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Hi Cathe, As always it sounds great and I will be buying it. I must admit I have never done STS. Not that I don't want to, but I haven't been able to do the time commitment it would require (and I haven't bought the series yet). The only other workouts I haven't tackled are the spinning ones because I don't have a spin bike and as someone who used to ride all the time ( my mountain bike has long been out of commission and money is always a factor) I know I would love them. My legs were built for a bicycle.
At any rate this new series sounds like a more feasible STS for me. Maybe someday I won't have to work so much to keep afloat and can commit more time to everything I love to do, especially Cathe workouts.


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Hi Everyone,

As most of you already know, during the Cathe Virtual Halloween RoadTrip, I had the opportunity to share some details about my newest series with RoadTrip attendees! Since then, I’ve received some questions regarding a series announcement and presale details and I wanted to touch base to give you a little bit of insight and an update on where we stand at this point in time!

First, let me tell you that I am beyond excited about this new series!!! Tentatively titled, STS 2.0: Muscle & Recovery, this series will share some favorite aspects of the original STS series, like a complete strength training focus, but will also be very different in that the workouts will be a bit shorter, we won’t remain within a specific mesocycle phase, and will also include recovery routines within the program itself.

The basic outline of this new series is three complete sets of four workouts each (a total of 12 workouts) which can be utilized alone or as a training program designed to increase strength and endurance and also promote proper recovery of hard-worked muscles. I can’t give you any specific details about the types of workouts themselves right now or the training techniques that I’ll be choosing for this series as I am still testing and working through the details and have not finalized enough to make any claims as to what you will see. I can tell you that each “mini-set” will be unique in and of itself and when the three are used as a complete set it will be a strength training trifecta!

All this being said, I know your main question is, WHEN?! I’m working hard, long hours on this series and at this point, we expect to have presale details and an official announcement early in the new year. It’s always difficult to wait, but I promise it will be well worth it! Get ready to get stronger with STS 2.0: Muscle & Recovery!
This sounds like a great workout can't wait


There will be no questions, suggestions or requests from this quarter as the very idea of STS 2 is MORE than enough. It was my understanding that Cathe would “never” again do a series similar to STS, so this announcement nearly brought me to tears. Have completed the original STS more than once, and I’m currently finishing Meso 1 in a pyramid cycle of the original STS. Looking forward to the updates for STS 2 !!!!!

Karen S

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THANK YOU CATHE!!!!! I have been working out with you and your crew for 2 decades and cannot thank you enough for your excellent inspiring, motivating and effective workouts. I am soooooo looking forward to STS 2.0 and hope the weight training workouts keep on coming! I still love STS, Slow and Heavy, Pure Strength, Pyramid, and Gym Style and am always hoping for more. Because I struggle with maintaining good form, a slower pace is really something I would appreciate, particularly for lower body.
Again, THANK YOU, Merry Christmas
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Mike Bay

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Can you include some cardio workouts (e.g. step, HIIT) which we can use to supplement the strength training programme? It would be great if these cardio workouts could be standalone DVDs/downloads which we can purchase. Can never get enough of Cathe's cardio! Thanks!

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