Anyone have the Dyson Vacuum cleaner?

So, i have 2 dogs, and my vacuum cleaner needs to be replaced. It hardly picks up as much hair as I need it to!

the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner has awesome reviews. one down side?
it costs $600!!
when it's on sale, and using a discount through work at Kohls', I can get it for about $400.

My question is: Does anyone out there have this vacuum cleaner? And is it worth it? Or should I just buy a Bissell or something (a lot) cheaper?


I have the Dyson Animal vacuum and love it! It was worth the money for me. My previous vacuum wouldn't pick anything up but the Dyson gets everything! The only downside I have is that the canister isn't really that big and if you have a lot of pet hair (I have two cats), it can fill up fast. But it is definitely worth the money and I don't regret the purchase at all.


I have a Dyson. I bought it on Sale at Kohls with a coupon!;) I don't rightly remember what model it is but I have Golden Retriever and this vacuum WORKS on his hair! I tried cheap vaccuums and they didn't work. Definitely $ well spent!


We also have the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner. We bought ours at Target about 6 years ago after we got our first Golden Retriever (we now have a puppy also:)). It was definitely worth the money if you have shedding dogs. $400 is a great price too!


I have the dyson animal that is years old. My daughter now uses it. I now have the dyson lighter version for my smaller house.

A dyson is worth the investment. If you have a bed bath and beyond, their coupons are good on dyson.


We have a regular Dyson and a great dane - it has done a fine job picking up his hair off the floor!

Happy Vacuuming! :D


About 3 months ago I was in the same spot as you. I have two cats and a dog who shed like crazy. Add to that, my daughter and I both have long hair...and we seem to shed just as bad as the pets! I had been through three vacuum's in about as many years. I had a coupon and an interest free credit card at hh gregg. I bought the vacuum with the deal from hh gregg that if I didn't like it, I had 14 days to return it. I kept the box and everything because I couldn't stop second-guessing myself on the cost. After vacuuming my entire house (and having to empty the canister after almost every room), I decided to keep it. It is AMAZING how much this thing picks up! Not only that, it is VERY easy to unclog, with little passages that open. Also, the bottom comes off really easily so that the brush can be removed and cleaned off (DD and my hair tangles around it). I say if you can get it for $400 don't walk, RUN to Kohl's and buy that purple Dyson!!

Awesome, thanks everyone! I really appreciate your reviews!!
...I'm definitely going to be purchasing this vacuum very soon! =)


Another rave for the Dyson Animal. We've had ours for a couple of years now and it works great keeping our Lab, Chihuahua (although his hair doesn't count it's so minimal :p) and Cat hair under control. Definitely a keeper :D


I have the Dyson ball one, not the animal one. I LOVE it though. It's the best vacuum cleaner we've ever had. Definitely worth every penny.

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