Any chance Rhonda's coming back?


I saw that you have some new cast members joining you and I realize Rhonda lives far away, but is there any chance she could join you for a few of the STS workouts? I'd love to see her in the workouts again.


I'd love to see Rhonda again. She always looks like she's having a great time.

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Amy Steppe

Please tell Rhonda we want her back! I miss her so much. She is also a great role model for the taller women who use your videos.

I am only 5 feet short, so you girls work for me, but I am sure some of the taller girls would love to see Rhonda in the cast.




I finally bought and did IMAX 2/C&W and experienced my first cardio workouts with was like looking in the mirror! I am also tall (5'8") and sometimes feel a little too lanky to look as graceful as the ladies in Cathe's workouts look. Rhonda looks like she's having fun...and also like she has to bend a little more than others to "get down!" I also noticed on C&W that she has one more riser than Cathe and crew. I've often wondered if becuase I'm tall, I need to bump up my step height more often to compensate.

Anyway, another vote for the return of Rhonda...cardio OR weights!!



I would also love to see a taller participant in the videos! For example, while previewing 4DS Legs, Cathe and the current gang (who are all around 5" shorter than me) do the plie work where they pick up a wt off a 6" riser. Should I use a different height riser because I'm quite a bit taller? Aside from Rhonda being completely adorable, the height difference is a BIG deal for us taller participants. Our legs are longer. Our arms are longer. Our leverage ratios are different. Maybe using guys (who presumably will be taller) will address this issue. Please, consider the height issue when casting workouts. On another note, in STS can you please mix up the "front row" behind Cathe? I LOVE Lorrayne's smile & perfect form! She totally rocks and it seems like she's always in the back row. Workout variety in all aspects is a good thing! Thanks for "listening!"

Chocolate IS the answer, regardless of the question.
I'm tall too and it wasn't until I saw Rhonda in Imax 2 that it dawned on me that I may need to raise my step. It made a difference for me.

I agree about Lorraine being closer up front -- she does have PERFECT form.


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Yes, of all Cathe background participants Rhonda is my favorite by far. Is there any chance she will return for future projects? I'd love to see her!


Fun to see that so many of you would love to see Rhonda back too. She exudes joy on the screen. It's always so motivating and brings a smile to my face. I just love to see her smile as she flies over the step. :)


I guess because I am short (5'0") I just love Jai and Lorraine, but CD is my favorite ... she has been there from the beginning and she isn't always picture perfect skinny ... although she looks great in some of the workouts, there are others where I think...hey, thats me...and I find it motivational that she does rebound (usually from the birth of a child) and get a great shape back. I know, Cathe has kids too, but really does it ever show???


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My only request for people placement is to have Cedie in the front left (her usual position). I can not tell you how it throws me off if she is on the right...or not in the workout at all!


Amy Steppe

I think Cedie is around 5 feet or less.

I hope she stays to the front.....she is my role model when I work out with Cathe.

That girl is dynamic, yet she looks so lovely and feminine.


>For example, while previewing 4DS Legs, Cathe and
>the current gang (who are all around 5" shorter than
>me) do the plie work where they pick up a wt off a
>6" riser. Should I use a different height riser
>because I'm quite a bit taller?

I'm 5'9" and had trouble with this exercise. I increased my step height to 8" and it's much better.

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