6 Monthers, STS, Thursday the 9th


Good morning ladies and.....ladies! :)

Maggie-I'm sorry that I missed the fact of the LOSS, baby!!! WOO HOO!

I just finished up with disc 15 Back & Bis. I tacked on the Extended Stretch and I have to say that the more I do this stretch, the more I LOVE it. I didn't like it at first....I'm not a patient person so slow-moving things like yoga, stretching, etc don't usually sit well with me. But on the mornings that I have more time, I tack it on and it is really growing on me. It's great when you know exactly what Cathe is talking about without having to look at her on screen. So I was able to close my eyes and REALLY work into the stretches today (even with loud footsteps from the kids pounding on the ceiling above me, lol).

Today is rather quiet. I may cut the grass for the first time of the season. Background on this story....I ABHOR cutting the grass (we don't use the word 'hate' in the house so we're now using the word ABHOR :D). I just don't like it. The first few times of the season aren't bad, but after a month, I'm done! LOL But I can't afford to pay anybody to do it, so it's all me. This year, though, DS is big enough to help out, so that has become one of his chores. Between the 2 of us using 2 mowers at the same time, it should only take us about 90 minutes. We'll see how it goes today. We have Church tonight for Holy Thursday, but that's it...quiet day.

Have an AWESOME DAY!!!
As usual......

WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!




Gooooood Mooorrnnnninnnggg!!! :p

Hope everyone's day started out great....mine did as I did STS disc 15, week 1 round 1 done. Check. HEHE!! Can I tell you how much I love this mesocycle!?!? :D So, last night, going to bed, I realized my legs were feeling disc 14....woke up and yep...they were! My glutes/hams/inner thighs are good sore. I love it! And this mornings back/biceps work was great. Bicep work is always tough for me. That must be my weaker muscle b/c I can't go very high in weight with those and they work really hard. I loved the way the crew good into it too and how they all reached failure at different points so you knew they were working with you.

Thanks for letting me vent out yesterday. I'm better about it today. I was volunteering to cook and everything, but that is exactly what they don't want, so unfortunately the kindness thing doesn't work in this situation. I'm a busy body, can't sit still, and don't like to just lay around....I get bored very easily.....so DH tells me that FIL basically plans to sit around watching tv all weekend....that will not work for me....Praise the Lord we are taking multiple cars and I have a feeling I'll be doing my own thing and DH can just get over it. I don't watch a lot of movies b/c even a movie is hard for me to sit still.....we leave after work tonight, but I'm taking my laptop and will probably be able to check in with you guys. I hate that my running schedule is messed up, but I'm taking wo clothes and a cardio dvd so if the weather works, I'll run outside, and if not, then I hope to do the video.

Maggie, WTG on your loss and I'm glad that your ankle is feeling better. It is hard to not be able to do cardio. I love weight lifting and STS, but I still need my cardio to make my life complete ;) when I had bad shin splints and couldn't do anything, I was so miserable.....sounds like you're handling it very well and doing the right thing by letting it heal. And I really hope you get a great deal on a bike!

Gayle, I'm with you! I don't really like yoga and pilates, but I have found myself enjoying the extended stretch. That I can handle, but I get so bored with a yoga video that I haven't been able to make it through one. And I'm glad you have help with the grass mowing.....that's not my favorite thing to do either.....Have a great day!!


Good Morning Everyone!! I did disc 11 today and the extended stretch and made a pledge to do the extended stretch more often.

I got Metabolism Advantage from the library. I don't really like it, but I am glad I read it. I am going to stick to BFFM. Although it did raise the question of whether or not I should be taking Creatine. A question I go back and forthh with and have yet to decide. I started putting Acai berry juice in my smoothies. The pure juice not loaded with all the weight lose stuff in it. I am adding it to get more potasium because I am getting tons of charlie horses and other health benefits.

I go back to the hypnotist today. I definetly see a difference in my extremeist behavior. I mssed my workout on Monday. Normally being an all or nothing person I would have taken the whole week off, and I certainly would not have been able to switch gears and do it on tue thurs sat instead of mon wed fri. I also had a piece of cheese and didn't eat the whole pound on two separate occaisions. I also made brownies and ate just one instead of the whole batch in one day.

Today I have to get some tax returns done. That's what I do for a living. I am a tax geek!! Although most people that meet me are surprised by that. Well I have got to run. Good luk to everyone.

Jo, did you get the calipher yet?


good afternoon everyone!

I am still going strong on the clean eating. Yay!! I even got into my favorite jeans this morning. I was very happy.

I did back and biceps this morning. I am not a big fan of working my back with DB's I have a hard time feeling it. But my form suffers if I go heavier. Anyone else have this problem? The bicep exercises were killers!! I was not able to use my suggested weight by the time I got to the preacher curls. So I have to adjust next week.

My son Ryan's birthday party was today, so we just got back. It was at a place with all the bouncers. The kids had a blast!! I am happy to report I did not have the snacks or the pizza. :eek:

I don't currently have a job but I am in school for my masters in exercise physiology, I take care of the kids and house, and I do my husband's paperwork for his company.
I also have my bachelor's in accounting. I stopped working when I had my 2nd child 8 years ago.

I take juice plus- they are supplements. They are freeze dried veggies and fruit and are put in pill form. I am embarrassed to say I don't like fruit :eek: and I definitely have a hard time getting in all my veggies. I also take biotin (I heard it is good for the hair) and I take wild sockeye salmon supplement for the omega fats.

Maggie-good job on the weight loss and I am glad your ankle is feeling better.

Gayle and Crystal- I attempted the extended stretch once. I always feel like I can't be bothered. I got through the workout now just let me go about my day!

soon2bfit- I tried hypnosis for weight loss, a long time ago. It didn't work for me. I really don't think I was able to get hypnotized. It was expensive too. I am glad it worked for you.

crystal- good luck on your weekend. I would probably go shopping. Find a good mall! Shopping is one of my favorite past times:p

Gayle- 2 mowers at the same time and it still takes 90minutes. You must have a big yard. Our whole yard front and back takes about 30 minutes. We just had a Christmas store open up 5 minutes from my house. Not a big fan, however I did get my furniture slides for STS there. Nothing else would work on my carpet.

Jo- glad to hear that you got DOMS! I can't wait for mine-;). I'll probably have mine on Easter. What did you think of think of the back workout today?

I go to my nutritionist tomorrow. For the first time in a few weeks I am not dreading going. I need to get through the holiday weekend. But I am planning it out and I CAN DO IT!!!
We can all do it! Keep moving foward!!

Have a great day everyone.


Hi, Ladies.

Chrissy-I hit The Christmas Tree Shop yesterday with the boys and when we walked out, I made them promise not to let me back there. I didn't like it one bit. Not one tiny bit. But at least I tried it. As for the nutritionist, good feeling to not dread it, hugh?

OK....I'm TIRED! I push mowed my yard, and it took 3 hours. DS asked me twice if I wanted him to help, but he was playing with the other kids in our backyard and I just felt bad to make him come work while everybody else got to play. So I hoofed it myself. In between that, I put laundry on the washline and then when it was all done, I did some light yard work to clean up. I'm TIRED, have I said that yet? lol

OK....kids went down the street to play for a little bit, so I'm going to prop up my feet and read my book.

I'm TIRED! lol



Hi Everybody!

Gayle, wow, I would be positively exhausted if I had done all the work you just did! And a workout! All in the same day? You deserve your book!

Chrissy, way to go on still eating clean and fitting in those jeans! That is the best reward for working hard, isn't it? And yes, I have the same back problem where I loose form if I go heavier... It's good to know our limits and adjust accordingly. What does your nutritionist do for you? What kinds of things do you discuss when you go? I'm curious...

Julie, I'm so excited for you on your triumphs with the food and self-control! That is awesome! Keep it up! And by the way, I take a lot of potassium in supplement form because I am not nearly getting enough from my food. My chiropractor told me that at the rate I work out I can deplete my potassium in one workout. I always used to have trouble with tight neck and shoulder and pain and ever since I started taking more potassium on a regular basis, I have been able to work out without any muscle issues and I have been able to up the weights without and bad after effects! I'm not even attempting to get my potassium need met by food alone, it would mess up my calorie budget, so I just pop the pills and it works for me. I like acai berry, but it is pricey. So right now I'm kind of back to Costco blueberries....

Jo, I have a feeling that the Costco vitamins are synthetic, too. I'm looking around and planning a meeting with my doctor to discuss vitamins and all that. Maybe I need to change up when I drink my fluids (how soon after taking my vitamins) I don't actually know as much about vitamins and digestability and absorbency etc as I would like. And there are plenty of opinions out there....

I'm enjoying my rest week. I am realizing that maybe I need the 'recovery' part more than the 'active' part in active recovery....lol. I have been increasing my physical activity a whole lot more since starting STS to what I usually do so I think I was pushing a bit too hard too fast. But all you super fit gals just inspired me to do more, so there....:)
Still trucking along on the clean and low carb wagon myself. I'm really on a roll, it's exciting!
Oh, those chocolate covered almonds that I put in my son's class estimation jar for school... well, they were sent home, rather than shared in class as intended, because of nut allergies.... So now we have them sitting in our pantry....
How clean are you all planning on being over easter? I figured I would allow myself one cheat meal, but not sure what that is going to look like yet. It will involve some form of chocolate, that is for sure...LOL
My kids got swiss chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs and other super yummy treats from a fried from Switzerland, and nothing compares to it.... I want my own easter basket:eek:

I'm getting ready to help my son make his 'spring parade hat' now. I spent a big portion of this morning working on a prototype for my daughter, a hat that looks like an easter garden with a bunny pushing a wheelbarrow of easter eggs, spring critters bouncing on spiral wire etc. She loved it so much she wore it playing all morning:p
I hope my son's hat will turn out that much fun too! If I have time, I want to figure out how to post one of those pictures on here, so you guys can see them too...

I hope all is well with all of you! (Mary, where are you today?)

Hi Maggie, Hi Kim, Hi everyone that i can't remember right now....


Hi ladies--

I am totally jonesing for a workout--start again Monday.

I've discovered something about my ankle--wearing shoes is helping substantially. I've always been a barefoot person unless I have to wear shoes, but I think for some reason that is causing me problems. I've been wearing my old workout shoes all week and the ankle feels really good. I do need some new ones for working out.

My goal for the day--Eat clean and avoid the bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough languishing in the fridge. Dds need to bake it up and freeze the cookies!

Gayle--I want a push mower. We have an electric one that is on its last legs. I want to replace it with with a push mower--extra workout and uses no energy. We dry outside too when the Oregon weather allows. I'll do almost anything to save a buck. And you are SUCH A GOOD CHEER LEADER!!:D:D:D

Crystal--I feel your pain on the family issues. I'll have to deal with my very unpleasant SIL this Easter and of course I'm not looking forward to it. I love everyone else's idea of killing her with kindness. It will take lots of prayer. Do you have access to hiking where your cabin is? Are there places to explore outdoors?

Cendrine--Our rest week--at least you can get some cardio in, though. I'm forcing myself to wait til Monday for the ankle. I haven't tried Costco's EAS protien. I'll have to look into it.

Jo--way to go on the DOMS--I can't wait for meso 2. I'm chomping at the bit.

Kim--if you started meso 2 early, can I;)?

Chrissy--I think accounting would be a very useful skill to have--very practical, even if you aren't currently working in the field. When will you be done with your masters and what are your plans?

Julie--sounds like the hypnotism is working. It sounds interesting. I have a terrible time controlling myself if I feel like I've blown it eating wise. I'm really working on just stopping if I've eaten a couple of cookies instead of binging because I've blown my calorie count for the day (talk about self-defeating--turn a 400 calorie mistake into a 1000 plus calorie mistake:mad:)

Hi Mary!

take care all



My goal was to get my office work caught up yesterday so I could take today off and spend with my DS. Unfortunately, even though I worked late last night and didn't get home until after bedtime, it appears I'm going to be working again late tonight :mad::mad::mad:. Everybody has left the office for the evening, so I'm going to start my post and keep adding to it when I need to take a break (hopefully I won't lose everything when I go back into my work files). I can't tell you how envious I am of those of you who are stay at home moms (not sure of the correct term :eek:). I feel that my quality time is lacking lately with my DS, and before I realize it, he'll be going off to college and I will have regretted some of my choices!! I'm really in a pissy mood, possibly because I'm still at work, and also because I am physically and emotionally exhausted today. The gym is closed tomorrow, so I am going to sleep in :eek::eek::eek::eek: and workout later in the morning!!!

My goal for this weekend is to paint my toenails (Ok, stop rolling your eyes!!!) I know that warm weather is just around the corner, so I'm just encouraging it with some nice pretty toes. We are going to my sister-in-laws for Easter dinner. My In-laws, along with a few aunts & cousins will also be there. Most of DH's family are health conscience, so there should be a variety of "good for you" foods to select from.

Crystal-I FEEL FOR YOU GIRL!!!! It sounds like you have all bases covered for this weekend. Eat healthy, continue to workout and the rest will fall into place. If you like to read, take along some books that you can immerse yourself in if the "men folk" get on your nerves. An i-pod works well to shut off their conversation if it doesn't appeal to you. ENJOY!! You may be surprised and find some good qualities with FIL and BIL after all (you never know!!!!).

Gayle-Besides the lawn mowing, it sounds like you are really enjoying your week off with the kids. I know spring has "officially" arrived when I hear the neighbors cranking up their mowers. My DH will be one of the first in our neighborhood. He loves his lawn, and has already been out polishing the mower! He won't let DS or me mow because we don't cut it his way (as long as it's short, I'm fine)!!! He has a spiffy little rider machine, and when he comes in and is exhausted from mowing, I just chuckle to myself. I think if he attempted a Cathe workout, it would put him in overload!!

Cendrine-I have had a really good week of eating thanks to you and the others posting some interesting meals. Usually by this time of the week, I am already planning my cheat meal for the weekend. My past history says that's not been good for me. My cheat sometimes extends into the entire weekend!!!! I feel real strong, so right now I'm planning on NO CHEATS FOR ME THIS WEEKEND. NO SIRRRRRREEEEEEEEDEEEEEDEEEEE :D:D:D:D. The gals in the office went to Wendy's today and picked up Frosties for all the employees. I got a major eye roll when I turned it down. I didn't make a big deal about it, I politely said "no thanks". What don't they understand about that??? Enjoy your rest week!!! Your DD's hat sounds adorable, what a talent you are!!!!

Julie-I don't take any supplements, it's just not something I felt I personnally needed (sign me up if there's something out there that will make me look 20 years younger though :p). I'm not good at taking any kind of pills, that's probably the #1 reason why I don't take any vitamins. I do take whey protein powder after lifting. Hope your day is going well!!!

Jo-This weekend I am going to make up my own playlist with the cardio coach workouts. I will take some of my favorite challenges and come up with a "kick butt" workout!! My hips have no place to go but DOWN
. I'm still loving the music in those 8 minute challenges on V8. That music gets me running faster than I've ever run before. KEEP THE STORIES COMING ON THE DOM'S - ENQUIRING MINDS NEED TO KNOW. 0ne more week before my recovery week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maggie-Losing weight on your rest week-WTG!!!!! I am not very patient, and having to wait for an injury to heal is excruciating. It sounds as if you are doing what needs to be done for a speedy recovery. I didn't realize I would be at the office during dinner hour, so the thought of chocolate chip cookie dough is making my mouth water :confused::confused::confused::confused:. Have Mercy on Me.....I WILL NOT STRAY, I WILL NOT STRAY.

. You and Gayle are going to make us 6 Monthers proud when you show up at the Road Trip looking Fantastic. Good luck with the eats for this weekend!! Easter is always a tough weekend to avoid the really fun stuff. I love bread the most, so I will bring some substitutes just in case I want to cave - GOOD LUCK!!!!

Well, it's time for me to put the finishing touches on my office work. Our office is closed for the next 3 days, and I am feeling really good about that, especially since I will have all my work finished tonight. I think my mood has improved quite a bit since I started this post. It's amazing what a little venting can do. I promise I won't be as long winded tomorrow

Hi Kim and everybody else that posts tonight. Have a relaxing evening!!!!!



Good evening!!
All I have to say is when it rains it pours!! 2 weeks ago I had to take my SUV to the dealer because there was a bolt in the engine....but luckily it was a recall so they fixed it for free but it still cost $900 because a few other things were wrong..soo this week I have been without a computer there was something wrong with my husbands laptop(so technical stuff and I have no idea what it means :)) so it went to apple and again there was a recall on the part that was broken. They are still working on it so we hooked up the dinosaur..this thing is so slow it drives me nuts...But anyway I started on meso 2 this week..I am really enjoying it tonights is supposed to be legs but i might push it to tomorrow because i have pinkeye and i cant stand to workout in my glasses..I will try to catch up on personals but right now there is a little person crying for my attention! :)



Hello Everyone! :D
Busy busy day for me today. This morning was Disc 15, backs and biceps! I did well with this although I had a hard time holding my barbell with the deadlifts. I'm going to have to get hooks as the barbell was slipping on me (or at least I can't go heavier). It wasn't that it has too heavy; I did okay with the weight, but my hands weren't happy! And, if my biceps aren't sore tomorrow I'll eat my Cathe hat! :eek:

Please remember I did legs two days ago...if I sit too long, it's stiff getting up! Maybe they'll be back to normal tomorrow! :D

Gayle, isn't it nice to have DS big enough to help you? My stepson still lives at home and he does a lot of the housework for me as well as yardwork. Actually I'm lucky, we all pitch in and do everything! No complaints there!

Crystal, you can vent all you want anytime you want! That's what we're here for! Wasn't 15 great? I'm like you, the bicep work is very challenging for me but I really pushed hard! You're probably already gone right now but HAVE A GREAT TIME! :D

Julie, I have gone everywhere looking for calipers and no one has them (sporting goods to GNC to Target...where else should I look?) Even more important what kind should I get? The guy an GNC told me not to get Accumeaure. Anyway, I'll have to order on line but...HELP - what do you have! How did it go with the hypnotist today? :p

Chrissy, as I mentioned above, I really struggled on the bicep work. Seems like you, Crystal and I have the same affliction! I didn't have any problem with the back work, just holding the barbell for the deadlifts. That is the heaviest I've ever had it (and not ON my back) and I just couldn't grip the barbell. (Maybe I need new gloves.) :eek:

Cendrine, I haven't heard back from Costco yet but I'll let you know when I do. I always take my vitamins with my breakfast. I do know you need food in you to help with the absorption. Glad you're enjoying your rest week. You'll be shocked how strong you feel when you do Disc 13 after having this rest week. I really think it made a difference! Oh, and I've been having the shoulder and neck pain but I was thinking it was because I'm spinning more so I'm bent over. Maybe it is potassium??? (I do Costco blueberries every day!) :rolleyes:

Maggie, SHOES! :D Who'd a thought? Yes, your ankle probably is thanking you for that extra support! When my ankle was bothering me, I wore my aerobic shoes that come up higher and it really helped.

Mary, enjoy your days off! I wish I was off tomorrow! Paint your toenails, pamper yourself and create your new playlists! Get geered for completing Meso 1 and saying "GoodBye!" Oh yeah, I forgot Gayle and Chrissy will be representing us at the RT! You guys should have T-shirts that say "Cathe's STS 6-Monthers!" and show off you ripped bodies! YEAH BABY! :eek:

Tracy, wow, you are having your share of challenges! Glad you're with us on Meso 2! Pinkeye? Oh my goodness! I hope you get rid of that quickly! Post when you can! :cool:

Okay, talk to everyone later. I have been one GREAT GOOD GIRL on my eating. Not a single cheat! :D



I just want to add clarity to the leg DOMS - after two days...it still hurts on my outside glutes, my inner thighs hurt all the way up to where your legs connect to your body and I have to sit "softly" on the toilet seat. But I love it! :D They will be better tomorrow....because that's when my back and biceps will hurt, right? :eek:



Jo- I had a hard time with holding the weights on the deadlifts too. I tried to do them with DB's. They kept slipping, and I bought hooks and it helped with one hand but not the other. I think I may need to get used to them. I am hoping I'll be ripped by the RT. I still have about 15 lbs to lose. It is definitely doable in the time frame. I just need to keep kicking ass on the clean eating!

Tracy- I feel for you. It sounds like your having a rough week. Just remember we are here for you anytime you need to vent!!!

Mary- I am eating at my SIL's on Easter and she is not a good cook. So I probably will not have an issue there. I just need to stay away from the kids chocolate. Just one piece could set me off on bad eating. I WON'T DO IT!

Maggie- I am not sure what I will do after i graduate, which should be spring of next year. I am thinking about stress testing or cardiac rehab. I sometimes think that if I could kick my emotional eating and get to goal, I would love to be able to help other women who are dealing with the same things I do. I know how frustrating it is!!

Gayle- I am exhausted just reading what you did today-LOL!! You go girl! I thought you had a huge yard, I guess its because you have a manual lawnmower. I'm tired now too!!

Cendrine-I have to go now, but I will tell you about my nutritionist tomorrow.

Have a good night


Hi again,

it's so fun hearing from all of you!

But just a quick post to let you know, Jo, I got the calipers that Tom Venuto mentioned in BFFM , here's his blurb:

Another economical skinfold caliper is called the "Accu-Measure." Unlike the
others, the Accu-Measure is a caliper that was specifically designed for personal selftesting.
In one study, (Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 12 (4), 243-247,
1998), the Accu-Measure was found to be just as accurate as the sum of three skinfolds
taken by an experienced tester with a Lange caliper. In my opinion, the one-site tests such
as the Accu-Measure are not as accurate as being tested at multiple sites by a
professional, but it’s quite satisfactory for personal home self-testing if no other option is
available. The Accu-Measure retails for about $20.00 and can be purchased at many
Internet sites or by calling Creative Health products.

The website on my calipers says www.accufitness.com if you don't want to call. But I think Creative Health probably has a website too.

Good luck!


MESO 2 hurts alot more than Meso 1 did!

I have very sore shoulders,and triceps!!

Gayle Three hours of lawn mowing!! :confused: Wow, that's a big yard! Hopefully your ds will be able to help next time, my DS did a bit of the grass cutting last year. My baby is turning 12 tomorrow!

Crystal Sounds like you're feeling better about this weekend! Hopefully it's nice and you can get outside for awhile. What's the point of going away and watching tv the whole time, can't you do that at home :rolleyes: I'm like you not a yoga/pilates person at all but when I do get myself to do it, I sure like the results but I find it so boring! When I did P90X, there was a 90 min yoga dvd on the schedule, I used to do it while watching The Biggest Loser. DH would laugh.

Julie Maybe your good intentions at doing the extended stretch will rub off on me;)

Chrissy WTG on the clean eating! Say happy bday to your ds, my ds is turning 12 tomorrow! We're having a party on Saturday, I think this will be his last big, organized party. The kids are going wall climbing.

Cendrine Swiss chocolate sounds so yummy! I would love to see a picture of the Easter hats.

Maggie I'm glad that the ankle is feeling better!! NO, you do not get to start Meso 2 early, relax and enjoy the Easter weekend! I did have 7 full days off, but because I skipped 2 recovery days in order to finish Meso 1 in time for Vegas, I finished it two days early. SO the WM has me starting Meso 2 on Friday but I figured 7 days recovery week was good enough but now I can't fiqure out how to change the WM so all the workouts are off.:rolleyes:

Mary, ((HUGS)) you sound like you're having a very frustrating work week!!! Hope you get lots of quality family time this weekend. Good job on turning down that Frosty.

Tracy Hope life gets a little less stressful for you!

Jo I'm getting scared about doing disc 14 tomorrow, with all your talk about the DOMS. I'm supposed to go for my weekly run with friends Saturday, am I going to be to do a 5 mile run the day afterwards?

Okay, all you clean eaters, I am not a clean eater but you all are getting me motivated. This weekend we have two family dinners, and ds's birthday party, I promise to try my best to eat clean!! Please hold me accountable!! For 20 yrs, I have been a hardcore fitness fanatic but always a little overweight because I eat too much junk maybe this is the time to change those habits.


Hello Girls!

Chrissy, oh good, I’m glad I’m not the only one “slipping!” with the barbell! Be strong and stay with your eating plan! YOU CAN DO IT! NO CHOCOLATE! You must be so excited about finishing school! You have the opportunity to start a whole new career! How exciting! :D

Cendrine, thanks for posting that information about Accu-measure! I’ll go check it out. I still don’t have the BFFM my friend was going to loan me so I'm going to buy it. :D Do you start Meso 2 on Sunday or Monday?

Kim, WELCOME TO MESO 2!!!! It’s all good DOMS! Wasn’t Disc 13 great? Good luck with that run! It may help with the DOMS (but you may not have it as bad as me!). I did CCV8 the day after and it helped with my DOMS. My leg DOMS was worse today than the day after. Join us on the clean eating journey! We’re the girls to do it with! I sure can tell a difference in my energy when I eat this way. I have more energy; even my workouts are better! :eek::eek::eek:

Tomorrow is cardio for me and the end of Meso 2 week 1 of week 5! :eek::cool:

Last edited:

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