have been happy for 2 years this being my only workout dvd that I own, up until I got Hiit and a new step last week. I am a stay at home mom of 3.

Sarah Sperry
Combination to achieve results

Hi Cathe,

I love Butts & Guts, but in order to get the shape I want in my lower body, I need to combine exercises from both B&G and Gym Style Legs. I don't know why this is - I'm not very knowledgable on fitness techniques. I'd love a workout that combines the types of exercises in the two videos.

Many thanks!
I like the floorwork. I'd love to see more exercises I could do for my legs which don't tax my knees. It's very difficult to build leg strength when every instructor relies so much on lunges, squats, tall step climbs, etc. I'm recovering from my 2nd knee surgery in one year and would love some knee-friendly alternatives.
Butts and Gutts was my 3rd Cathe purchase. I love that DVD. I use it for Stability Ball abs the most and standing legs. Fire walkers have got to be my favorite exercise.

Floor work is not my favorite, but once in a while I will break down and do it. Love the premixes, Too!

I pulled this out the other day to do abs and stretch after doing Disk 17, legs. It was perfect. The stretch is really nice.
I really like the Butts and Gutts DVD. I have only done the DVD in it's entirety two times. I most often use the premixes. I do the leg blast premix and the Floor work with Abs premix most often. I sometimes add the stability ball abs onto other work outs. Sometimes I add the floor work onto one the the Meso two leg workouts.
I really like this dvd but find I don't do it very often because i always end up with a back ache for a few days. I love the ab sections, the firewalkers and the floor work. I hate the second round of one legged lunges and the walking lunges, I know it is working but it seems like over kill to me. I am going through a peri-menopausal phase and all my weight seems to settles in my hip and lower ab area, I would love a second B&G that I could do to tone these areas without causing back pain.

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