Anyone eat Paleo?


I've started a 'cleanse' last Sunday (a 3 week program I got from my friend who does crossfit) Basically - its no sugar, salt, flour or dairy with eating a protein + fat + veg 5-6x daily (depending on your WOD (workout of the day)) In one week I've lost 10 inches and 6 lbs. Today starts another week where I can add a bit more variety with the veggies and protein and fat choices (then week 3 is a bit more variety). After looking into this more I have discovered its basically Paleo. So I was wondering if those of you who have started/do the Paleo have had these kind of results and are they typical.
Not that I'm complaining - its awesome! No more 'bloated' feeling and my belly is flat again!
BTW - I have also started with Xtrain at the same time.
Please share your experiences! Thanks!


I've been Paleo (not strict all the time, e.g. Christmas, vacations)and I love it. I dropped a few pounds but noticed awesome changes like: more energy, no PMS, no more intestinal problems, and my hair quit falling out. The sink always looked like I was shedding before. I'll at times enjoy pizza but my gut pays the price the next day. It's gotten trendy, which of course had made it a hot button in some circles. Just the way I felt after 30 days was enough for me.


I eat my version of Paleo, which means I am not 100% all the time. I have found that since I have cut out grains, I feel so much better. No bloating, no foggy brain. I will never go back to eating grains. That is the one thing I do 100%. I'm now trying to be 100% with sugar.


I eat my version of Paleo, which means I am not 100% all the time. I have found that since I have cut out grains, I feel so much better. No bloating, no foggy brain. I will never go back to eating grains. That is the one thing I do 100%. I'm now trying to be 100% with sugar.

So you don't eat any sort of rice,pasta,breads even if they are whole grain not white? What sorts of things do you replace it with? I'm not a bread person but I do eat brown rice & cousous in small amounts at times. BTW, I love your quote on the bottom of your comments about animals, so true.

Lucy Fit PT

I follow a mostly-Paleo diet and I love it! I'm not 100% though...I have Greek yogurt in the mornings and I sometimes snack on chickpeas. But that's about it. I don't even remember the last time I consumed a refined carbohydrate. Instead, I fuel up on lots of fruits and veggies. I'm totally addicted to sweet potatoes and eat them every day. Eating Paleo takes planning but I certainly have enjoyed the benefits of eating 100% clean, whole foods.


I try to avoid gluten, dairy, and sugar. The hardest ones for me to avoid are gluten and sugar. Work pressures me with both. I'm a caregiver for the elderly so when we have meals together they want me to enjoy the desserts they're having too. Eating out is hard, almost everything has gluten in it. And DH loves pizza and I do too, so it's very hard to resist. I do allow a very small amount of butter.

Definitely makes me feel better though.

Instead of gluten grains I enjoy other whole grains. Such as quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, teff, and steel cut oats.


I never thought I would be able to give up grain. I am a bread lover. But, as I stated in my previous post a lot of little "problems" have cleared up. I've had eczema on my hands for years. Since giving up grains, I haven't had a flare up. Bloating, brain fog, lack of energy, gone. I'm not hungry all the time. I fuel up on fruits, veggies and protein. I love sweet potatoes as well. Occasionally I eat quinoa. That's about it. For me it's been a great trade off. No grains, more energy. Works for me. Give it a try, you can always go back to eating grains.

Best of luck,


Thanks all for your stories. This 'diet' seems to be working well for me and I'm hoping to continue. As one of you said 'it takes a lot of planning' and it does. But I'm not tired during the day and I have been sleeping well this past week. (And bonus -- no bloat!)
The other morning I did dream of donuts but I didnt eat any!! Hoping my sugar craving has subsided. Its the carb (potatoes and bagels to be exact) cravings that get me!.
If any of you know a great web site to get menu ideas then please share those as well!
Again, thanks Sheryl


These are some of my favorite Paleo blogs. They have great recipes as well. Enjoy!!
1. PaleOMG
2. Paleo Girl's Kitchen
3. Civilized Caveman Cooking
4. Everyday Paleo
5. The Spunky Coconut
6. The Clothes Make the Girl (Melissa has a couple of very good cookbooks)
7. Freckled Italian
8. From Cupcakes To Crossfit
9. Taylor Made It Paleo


Just the opposite experience

I'm proof one has to know one's own body and listen to it over the prevailing trends. I had been paleo for a few years until I realized just how unhappy I was most of the time.
I've got a bit of earth mother in me so prior to dropping all grains, I used to bake all our bread and make our own pasta. I even ground the grains myself.
I missed that. There is something very comforting about kneading bread, watching it rise, smelling it baking and of course taking the first few bites after it has cooled. Drenched in my homemade yoghurt was always something extremely warm and fuzzy.
Around the holidays I had many house guests who remembered enjoying my homemade bread and begged me to bake it again. I did and I also succumbed to enjoying it.
I've moderated my intake to one slice or the equivalent a day and my mood and energy level immediately increased. I'm back to making homemade yoghurt and kefir from organic milk from glass bottles and dip my bread in one of those. I've never felt better. I look more relaxed, less stressed and lost weight! Too much protein caused inflammation in me I think and I think I needed more carbs because of the amount of exercise I do.
I still eat lots of veges with some fruit and yams but I've also added beans.
Again, listen to your own body, it may have different needs than others.


OP - thats great to hear of your success w/ paleo style of eating.

I have heard many great things from many others but personally, I found that the more I explored into paleo, the more I read, the more it started to affect me, negatively (in fact I just posted about this - see the thread about food purism, the simple diet, etc).

That said, I'm trying to stay away from labels. However, I do believe that too much sugar is not healthy for me and meals that are too heavy with carbs/grains that aren't balanced out w/ some protein make me feel sluggish.

I first learned about grain-free/paleo about 1.5 to 2 years ago. Over that time frame I have picked up some good food habits - ie: I buy my eggs, chicken, and dairy organic. I also have stopped buying bread loaves. I used to consider myself a "bread lover" too but now if I don't see green or other bright colors in a dish, I tend to think it's missing something. Even with frozen meals, I grab fro the ones that have lots of veggies.

My recommendation would be to keep eating this way if it makes you feel great but please try to be wary of getting too caught up in the food-purist/elitist thinking. :) If that is something that you might be prone too. If not, ignore me and enjoy that way of eating! I surely do believe it is very very healthy!!


My husband and I ate more primal for a year. I've since added oats and rice.
The fat melted off!
I felt very satisfied eating this way, and had more energy.
It's a great way to learn what works for you nutrition wise. IMO, it's kind of an elimination diet.


Food for thought - here is but one argument against a diet that's high in carbs, by a well-respected doc who is a major proponent of eating nutritionally for optimal health.

Personally, I was hard-core vegan for nearly two years. In that time, I gained almost 10 pounds, and my blood glucose went up. Too much fruit and too many grains were responsible for the change. After just two months following a low-carb plan recommended by my naturopath, I reduced my blood glucose by five points.

There is no one-size-fits-all diet, but I think it's important to monitor your health as you travel your diet journey. :)


I definitely agree no certain eating style fits everyone. I probably won't go back to eating pasta, breaad and drinking large glasses of milk (probably explains the stomach ache I had for like 20 years) but there is a kale risotto I love too much to completely give up rice. And I do love good cheese. And as disciplined as I can be at times ... this donut went and jumped in my mouth this morning ;)

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