Anyone interested in a January only check-in following Cathe's posted rotation ....


Happy Holidays!

I was wondering if anyone is interested in doing a January 2022 check-in following whatever January 2022 rotation Cathe posts. You could change up the days to suit your life & substitute similar workouts if you didn't have the posted workout, or do a premix, etc. Or add in an extra rest day, or a core, mobility, or other workout that suits your needs. I thought a one-month New Year commitment might be fun .... no pressures except to try to get your workouts in. Think about it & let me know. ... Deb
Me too jaypea! But I remind myself that Cathe may not post it until Monday ... so we'll have to adapt...
I'll do some live workouts until it's posted. I just finished up today with Athletic Training. Boy, it's been years since I've done some of these workouts. That's why I love the rotations-they get me to try a variety of workouts. Looking forward to our check-in. Happy New Year!
Here's a link to the Check-in:

I was wondering why we never had a Just Cathe monthly rotation going in the check-ins. I have been doing her rotations now for about five or six years and never do any other programs. Thank you Debinmi for starting this. I am looking forward to doing the January rotation with y’all.

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