A Wish for YouTube or a short download


Hi Cathe,
Thank you for the YouTube step tutorials. Very helpful.

I’m doing 4 Day Split and I thought how great it would be if there was a short and sweet breakdown video for the two Step workouts. Even a simple, single, slow run through of each combo and blast would be helpful.

People just learning the workout would be able to do so a bit more easily. Also, those who haven’t done the workouts in a while could review the moves before doing them.

I realize that this may be too much to ask that you give away on YouTube. I, for one would pay to download a tutorial like this, for 4 Day Split or actually for most of your more complicated step workouts.

As you say, it’s just a thought, take it or leave it. ;)
I was in a situation like you. I wanted to watch the lessons but videos were deleted or expired from YouTube. At this moment I realized that I need to download these videos and have them every time under my hand. One of my friend gave me this link Youtube-Mp3.me. This is an online video converter, that allows you to download videos in formats like: MP4, WebM, 3GP, F4V, AAC or M4A. The quality of sound and video is excellent not like other converters. I know that nowadays it's hard to find a good video converter. Hope it will be useful for you and others.
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That's so cool that we can use it. It's still hard sometimes. Although this training is complex but very effective!


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Fast, powerful, feature-rich and easy-to-use multi-format video converter. The converter uses only high-quality video processing algorithms, so the conversion takes place almost without loss in quality; the quality depends only on the profile you choose. Working in a media company, I really needed a converter and this really became a problem. For my work, I always needed to convert something, so after a long search, I decided on this converter, which helped me and now I convert all files through it.


Thanks for these suggestions. I was actually asking for something similar to the 21 minute intermediate step bonus on Step Boss.

It’s become one of my favorites. It’s a perfect length for adding on. It compliments the full workout and made doing it a snap.

I’ve been stepping since they released the first Step. (I still own my original.) I taught step in the 80s. So I know the steps. It’s the complicated stuff with no lead in that bothers me

Now that I’m in my latter 60s I’m more concerned about a potential trip up and resulting injury while doing complicated choreography.

Luckily I have pretty much all of Cathe’s step workouts and the earlier ones build more slowly.

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