After Dinner Munchies


Lately I'm too busy for a proper dinner, but when I can, I make a huge salad for dinner (it takes a long time to eat). By the time I'm done, I'm bored with eating usually.

That's what I've been doing all summer long. I make gigantic salads, even DH says it takes a lot of effort to eat! He normally takes a break half way through. LOL By the time I'm done crunching and chewing, I'm tired of eating! I think a lot of my grazing or munching is to deal with stress after work, so this kills dinner and stress eating with one stone!


I am really determined to conquer this. Last night after dinner I had some melon and then did things around the house until 9 p.m when I decided to sit down and watch TV. I had a glass of Pellegrino water with lemon and ice. It worked! I sipped the water for the hour and was able to avoid feeling like I wanted something to eat. I guess it could have been tea but for some reason the ice water worked for me.

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