6 Monthers, Thursday the 2nd


Good morning.

Let me start by saying....NO FAIR! I want a Costco too! And a Trader Joe's. And a Whole Foods Market! LOL We have Wegmans, Sam's and BJs around here. BUT I WANT THE OTHERS TOO! :p

First things first. I'm hurting. :eek: My lower half is more sore today than it was yesterday. It was THE WORST last night, but then again, once the kids went to bed I was pretty much sitting still alot (doing scrapbooking, PC stuff, etc). But this morning's workout was Disc 15 Back & Bis. Great workout and it really pumped up my biceps! Then I followed it up with Stretch Max with the band (LOVE that segment).


Mary, I agree that the cost of the higher DBs is scary. I've been putting off buying a 45 #er, but I may just have to bite the bullet......next week! LOL

Today's planned menu:
M1: Myoplex Lite shake with Glutamine powder
M2: 3 egg whites, 1/3 C oatmeal with 1T ground flax seed
M3: Gala apple and 2 lite string cheese
M4: 3oz grilled chicken in 1/2 whole wheat pita, steamed asparagus
M5: 4oz grilled chicken on salad (romaine lettuce, 1/8 C feta cheese, 1 T EVOO, 1 T balsamic vinegar) with 1/2 whole wheat pita
M6: BSN Lean Dessert Protein drink

OK....Thursday is my busy morning. I get the kids on the bus and go right to my friend's house to clean for her. Then it's quickly home, get changed, down my breakfast and get out the door for school/work.

Here's a Question of the Day for you ladies: What do you "do"? For a living, SAHM, etc?????
My answer: I work part time from 10am - 1pm at our elementary school as a Monitor in our Cafeteria during the lunch hours. We get the kids in, keep them on the straight and narrow (we try, anyway), get them out to the teachers in time for their next class. I LOVE it and it's so easy and tons of fun to chat with the kids. Of course, my first job is my kids......both boys, ages 11 and 8.





Morning darlins! I did the Jillian Michaels Boost Metabolism circuit wo last night. It was good. I like her no-nonse get it done style and the plyos in there make it tough. I am going to try and get to my Mom's house tonight to ride her stationary bike b/c I think my shins need a light day....if not then I'll do Turbo Jam cardio party. I cannot wait to get back to STS next week....and now I'm thinking...what am I going to do when I finish meso 3?!?! I need more weight training wo's or start over....something! Have you guys thought about it yet?

I have a Costco in town, but it's so far away. BJ's is what is close to my house and where I have membership too....and I've just discovered Trader Joe's, but I've never bought meat from there yet....I'm still learning about what all is out there and how to cook it. I love fish, like could live on it, but only know how to cook salmon and tuna....it sounds like I need to venture into BJ's and TJ's for fish.....how do you cook it for lunch? Is there stuff precooked and you heat it up? Sorry, if these are dumb questions.

Mary, WTG on the weights! I have to go buy 25#'s this weekend for Meso 2. I mainly will need them for the deadlifts...but I'm nowhere near your high weights!! But I am with you on spending a bunch of money on them....I should have just splurged in the beginning and bought the adjustable's, but now I have so many that I might as well keep buying them as I need them.....

Gayle....I could not do that job!!! More power to you!!! I'm sure it keeps life interesting!!

Background on me, esp since I'm new around here....I live in Charlotte, NC, I'm a CPA, but no, I do not do taxes....I hate taxes....I do the monthly accting for a corporation in the area. I got married in July and have 3 doggies that are my babies. I just starting really weight training b/c before October, I thought when I did a FIRM wo with 10 # weights that I was "weight training" but now I know more about it and love it! Thanks to Cathe! I still have about 25 #'s that I want to lose and I'm still learning about clean eating and cooking....I love to cook, but am fairly new to it......so I love food suggestions and healthy eating suggestions!

Have a great day everyone!!


Hi Guys,

I did Imax 3 and weights and plates abs circuit. I'm glad it's done!

Jo, how did your dinner out go? And what did you end up having for dessert?

Gayle, #45! Yikes! What exercises are you plannig on using those for? I could work up to heavier squats, but I kind of don't want to. I'm planning on doing the plyo legs meso3 because I don't want to own a gym of equipment when it's all done...:D

ASUdaisy, I have been thinking about life after STS as well...:p
I know I will want to do STS at lest once a year. I'm not sure if I'm always going to do the 6 month rotation, I really love do the 6 month!
I will probably alternate the 4 day split and then all the circuit workouts I have before starting up again. so, maybe 4DAy split for a month, circuit workouts for a couple of months and then back to STS. I'm not sure yet...

As far as fish prep goes, I don't really like to pull out the pans for lunches, so I usually cook extra fish the day before and have it as leftover on salad, cold, or warmed up with leftover veggies. It seems that fish can easily be microwaved (like the salmon patty or the tilapia) for two minutes, that wold make for an easy and quick enough lunch. I have had best results with Costco fish, Trader joe fish had a little too dry a taste for me, but maybe I just had a bad batch, or stored it in the freezer too long.
Trader joes has a fun cookbook out called 'cooking with all things trader joes' It can get at tad pricey, I think, and not all of it is clean, but you can pick and choose and substitute non clean items.
Preparing fish is really easy. Whatever you know how to do with Salmon and tuna you can do with other fish, too. Pan searing and toppig with some kind of salsa or something is easy and fun. www.whfoods.org has some super healthy fish recipes. You have to look for the link for 100 free recipes and then you just look for the type of meal you are interested in. Anything I have made from that website has been super!

Oh, and Gayle, forgot to answer your question. I was trained an elementary school teacher, but have only worked for four years, then got to stay home with my kids. I homeschooled my son through preschool and am planning to do the same with my daughter. I'm doing a little bit of children's ministry oriented work for my church, but not much to speak of. When the time comes to work outside of the house again, I would like to do either tutoring one on one, or mentoring in some capacity. When I was still in Switzerland I also did some simultaneous translating, which was super fun!

Disk 12 for me tomorrow the second time through!


Hi Everybody!!

Another super quick post from me. My son just started track practice after school, and he needs to be picked up at 4:30 every afternoon. My DH's work schedule does not allow him to leave work, so I will be giving up my lunch hours for the next 2 months so I can leave early to pick him up.

I will check back when I get home this evening!

Have a splendid day :D!



Hi everyone!!
I am a teacher, currently teaching pre-k. But kindergarten is my favorite. I would love to be a stay at home mom I love being with my son.. Hopefully soon!!
my workout is up in the air still...


Hi everybody!

WOW! I LOVE hearing about everybody's job and home life!!!
In my 'former life' (meaning before kids), I was a Human Resources Manager and LOVED working with the people. Then I had the kids, and things went crazy with DH and his health (do you guys know that whole story yet?) and I quit that job to return to being a FT mom. Then last year was my first year in the school as a Monitor, and next year I'm hoping to find something FT in the school.

On the topic of cooking fish. I go very VERY simple. I use a tad of seasoned salt or Mrs. Dash (salt free) and sprinkle it on the fish. I have a Nu Wave oven....it is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER GOTTEN and when this one dies, you better BELIEVE I'm buying a new one. My BF got it for my Christmas of 2007 and I've used it almost every single day since then. I LOVE IT! ANYWAY....I'll cook the fish (or whatever meat, really, since I put EVERYTHING in there) in the Nu Wave for about 9 minutes or until it flakes. And like somebody else said, I always make one extra serving for the next day's lunch. The other way I make it, if I'm putting it on the grill or in the oven....I'll sprinkle the stuff on it and make a foil pouch out of Reynold's Wrap (or whatever brand) and add a tad of water into the pouch before pinching closed. Cook on the grill or in the oven for a about 15 minutes and VIOLA!!!! YUMMY fish.

Now I'm hungry for tilapia! LOL




Thanks guys for the suggestions on the fish!! I greatly appreciate it! I am really slow when it comes to thinking outside the box and being creative....I always need a recipe to follow.....and I'm getting really tired of over doing it on chicken! :)


Hello Everone!!! Crazy busy day today! No workout just a lot of running around getting stuff together for my upcoming divorce.

I went to Tom Nicoli today! Wow!!! He brought me back to my childhood whan I was trying to learn to ride a bike. It was SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as fish goes it is acutally one of the easiest things to prepare. ANy white fish, cod, halibut, tilapia, etc cokks up great in the micro very quickly.

Spray a glass dish with PAm. Put fish in dish. . Add a little bit of water. Just a tiny amoun not even enough to coat bottom of dish. Cover w/ cellophane .Poke some holes in it and cook for approximatel 5 minutes depending on the size. You can add any seasoning to the fish, lemons, salsa whatever you like before you cook it. The possibilities are endless. Costco, etc also has great fish seasoning in the spice aisle. You want the fish to flake and be moist when testing to see if cooked. The only fish that I have done that I didn't like was bass. The first time I over cooked it and the second time not enough. That's enough to turn me off!

You can also pan saute any fish if you are willing to use butter. Filet of sole takes just 3 minutes in a pan!


Good Day My Friends! :p

I got up today and did the Double Cardio premix from 4DS (LIS & HIS combo). It was fun. I am not going to work out the next two days (stretch maybe). The countdown to begin Meso 2 starts for me! YIPPEEE! I start on Sunday! :eek:

Gayle, I love Costco and Trader Joes! Those are probably my two most visited shopping destinations. I'm "uh-ohing" reading how sore your legs are! Nice try blaming it on sitting longer than normal! WE ALL KNOW WHAT AWAITS US! Yikes! :eek: I'm hoping Meso 2 will help get my chicken wing biceps flapping! It's encouraging reading yours are PUMPED! I'll have to check out the Nu Wave.

ASUDaizy, as everyone else has said, cooking fish is very easy. They already gave you some good suggestions. I've always been a big fish eater. We live in the Seattle area and so have tons of fresh fish available. Our Costco has a huge fresh fish station so we buy most of our fresh stuff there or go to the fish market. But for quick and easy, I like the flash frozen tilapia and salmon patties, etc. as you can toss them in the microwave and I can keep them in the refrigerator at work. Fresh fish is better baked or grilled. I think after STS I'm going to take a couple of weeks to do kettlebells or something (maybe circuits) and then do the 3 month STS since I'll be familiar with all the workouts then.

Cendrine, I was good last night...no cheating (that's this weekend!). I just stuck to halibut and broccoli! So I have been perfect for 5 (count them) 5 days! I'm going to use Saturday as my cheat day. Like you, I eat a lot of left over fish. So for example, last weekend, DH baked a fresh salmon for me and then I have it for the rest of the week. It must be wonderful to be able to homeschool and spend that good quality time with the kids!

Mary, I hope you're not working too hard! You're a good mom to give up your lunch time! The two months will go fast!

Tracey, I'll bet kindergarten is a great age. I have a girlfriend that teaches kindergarten also and loves it. What did you do for your workout?

Okay me...I'm a Corporate Vice President of Research & Development for a software company; I am responsible for R&D for four divisions in the US and Toronto. I was a software engineer before moving into management 11 years ago. I generally travel 50%, but this year, my travel was cut because of the economy which is the only reason I've been able to do STS! Before I had to try and workout in hotel rooms and hotel gyms and then do Cathe workouts when at home. Travel makes it very hard to be consistent but I did it! I would sometimes take KPC and other non equipment workouts and do them on my laptop! I LOVE NOT TRAVELING and having a consistent schedule! (DH likes it too!) :D

I should also add, I've been working out to DVD's, VHS and whatever for years! I started working out with Cathe in January 1994 when I first discovered Mega Step Blast - it was Jane Fonda and Kathy Smith before that!

Okay, my late lunch is over! Talk to you all later! :D


Julie, I want to hear more about the hypnotist! Like how often will you go, how do they take you into relaxed state, etc. I don't know anyone that has every done this and I'm really curious!

Jo :D


I will post more tomorrow about the hypnotist, But I can tell you that I quit smoking 20 years ago via hypnotism and have never looked back. I was smoking 2 packs of marlboro red a day ( hardcore).

I am off to do homeowrk with the kids. Stay at home Mom of 2, DS is 10 and DD is 5.


Hi everybody! We're winding down in the house and I LOVE it! Survivor is on tonight, and it's also the FINALE of ER tonight....3 hours! So I'll DVR that and watch it once the kids go to bed after Survivor (it's the only school night they are allowed to stay up past 8pm).

Food is 100% ON TARGET again today, so tonight's protein shake will make this 4 days STRAIGHT of 100% clean eating.

Tomorrow.....I won't be around the majority of the day. I'm taking the day off of work/school and going to IKEA. I'm redecorating our 3 bathrooms and there are a few things I'd like to get there, including 2 new shower curtains. Assuming I get at least that, then the next step is paint and then the fun begins. So I'm taking the kids to the bus and hitting the road right after that. IKEA is just outside of Philly and it will take me about 75 minutes to get there. Then I'll do my shopping and on the way home I'll make a few more stops. All that, of course, after my early morning workout! LOL I've got SJ&P hi/low and step premix plus abs on the schedule, so that's what I'll be doing.

BBL, maybe, during Survivor or ER (and on the laptop, lol).



Hi Again Everybody!!!

Let me first start out by saying that I have had much better days! On my way home from picking up my son from practice, I was sitting at an intersection waiting to turn left, and my car was broadsided, along with the truck in front of me. I should say it was more of a very long scrape down the side of both of our vehicles. My sideview mirror was pulled off also. Thank goodness no one was hurt!

I did the CCV8 again this morning, and I always want to "HIGH 5" everybody after I'm done with one of those workouts. There's always that point in the run that I just want to stop, but I've been surprising myself and pushing through!

Tomorrow me, DH and son are hitting the road about 7:00 a.m. for the National Geographic Bee that my son qualified for at the State level. The competition will be held at Western Michigan University which is about 2.5 - 3 hours from our home. I apologize for the bragging, but we are so proud of him!!! He has such a love for History and Science and has a remarkable ability to remember dates and events (unlike mom!!) It will be a very busy day with lots of driving, so I won't be checking in until Saturday!! Save all the good stuff until then....

What do I do for a living? Let me go back a ways. My dad built homes for 40 years then retired. He then came out of retirement and started a property management company for condos. After 10 years he retired a 2nd time and my older sister bought the company and asked me to come work with her (I was with the GM Car Insurance Division at that time). I was trying to get pregnant, and my sister convinced me to leave GM and come work with her, and if I did get pregnant, I could bring the baby to work with me, and that's what I did after I had my son. When DS took his 1st poop in the office toilet without any assistance, me and the rest of the employees stood around the toilet and clapped (I think most of you have been there with the oohing and aahing over a bowel movement!!!) I wear 2 hats in the office. I am one of 2 bookkeepers, and I also manage one condominium property that just happens to be down the road from my home. Our company manages 95 different condo associations, and work keeps me very busy.

Gayle-Do you ever take a day of R & R? You go more than the Energizer Bunny :eek::eek::eek:. Your reviews of Meso 2 have made me even more excited than before. I love the feeling of a good "pump" in my arms and legs. WTG on 4 days of clean eating. I apologize that I don't know the history of DH's health. If you feel comfortable sharing, please do so.

ASUDaizy- With all the fish talk, I think I may head over to Sams this weekend and buy some tilapia. Salmon and tuna are my favorites, but it's time to change things up a bit. I'm all about convenience during the week. It needs to be fast and simple! I really enjoy cooking on the weekends and having a sit down dinner with my family, it's my favorite time. DH works nights, so DS and I are very informal during the week day.

Cendrine-Will you continue to homeschool your children after preschool? My niece was also an elementary school teacher and has since put teaching on hold so that she can homeschool her 3 children. I have to "bow down" to anyone who takes on that responsibility. I know what I'm not good at, and that's teaching my DS math, and that's sad to say since I'm a bookkeeper and I work with numbers all day! So you are soon joining the ranks of putting Meso 1 behind you (Please ask me if I want a little cheese with my whine:p).

Jo-Were your friends able to make it through the bad weather? Hopefully they have arrived safely and you are in full celebration mode!!! Enjoy whatever goodies come your way this weekend, 5 days of clean eating is fantastic!!! I have to admit that I ate a handful of goldfish crackers when I got home today. I was stress eating because of the damage to the car :mad::mad:. Overall I had a very good week.

Julie-First of all, congrats on the no smoking for 20 years
. What a major accomplishment. Sorry to hear about the upcoming divorce. Keep yourself mentally strong, it will help you get through the difficult times. Please keep us updated on the hypnotist! If he could help me get rid of my hips by putting me under, sign me up!!!!

Tracy-My 4 sisters were all teachers at one time. We get together once a year with my mom (no men) and go away for 3 days. My sisters like to play the game trivial pursuit when we are driving to our destination, and since they all had extensive schooling (unlike me), I feel totally inadequate when they are answering questions on topics that I have no clue about. I just pretend I'm reading my book. Teachers ROCK!

Sorry about the length of this post. I just start rambling and can't stop :eek:. I do need to go to bed early! I have to get the men folk up early to hit the road. Have a great weekend, and we'll talk soon...



Hi ladies--I love reading about what ya'll do:D. We have a pretty diverse group here.

I'm a home school mom (disclaimer: I do not "do it all":confused::p;)) The house is usually a wreck, but everyone is educated, everyone eats and I workout come hell or highwater (except when I'm injured:() I'm taking a break next week to get a garden in and do some deep cleaning, enlisting the help of the kidlets, of course.

My school break coinsides perfectly with my STS break. This is my last week of meso 1. We are researching stationary bikes and my ankle is feeling much better. I'm tempted, but no, I will do no cardio until meso 2. I want this ankle better.

We love Costco here--we are a Costco sized family. My current favorites are 10 lb bags of chicken breast (frozen), the bag of mini peppers, the bag of snow peas, boxes of oranges, frozen blue berries and strawberries....and on and on....

My eating has gone pretty well. Not being able to do cardio and of course thinking of this check in;):D are both helpful.

Mary--Oh I'm so glad you are alright! I hope your hand is alright. I need 35's and 40's too and for those plie squats, the cards have me up to 48. I'm going to have to modify with our squat rack or something. Too much $$. I definitely need the 35s, though.

Kim--congrats on being done! Enjoy your recovery week. I rarely do the extended stretch. The littlest kids are getting squirrely about the time my main workout ends, so I just put my stuff away and move on with my day. (and here is my big confession--I rarely do ab/core work either, and I really should, because I've had so many large babies....groan...)

Gayle--Hurray on the pizza! I resisted rice crispie treats (like crack for me) at bible study last night. The shortbread dd10 made is calling me, but I will resist. It's in the outside freezer where they must keep their treats.

Julie--let us know how BFFM goes. I'm intrigued, but the e-book status turns me off. I did hear he was going to put it out in hard copy. Which do you have?

Jo--cute song! Your brain is definitely working if you can do this while watching tv!;)

Tracy--glad you are feeling better and hope your son feels better soon. I hear you on the kid interruptions ( I call it the phone demon--kind of like the phone demon--you know every time you get on the phone it's like Moooom, he's making fart noises at me or Mooooom, she's making that face at me again.....:eek::p:eek:)

ASUDaizy--After STS, I plan to take a break and do something else for a while, but I'm going to do it again (another 6 month rotation) starting in November or December--haven't decided yet. I'm absolutely in heaven with this series!

Cendrine--Our last week! I'll do disk 11 tomorrow (I do the leg disks earlier in the week) and I'm done, since I'm not doing cardio:( for a couple of weeks. I'm going to redo a couple of my one rep maxes for meso 2.

Well, take care all!


The hypnotist was great. Wgat you think you go there for is not what it ends up being. I have to hypnotise myself every nite for 21 nights and have two more live sessions. If you have never been hypnotised it is the weirdest thing you are not out of it. Yet you can not open your eyes til they make it happen for you. When I did it for smoking cessation I believed it would work. You have to believe in order for it to work, you have to be willing to accept it. When I came out of it I had teras all down my face. It was scary going back in time.


OH my gosh Mary I'm so glad you're OKAY! That must have really shook you up! Boy...that sucks! And I bet you're proud of your DS! How wonderful! A great experience for him too! Oh and tomorrow I'm mixing my own CC workout - I'll let you all know what I put together!

Yes, my company got here (took them 12 hours). The pass was closed for Avalanche control but then got reopened. They have to go over three passes to get from their house to ours! And it was snowing. Anyway, everyone has just gone to bed so I wanted to sneak in a quick note.

After my post earlier today, I had to meet DH so we could buy a new refrigerator...yep ol' Bessie was dying on us...motor cranking and sputtering (she's 20) so we quickly bought one and it's being delivered tomorrow. (We've been shopping around a little so had an idea what we wanted.)

Maggie, glad to see you were able to post today! It's funny how we all buy similar things! I get the Costco frozen blueberries for my oatmeal, DH loves the snow peas and we just got a box of oranges! Enjoy making that garden!

Julie, I'm fascinated with the hypnotist! I don't have reason to go to one but it sure sounds interesting! But it truly is mind focus is it not? Just like not being able to open your eyes? You believe you can't until they say you can? Fascinating!

Gayle, I do not know about your DH health issues either. Like Mary, I'm interested if you want to share.

Okay, got to go to bed! I'll probably get to check on you all tomorrow, but if not, have a great weekend! No workout for me tomorrow...count down to Meso 2..2..2......:p

Jo :D
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