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I fell off the exercise wagon with a resounding "thud" about two years ago when I tore my ACL during a karate class. I finally feel strong enough to get back on track with a normal exercise routine, but I'm starting from square one and confidence is in short supply. I'm hoping that if I post on this forum, it will help me to stay on track. How do the threads in the Check-ins and Challenges section work? Do I need to start my own thread? Can I join an already existing thread? My initial goals are to decrease fat and increase cardio and muscular endurance. Thanks in advance for your replies!
Hi there,

How do the threads in the Check-ins and Challenges section work? Do I need to start my own thread? Can I join an already existing thread?

With regards to check-in, you can ask to join existing ones. All you will need to do is to introduce yourself to members.
No need to create your own --- I suggest you join one of the existing to not feel sidelined:);)
You can even join multiple check in, should you wish to do so!

Everyone is helpful and friendly.
Here below is where I check in

Welcome back in the game!;):)
Take care:)


Come in on to the Check-ins karategirl! :) Have a look around. Stay a little while. I just joined one this past year & it has been such a rewarding experience. Definitely helps me with inspiration, exercise ideas, motivation & support (when things/life/injuries etc. might put you a bit off track!). In the process, I have gotten to know better some fabulous, fit women. I feel like I have just learned so much exaggeration. :)
Square one is full of possibilities for you!



I just posted over in the Check-ins Forum and then saw your post here. I too am looking for support and accountability as I recover from injury ... in my case a car wreck. Did you pick a Check-in to join? Sounds like we're both on a similar journey!



I am too recovering from shoulder injury, and I know how frustrating it can be to feel like one is starting from scratch... I'm a long time cathlete, but there have been times over the years when situations in life just have made me give in, and I've had shorter and longer pauses in between. Especially after a longer "break" it's been sometimes really hard to get back on track with me. But I've also come to learn, that the first week or two are the hardest, and if you can just get past those, it's like your body remembers again, and you'll be in full swing.

I've also learnt to not be too hard on yourself especially the first few weeks, concentrate on anything that makes you feel good, Cathe has such great options (premixes, ICE series etc.) - so I just always think even 30 minutes of anything that I feel like doing is good. You'll have time to push yourself harder later.

I'm thinking I'll join a check-in too, I'm thinking that'll give some extra push too ;/)!

Good luck, don't be too hard on yourself!



@LauraR..... well, I'm a little late with starting a check-in, as I rang in the New Year with a raging sinus infection. So much for best laid plans! :rolleyes: Anyway, I'm headed over to the "Commit to Get Fit and Lean" check-in to introduce myself.

@sisu......thank you for the support! :)

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