Advice on Sliding Discs


I have puzzle mats over a concrete floor. The discs work but not so smooth. Does anyone else have puzzle mats and use the discs? Or is it worth buying an area rug? Also, what is the recommended use--with the black cover for wood and vinyl floors, and without the black cover for rugs?

Thank you (and thank you, Cathe!!!!!!!!!!)



Hi Dawn! I too have rubber mats over concrete. I am getting a carpet remnant to put over the mat. I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm planning to have it cut to about 5'x5'. Until I get it, I'm just going to do the workouts that don't use the disks. And yes, you use them without the black covers on carpet, and put the covers on for wood and vinyl floors. HTH!


They don't work on puzzle mats. At least not on mine. :confused: I have some Valslides that I've used for years. I'll continue to use these.


I had puzzle mats on my concrete basement floors years ago and wanted a carpet layer over them. I found a great (meaning cheap!) deal on remnant carpeting at Menard's. I'm sure Home Depot or Lowe's must have remnants, too. It might not be the most pretty carpeting, but it was a lot cheaper than a "premade" 8 x 8 rug. Just a thought!


I have read a past posting from SNM wherein they state that the disks will NOT work well on the rubber mats, but they are designed for tile, wood, linoleum, carpet.

I was wondering this too because I was thinking about getting some mats...but I think I will pass for now and just keep my area rug.


I did Cardio Supersets last night and they really didn't work with or without the covers and I have puzzel mats....last night i just did the exercises without the disks but I also think I may just go buy a cheap piece of carpet to put down.

Still an amazing workout without the disks!



Thanks for the advice to put a carpet remnant over my puzzle mats. The discs now work great! And the carpet gives my workout floor more cushioning.

I wish i had bought a carpet remnant for STS. So many times I tried the slide moves but lost my furniture movers midway through a set.

With my new carpet remnant and gliding discs, I can't wait to go back to STS and try out those leg moves again. I also feel like I can now do STS Abs plates workout, which never worked for me on the puzzle mats.

Thanks for the carpet remnant advice!


I used a long bath mat on my puzzle mats. You could probably use a beach towel. It worked great.


Puzzle mats - nope

I too have puzzle mats over concrete. My slide disks from Gaiam work well on the puzzle mats without their little covers, but not the Cathe ones, with or without their little felts. I will find a remnant to put over it as suggested because the slide-n-glides do work well on the carpet!

Lee Jones

Well, even with a carpet remnent I had a hard time with Cathe's disks. I ended up going back to my small round furniture gliders and they move much easier on the carpet. I'm not sure if it's because of the curve in the dics or what, but it just made it a little tougher to move the legs.

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