6 Monthers, STS, Wednesday....tax day!!!


Good morning ladies. Everybody get their taxes done??? I had my refunds in my hot little hands 2 weeks ago and I'm PUMPED!

Cendrine-I LOVED reading about your day and adventures yesterday! Funny about the coconut, because we did the EXACT same thing 2 weeks ago. We bought one on a whim at the Farmers Market and came home, although you were a bit more civilized than WE were.....I let the kids take it out on the drive way and toss it into the air to see how many drops it would take to break it....the answer is ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Have you ever made Oobleck? You know....the green gooey stuff in the Dr. Seuss book Bartholomew & The Oobleck??? That's fun too......the recipe is simple (but not simple enough for me to remember it off the top of my head, so later this morning I'll go get it and share it).

OK.....this morning's workout.....DOMS in the quads, hammies, BUTT and inner thigh, so I'm not sure how I did it, but I powered thru Step Jam, then the Bonus Abs and Stretch from B&G. I say this all the time, but those older Cathe all-step workouts are KILLER and awesome! They really test your endurance and get me everytime!

I'll be back after the bus (assuming we have power this morning).



Got up early and did disc 13 for the second time. Got to head to work now, will let DH drive the new vehicle as I park in a backlane of a bad part of town. Hope to be back later but have the meeting at the before/after school program this evening (I'm the volunteer treasurer so got to go :D)

Besides working out, I also put supper in the slow cooker. I feel so accomplished this morning.;)


OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Gotta LOVE the slow cooker!!! I'm currently craving a pot roast.....I like to brown it on all sides in a HOT pan with cooking spray, then put in the crock pot with some broth and let sit ALL.....DAY.....LONG. YUMMY!



Good morning everyone. Just a quick post. I have a very busy day today. I have to go to the gym, have a hair removal appointment at 11:00 am, have to go to my kids babysitter's house and take a picture (its for my posture project) I have to analyze different postures. I decided last night that a woman holding a baby on her hip and trying to talk on the phone is a good posture to analyze. Then I have to come home finish the project. My youngest son has his communion interview today (not looking foward to that, as I am not very religious and never go to church:confused:) Then I have to cook dinner and be at the baseball field at 5:15. Then I have class tonight 8-10. So I probably won't be back until tomorrow morning.

Everyone have a happy and healthy day:D!!


Good Morning! I'll try and catch up with everyone later...I still have clients to deal with today!

I just got done doing Step Blast! Yeah, so fun!

Interesting we all got really busy this week! (Except Mary and Julie who were already REALLY busy!) I guess we're all always busy, just busier than normal. That's a busy statement!


Jo :D


Did disc 11 today for the second time. I have tons of extensions to get done and tons of financial stuff for my lawyer so I got to fly.

Hope everyone has a great day.


Hey Ladies!!

Hey Ladies!! I was really busy yesterday and didn't get to check-in....but I did an Advanced Tempo treadmill wo last night....I finally made it through all 4 sets unmodified...then went on a walk with my mom (my parents live 5 mins from me) and then did disc 14 this morning. I definitely had to do the extended stretch so I can walk the rest of the day! :D

Gayle, sounds like you had a great time with the boys the other day playing raquetball. You're always so prepared. And wtg on getting through 17....I love the tri sets b/c I tell myself, it's 10 reps, you can do it....so it really makes it manageble and still a great wo!

Chrissy, have fun on your retreat this weekend.....and GL on your busy day....you can do it!

Cendrine, your week is sounding wonderful! I love the box car series! I read that series growing up and they are great books. I think I still have them somewhere in storage with my barbie dolls...hehe!

Mary, glad that shoulder is better. Hope you're having a good week.

Kim, Congrats on the new car! So exciting! and already cooking dinner....you're on the ball!

Tracy, GL on your disc 14 wo....I just did it this morning so we're right on the same schedule.....those leg workouts are great! Although, I have to admit, I really struggle to make it through all those calf raises at the end....whew....

Happy tax day everyone! :p


Hi Everybody!

I did disk 14 today. Wow! I can't believe how fast it seemed to go by! I had to make some weight adjustments because within each triset there really isn't time to put on and tear off any wrist weights.... So I opted to go heavier on the elevated lunges just so I didn't have to take off the wristweights I use for the squats and deadlifts. I did everything preventative that I could: stretch, soak and advil... No doms yet, but I'm not buying it! My chest, rear delts and triceps are still sore from monday's workout, so I'm confident the legs will start talking soon....lol:p It felt great doing it and funny enough I'm standing there after frying my calves wondering, whatever happened to the bonus leg work? ;) I'm sure I'll be glad that there wasn't any by tomorrow, besides, the shorter workout time allowed me to not rush through my stretching.

Gayle, I haven't ever seen that dr seuss book. We have a lot of them, but I have no idea what oobleck is, lol, I want to know now! Oh, and I'll remember the cracking of the coconut on the driveway for next time, thanks for the tip! Both the kids and dh wanted to do it again soon because they liked the smoothie so much. I ended up pouring some of the smoothie, because there was so much of it into popsicle makers and froze, ds was so excited when he heard about that!:p

Wow, Chrissy, you have a super busy day! I hope it turns out to be energizing busy and not draining busy!

Julie, same for you, I hope all the extensions are going to be quickly completed and taken care of!

Chrystal, sounds like you are getting lots of exercise in! Great job! How's the eating going?

Kim, I'm slowcooker queen! I used it more when I had babies, but it still makes for great meals! It's so easy to make extra and freeze some for another meal or two, or even three! I still have some in my freezer from making meals for a friend who had a baby. I made a different crock pot meal every day for two weeks, freezing them for her and keeping extra for us. I enjoy cooking and tend to forget it's there, so we still have some which makes great lunches for hubby and the kids when nothing else is around (hubby works in home office most of the time)

Here's my food for the day.

meal 1 chocolate EAS smoothie with banana and 1/3 cup oatmeal

meal 2 milk/chocolate whey/instant coffee concoction for on the go meal at my daughter's mommy and me class (it is really yummy!)

meal 3 lettuce, tuna salad minus the mayo, celery, red onion, tomato and almonds

meal 4 low carb protein bar, walnuts (on the go meal again)

meal 5 Asian style leeks, zucchini and chicken

I'm doing well on the not touching kid's easter chocolate and clean eating challenge of the week. I also remember to tuck those hips and pull in that tummy for at least portions of the day.

How's everyone else doing on their challenge?


Hello All My Fabulously FIT FRIENDS!!!! :D:D

I feel like I haven't talked to you all in forever and I only missed a day!
Yep, Gayle, we sent in our taxes...sniff sniff...we had to pay - a TON! Not good having to pay taxes and buy a new refrigerator at the same time! Sounds like you had a fun workout this morning! I love Step Jam! It's one of my favorite "oldie" go-to's!

Gayle and Cendrine, reading about the coconuts made me think of 'put the lime in the coconut..." What fun you both had! I love coconut! It makes me think of Hawaii and vacation and snorkeling...oh did I mention the sun came out today? Everything is making me happy! :D

Kim, well...what are you thinking about Meso 2 so far? Are you enjoying it? We use our slow cooker a ton! DH is big into throwing everything in it! (He cooks more than me!) How's that new Sante Fe? I can imagine that new car smell! :cool:

Chrissy, you are one busy busy girl! Like Gayle said: BREATHE! How are your workouts this week? Tomorrow is Disc 15 and then I'm done with my two weeks of week 5! (You should be too!) YEAH! :p

Julie, you're almost done with Meso 1! Don't work too hard! :D You must be sick of taxes!

Crystal, sounds like you're really doing great on your workouts! You go girl! Disc 14 didn't bother me as much this week. We'll see how I do tomorrow with 15.

Cendrine, isn't 14 great? Whatcha think? Glad to have you in the Meso 2 world! Looks like you're really doing good on your eating. Here's what I had today:
M1 - 6 scrambled egg whites, oatmeal w/blackberries (fresh) 6 raw almonds
M2 - salmon patty & peas
M3 - tilapia & asparagus & 1/2 granny smith
M4 - Protein shake w/banana
M5 - not sure yet...

I'm being a super good girl! :D:D Yo Mary, Maggie, Tracy!



Hi Everybody,

I'm becoming a broken record lately :mad::mad::mad:. It's DS'S birthday today, so we had some things planned for after work, and we just got home. Since DH works late, we will celebrate on Saturday with the cake, dinner, etc. I have stayed on track with my "challenge" and have had a really great week. I've been tempted a few times, but I think of all of you and have stood my ground.

I MISS POSTING UPDATES WITH ALL OF YOU, but my work week is coming to an end tomorrow, so I will have more time to chat. I have to get to bed so early because 3:45 a.m. comes so early. I'm finishing Meso 1 this week at the gym, then I am continuing on at home, and that will allow me extra sleep time, so I won't have to go to bed so blastedly early :eek:.

I don't want to be a downer, so toodles until tomorrow. Don't forget about me, I'm still here in spirit.....



Snuck out of the daycare meeting early as I had to pick dd up from dance (DH was supposed to and then he got free tickets for the hockey game :rolleyes::rolleyes:). DD is outside riding her bike as it's finally getting spring like here! We still have major flooding issues happening, has anyone heard of the flooding in North Dakota? We're part of all that.

Gayle LOL on the coconut! Did they clean it up afterwards? Our taxes are done, Canadian deadline isn't until the 30th though. Getting a great return back! Could you smell the roast? It was so yummy ;) I put in a roast, carrots and potatoes that my uncle sent in from his farm. So nice to come home from work and have supper ready!

Chrissy What a busy day for you! Maybe being so busy will keep you out of the candy;) I had a few chocolate easter eggs today, I must admit. I would love to hear more about this retreat you're going on?

Jo I love the new Santa Fe. It's a blue/silver/greyish colour
It feels so spacious and super easy to drive. What started this whole thing was we bought a little camper at the RV show in March but had nothing to pull it with. So now we a SUV and trailer, we're all so excited to do some camping this summer and not sleep in a tent! Of course we now have to sell the minivan, (or donate for scrap), get a hitch put on the SUV, pick up the camper and figure out to drive towing the camper. But it should be fun!
Snorkelling, sun, Hawaii,:cool: you're my kind of girl. We have satellite radio in the new SUV for 3 months(free) and I was listening to the Margaritaville station.

Crystal That's so nice that your parents live so close by! I agree with you on the 10 reps, even the hardest exercise seems quiet doable when it's only 10.

Julie How did you dd like the tball? Does she mind being the only girl! You're getting so close to your rest week!

Cendrine Aren't the DOMS in Meso 2 crazy?? What a creative mommy you are! No wonder ds wants to stay home with you! That's great that ds is enjoying reading so much at this age. My ds discovered reading pretty early, I read the first 3 or 4 Harry Potter books to him while he was in Kindergarten! DD is 8 and just starting to enjoy reading, she like to read chapter books now that she can read herself she never really liked being read to!
Hey Miss Slowcooker Queen, do you have some recipes you would share? I mostly just do pork or beef roast and sometimes chili.

Mary, Happy Birthday to your ds!! We miss you too, but don't stress about it, there will be time to catch up later! Glad that we could make you feel guilty for eyeing up those treats;) So glad that the shoulder is behaving! What did you think of those shoulder dropsets!

Tracy Just check in when you can!



Hi Guys,

yep, the legs are startig to talk , too! lol:) I wonder how I will feel tomorrow!

Kim, I'm so sorry about all that flooding! I hope you guys won't get any damage! We don't get the floods here, at leas not right where we live, we have the fire problems, though, every year it seems.
I would be happy to share some crock pot meals with you, but will have to come back later for them. Do you guys like curry? I have two recipes, one is a curry beef and the other a chicken curry that are both really yummy. I also have a greek chicken that 's really good and the some soups and stews that are delish.

Mary, I miss your chatting, so don't worry, we are not forgetting about you! Great job on sticking to the challenge!

You too, Jo! Your meals look great!

Talk to you all tomorrow!


Kim - oh my gosh! I feel for you! We had terrible flooding here last year and one of the major interstates (I5) that runs up and down the west coast was closed for 4 days! (But alas I live on the hilly trail! :D) It does unbelievable damage! I hope you are safe from all of it!! The pictures speak volumes though and I feel for those that are greatly affected!

Cendrine, I LOVE LOVE LOVE curry chicken. Yes, please share recipes...oh is the curry on our fitness food plan? :confused: I'm glad your legs are talking to you (in a good way of course!).

Talk to you all tomorrow!

Jo :D


Shopping Alert!!!

Oh I wanted to mention, if any you were waiting to order Fitness by Cathe items and didn't see post by SNM, they have them again. I wanted to order the resistance bands and have been waiting and waiting and waiting and alas, they are now here! So I used my discount coupon from the STS Cardio purchase and bought them along with some new lifting gloves.

Jo :p

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