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Hello fellow roadtrippers! I have just purchased my flight tickets to Glassboro! I am flying in to Philadelphia, and am wondering what transportation everyone is planning from the airport to the hotel. I have learned that a taxi ride one way would be approximately $70, so I am considering Uber. My flight arrives in Philadelphia at 1:07pm on Thursday, July 27...if anyone else is arriving around that time, maybe we can connect and share a ride!
Hello, I understand you, yeah an Uber should be cheaper, but there is a chance you won’t find a car available when you need it, and you can lose a lot of money and time because of that. I recommend you to contact a cab firm and to pre-order a taxi on the internet for the date of your arrival. At least, that is how I took a taxi from the Miami airport. I pre-ordered a cab using and paid for my ride only 40$, almost the same price as Uber's price.
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