Anyone sick of chicken and fish- mememememe


i'm pretty much to the point that I can't stomach chicken or fish. i'm just sick of it

but I eat 5 meals a day and i'm clueless on ideas for protein

dont want to overeat cottage cheese because i dont want to get sick of that either

i really watch my carbs because i gain easily eating them with my PCOS

i'm struggling to lose 20 lbs. and its hard getting meal ideas

i want and have been trying to eat clean but getting bored quickly

its been 3 weeks since i've been strict about this way of eating as its new to me

anyone have some ideas or where to get ideas

i'm not sure about PCOS and what you can or cannot eat but what about tofu, eggs, egg whites, natural protein powders to make smoothies, greek yogurt, red meat? Tofu can be flavored with anything so getting a tofu cookbook would give you loads of ideas.
I can eat anything with PCOS I just lose better on low carb.

but with any "healthy' eating plan, lots of protein is a must

I usually have oatmeal with cottage cheese mixed in for breakfast

meal 2- yogurt with fruit and/or nuts

meal 3- fish with veggies

meal 4- chicken with veggies

meal 5- cottage cheese with peanut butter
well i would just replace mabe the chicken with veggie meal with beef instead like a nice steak or hamburger patty. i used to do the cottage cheese and peanut butter thing all the time. I now use greek yogurt because it contains more protein and less carbs. You can also do a great stir fry with tofu and veggies. I'm sorry if this doesn't help much.
Lately I've been making low carb protien pancakes and frittattas (like a quiche only without a crust). I use egg whites and vanilla protein powder and cinnamon for my low carb pancakes, and I use a variety of low fat cheeses and diced veggies for the frittattas....The key to not "burning out" on foods is to pre-plan your meals for the week and vary it up. Say for instance your breakfasts: on Monday have a spinach omelet with feta cheese, on tuesday have smoked salmon and low fat cream cheese rolled up in a low carb tortilla, on wednesday have a piece of asparagus frittatta, on thursday have a couple low carb pancakes with 2 tbsp of peanut butter, on friday have some scrambled egg whites and 2 slices of turkey bacon, on saturday have a cup of greek yogurt with blueberries, on Sunday have cottage cheese and sliced tomato and basil....Get all the food you need for the week on Sunday and write out your meal plan and that will keep food interesting and fun and give you healthy options to look forward too! Hope that helps! It works for me, I love mixing up my foods each week and keeping things interesting! Healthy eating can be fun, so make it the way you want it, and just control your portions.
JODELLE- i've seen a lot of your posts around and you give great advice. as does everyone else thank you

your suggestions sound DELISH

i think my problem is that I dont have that many ideas in my head

i have never made 3/4 of them

i'm thinking of subscribing to the clean eating magazine

my problem is that when i count calories, i find it so much easier to eat 'simple" things which is rather boring and in turn makes me bored of my food and eat crap. the cycle

i feel like everyone states, eat clean to lose but to me, eating clean seems boring

i mean, i even look at people's menus on the food tracker here and it seems like eveyrone is eating chicken with broccoli all the time. i just can't do that.

i know i have to sacrifice to lose, i do, but i have to find a happy medium where i can enjoy my foods too. just need to learn more recipes and ideas
Absolutely! Food should be enjoyed! God told us to enjoy the "fruits" of our labor. Eating should not be boring, and healthy eating can be exciting when you focus on whole foods from the earth and foods that are in season! Try to only look for produce that is in season, and that way your meals are ever changing, and your taste buds will match up with what is in. Focus on all kinds of flavors in your meals, like rich avocado on an omelet, and use sharp cheeses to bring out a more intense flavor, so you can use less of it. Use real butter, but just keep it in moderation, and use lots of herbs and spices, and take time to prepare your plate to look pretty before you sit down....and SIT DOWN! So many people, make dinners and other meals and stand and pick at it while they are making it. Tell yourself that you cannot have a bite until the meal is finished and pretty on the plate before you and then sit down and enjoy it. We are such a hurried society anymore and we need to get back to the ways of beautiful food and slowing down and taking time to savor each flavor put on the earth by our Creator. Even if you are pressed for time, cooking can be and should be easy and healthy.

You can quickly saute frozen veggies in a little vegetable broth and olive oil and then toss in some shrimp for a quick stir-fry.
You can quickly pop open a can of tuna and dice up some celery and toss it with 1/2 a mashed avocado and a little lemon and sea salt and pepper for a dairy free tuna salad!
You can quickly grill a chicken breast and while it's grilling, grab some black beans and salsa and a low carb tortilla and then cut up the grilled chicken breast and make a black bean and chicken wrap with a nice side salad for a quick healthy dinner.
You can whip a quick pot of chili, with just lean ground turkey, a jar of your favorite salsa, a can of black beans and some chili powder and voila - chili quick easy and healthy!

Then give your self 15 min to slow down, sit down, and enjoy the "fruits" of your labor. You work hard and enjoy a delish meal so take a bit of time to prepare and reward yourself daily with good health. You are worth it.
If you eat pork then I think pork loin would be another good choice. I usually advise my clients to limit or eliminate totally pork for this reason.....What do pigs eat? Trash. So what are you eating when you eat pork? Yep, trash. So unless you can find pigs that are fed well, or you raise them and can control what they eat, I would advise against pork.
How about quinoa? It's a high, complete protein grain (yeah, sounds weird doesn't it??) that is easy to cook and delicious mixed with veggies like tomatoes and cucumber.

I've made just about all these recipes and haven't found one I didn't like :p

Enjoy - Elle
JODELLE- i've seen a lot of your posts around and you give great advice. as does everyone else thank you

your suggestions sound DELISH

i think my problem is that I dont have that many ideas in my head

i have never made 3/4 of them

i'm thinking of subscribing to the clean eating magazine

For good recipes, I really like Tosca Reno's Eat Clean cookbooks. Ellie Krieger's cookbooks, too. Hers are a little bit less "clean," but very healthful and delicious all the same.

I've found that planning meals really helps. Otherwise, I fall into the "same thing for every meal" rut. Ask my family how they feel about that!
I recently found a tasty way to eat tempeh (fermented soy cake), which is very nutritious, high in protein and quite flavorful. I never enjoyed the slight bitterness or bite of tempeh until I learned a new trick. I boil the tempeh in water with a bit of soy sauce for 5 minutes and then you can treat tempeh like any other meat. It's very cheap, too (I buy it at the Trader Joe's) and quite filling--a little goes a long way.
I enjoyed reading this thread - I think we all get a little burned out on healthy eating, but as mentioned, the key is to plan your food. It takes some time, but in the end you do enjoy the fruits of your labor and so does the family.

I was going to add that shrimp with the stir-fry is always a good idea, even shrimp w/pasta. May not be the lowest carb dish, but with the right portion it isn't going to kill ya! Last night I made a "Incredible Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf" recipe that my husband I just love. Just substitute ground turkey for the beef, throw in some cheddar cheese and bake. You can put ketchup on top or not, I don't. It's really really good. I also eat turkey burgers instead of regular ones. I make my own. is a great website for this.

Anyway, we're all there with ya! I just came off a week-long vacation and cruise so I've got work to do, believe me!!kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :eek:
Ellie Thanks for the quinoa link! I love it and am always trying to find new ways to use it! The Quinoa Lasagna sounds good...have you tried it?

Uhmm, have you forgotten BEANS?! They are high in fiber, protien and low in fat. My favorite are lentils and black beans. You can find tons of great recipes at or Two of my favorite are lentil tacos and curried lentils with sweet potatoes. Also try quinea black bean and corn salad. How about hummas? I came up with this recipe the other day, my husband declared it the best sandwich he has ever eaten!

Hummas (I used garlic)
Feta Cheese (herb)
Cucumber slices
Red Onion
Whole grain bread

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