All My Children ending! OMG!


I can't believe they are ending All My Children. I started watching this soap when I was like 12 years old. What will I do now while I eat my lunch,lol. Oh what will happen to Erica Kane? I'm so sad, hahaha. But it is a bummer.



When I was working at Walt Disney World, I got to meet the actress who plays Erica, and she was the nicest lady in person. I had a lot of fun during Super Soap weekend. It was hot, miserable, and packed to the gills (each of the parks were at capacity.) And the actors were so very nice.

So, do you think we should create our own soap? All My Workouts?:D:p



I am so upset that AMC is ending as well as OLTL. I have been watching All My Children for some 40 years! I have been with Erica from the beginning. I love One Life to Live also, have been watching that one for the past five years. People asked Oprah to "save the soaps" and put them on her network, but she said noone is home during the day to watch and the ratings have dropped to low. Phooey! I work all day and I DVR the shows and watch them in the evening! Do the ratings included those who watch in the evening? I don't DVR Oprah or The View or other daytime shows, just my two soaps. They are going to replace them with a food network type show. Don't we have enough of those?! It won't be the same - it's such a great way to relax in the evening (after my Cathe workout)....I will miss them so much.


I'm also very sad!!! Though I haven't watched All My Children in years, knowing that it was still on the air, would bring back good memories when I was a little girl. I remember during summer break me and my sisters would be stuck to the tv watching All My Children. General Hospital was another favorite of mine, so much we ran home from school everyday to catch Luke and Lauras wedding!!!! many good memories. :(

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