Good morning, fine ladies!

I just have to start off by laughing at Kim's comment about Meso 2 hurting worse than Meso 1! LOL Gave me a good chuckle! It's funnier, still, because some people are 'complaining' that they're not as sore as in Meso 1.....not that case with US, is it???

Kim, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DS today!!! I can't believe how fast our kids grow! I know our DS's are of similar build, age, etc, so I can feel for those Mommy tears today as you look at him and see the man he is going to be. While we were standing outside of church last night, it just HIT ME HARD how my DS is growing up too fast. LET'S GET THEM ON OUR LAP today and hug and kiss them! LOL Yeah, right, like they'll let that happen! LOL Enjoy his Big Day!

Chrissy-I'm with you on an Easter Challenge, what do you say? NO CHOCOLATE ON EASTER!!! Since my parents went to N Carolina to visit my younger sis, it's just me and my kids and my other sis and her family. They're not into all the food and fixings, so I'm not worried about the food at all (in fact, we most likely won't eat with them, just visit with them and the kids). But it's the CANDY that I will need to avoid also. And I know I'm in trouble because my older DS asked me the other day, "Mom, you like MILK Chocolate Dove chocolate, right? Not the Dark chocolate?" Ummmmmm......YEAH! lol But I'll tuck it away for when I allow myself a free meal or day LATER!

OK.....onto business! Workout is done! I did iTread set 1, 40 minutes plus ore Max on the stability ball. This is the same iTread I did on Monday that felt a bit too easy, so I followed higher numbers this time and set a goal of 4.0 miles (did 3.71 Monday)....came close, and hit 3.92 so NEXT WEEK I'll redo it and get that 4 miles in! Felt awesome going faster!

Today is super quiet. We're going to visit my Grandmother, who is 97 and in assisted living. Then tonight is supposed to be baseball practice, but I think the weather (rain) will take care of that). Other than that, it's a whole lot of chilling out and relaxing with the kids. Maybe we'll go for a walk before the rain hits!





Enjoying my morning coffee and then will do disc 14 and abs.:D

Gayle, my ds will still cuddle with me as long as there are no friends around :rolleyes: My mom took him out birthday shopping/supper last night and he bought running clothes so he could run with me! What a sweetie!

What's the difference between iTread and cc???


Hi, Kim! The biggest difference between CC and iTread: CC has you using perceived exertion, meaning you run at specific % of your HR. With iTread, the coach gives you 3 levels....walkers, joggers and runners. Then each of those levels she gives you a specific speed range...actual NUMBERS. They're both great, but personally, I prefer iTread (for now, anyway, as my opinion changes all the time as I go in phases). Hope that helps. And I hope DS has a great day...take him for a run! LOL



Good Morning Everybody,

I am enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee this fine morning, and making a mental list of things to do for the day. My DS spent the night at a friends home last night, and my DH works nights and is still sleeping, so I have the morning to myself.

I finished the 1st week of Disc 10 - 12, and I now understand the "armpit" thing you guys were talking about earlier. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH. I don't know what I did differently this week, but my DOM's kicked in big time and haven't let up. I have been super sore all week. I'm wondering if it's because I've been so tense at work, if that's carrying into my body being unable to recover properly? I will do some form of cardio today, just haven't decided what yet. I'm thinking BM2 Scrabbled Eggs, but that's about 70 minutes long and I don't know if my body can handle that today! We'll see as the day progresses.

Kim-Happy B'Day to your DS!! Enjoy the Birthday Celebration~~My son turns 14 next week!! I've noticed just lately when we are walking in a store, he is always 3-4 steps behind me :(:(. When I ask him if he wants to take a bike ride with me, I can see his head processing whether or not any of his friends will see us. I know it's the age thing, but it still breaks my heart!! We have always had a close relationship and still do, but the "being cool" thing is taking over, and I am doing my best to keep communication open between us. He freely gives me "HUGS", and it doesn't take much for me to become a blubbering idiot when I think of how quickly he is growing up!!!! ENJOY THE DAY!!!

GAYLE-I'M JOINING YOU AND CHRISSY ON THE "EASTER CHALLENGE"!!! I have felt so empowered this week with the healthy eating, that I want to continue on through this weekend!! I'm not even going to give myself an option, it's just not going to happen!!!! I'm already planning my safety net for Sunday, and if I have to, I will sneak in a couple of healthy options that I can turn to if the temptations become to strong. THANKS FOR THE MOTIVATION!!!!

OK, I promised you a short post!!! I will CBL, and can't promise it will be as short as this one. Good Morning to Everyone That Follows!!!!



Hey ladies!! Well, we're here in the Mtns, it's POURING and they're calling for thunderstorms....I'm really really trying.....it's hard to explain how we arrived last night and they played poker so I just went to bed....then so far today his dad has watched the golf channel and MTV, which I watch neither....I have issues with watching stupid shows and wasting time....anyways....I'm going to go do shopping, which I was hoping to do on my own, but looks like they are talking about going with me.....crap.....but we'll get through it....

BTW, Jo, I woke up this morning with really tight hamstrings and glutes...my legs are still sore from Wed....this happened to me during week 1 of STS in meso 1 too....I think they're just adjusting to the new style of wo. I might just use today as my DOR instead of Sunday and get in a run on Sat and Sun since those days are going to be better and I can stretch out my legs more today....

Okay, someone yesterday, was it Cendrine? Has a BS in Accting? WOOHOO!! ME TOO!! I have my BS and MSA, both from Appalachian State....which is where we are right now so I'm about to head out to the bookstore and pick up some more App stuff....like I need it! :D

I wasn't able to write down everything to refer to....but GL to dealing with the SIL this weekend, and we can say no to chocolate!! We can do it! Happy Bday to the lil guy yesterday! I'm so sorry if I'm missing something....my memory is failing me....

Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you have a great one!!


Just a quick post. I am taking the boys to see monsters vs aliens in 3d. I think I am more excited than the boys-:p.

I did cardio fusion today minus the drills from drill max. It was about 48 minutes without it. Still a good workout. I had my nutrionist appointment today so I didn't have time to finish it. I was down 2 lbs today. Yay!

I will check back later.

Have a good day everyone.


Crystal, do you read? Or knit, cross stitch, anything like that? If so, maybe you can pick something up to DO while you're shopping. Are there any craft stores around? They sell kits of all kinds that you can work on while there. Try something NEW or different....maybe one of those painting kits where you follow the directions and at the end you have a painting? Just some thoughts.

Mary....You didn't do ANYTHING differently, OTHER THAN WORK HARD! Week 4 of Meso 1 jumps up to 70% of 1RM, right?????? THAT is why you're so sore, my dear!

Chrissy, I may take my kids to that movie later today, we're actually kind of bored (OH! Did I just say that? LOL)

OK, we have ourselves an
You name what your goal is for this Easter Weekend,



Hi Guys,

Lots of motivated people for the esater challenge, that is so great!

Chrissy, congrats on the 2lb, you go, girl!

Chrystal, hang in there, you can always come and check in as many times as you need an excuse to leave the room....:)

Mary, glad to see you've joined the armpit doms club! :D and good job on the clean eating! It is worth it and it is definitely cool to stay on the roll while you're going so well. I hate to mess up a good thing too! So, no chocolate for you, and keep those healthy options close!

My goal for easter is to only do the one cheat meal all weekend. Knowing you guys are mostly completely staying clean will motivate me to not want to go off on more than one myself!

I still have two days of active recovery left and then on Monday I start disk 13. Like I said, the epsom salt is ready! I know how bad my legs were in meso 1, so I'm not even going to chance it, I'll just do the long leg stretch and the soak before shower, before I even think of doing anything else! :)

Kim, that is so sweet, that your son likes to run with you! So far, of course my son is only 5, he loves to go exercise with me any time anywhere. I'm hoping that as we do this regularly, that he will want to continue it when the cool factor comes in.

I have a mainenance level calorie day today, so I get to eat a bit more, although still clean. Hubby wants to go out for dinner tonight, but we don't know where. I will order the leanest protein available with no side starch and extra steamed veggies, I think that is my best bet, whereever we decide to go....
Eating clean really does feel great! I do wish I felt more energetic than I do, but I know I would feel worse if I didn't eat clean. And a nice side benefit I have noticed is that my pms is way down now that I have been so super consistent for the last three months. Who would have thought of that side benefit, huh?

It will be a pretty quiet day here for me. My son goes to a friends house directly from school, so no pick up necessary. Daughter and I have already colored a dozen eggs, and we saved another dozen for my son to do when he gets home. None of my family like the egg yolks, so we will be having eggwhite salad....:D

Have a great day, everybody!


Good Day Girlfriends! :D

Gayle Happy Birthday to DS! I'M IN ON THE EASTER CHALLENGE! NO CHOCOLATE, NO BUNNIES NO NUTTIN' HONEY! Isn't that funny about the DOMS? I think I have worse DOMS too! Maybe it's just us 6-Monthers! Sounds like you had a great workout! EXCELLENTAY! :D:cool::eek:

Hi Kim, I can't wait to hear how Disc 14 works for you! :eek:

Good Morning Mary! Glad you are sharing in the armpit DOMS! At least we're either all doing it wrong or all doing it right! I think you're super sore because you want to go out of Meso 1 in style! "Scrabbled Eggs" sounds good - a little word play with that workout! :p LOL!

Crystal, good luck with those legs! Mine are finally getting back to normal. I do have tight biceps today - YEAH! Hope things are progressing okay for you! I'm thinking of you! :D

Chrissy, how are you biceps? My back is fine (good tight) and biceps tight but nothing major. Congrats on the additional 2 lbs! :D

Cendrine, I can't wait for you to start Meso 2! Good for you on sticking with your planned meal! I was able to do that last weekend and YOU CAN TOO! :eek:

I did SJP Step and Hi/lo cardio circuit premix today along with Pilates Abs. It was a great Friday workout!

Lunch is over! :D



I just want to say, I really enjoy reading everyone's posts each day. They have really been making a difference to keep me focused each day. Thank you. You gals are great!!

Jo- my biceps are sore and my shoulders are a little too. But my back, not so much (just a little tight) Oh and my forearms-that's a first for me. I think it was trying to hold the DB for the deadlifts.

Gayle- so did you go to the movies. We saw it in IMAX and 3D. The picture and effects were awesome. It was a good movie. And my kids really liked it too. I can't believe how expensive the movies are. $58 for 4 tickets. Jeesh!!!:confused: You have to take out a loan these days just to go to the movies. We took the kids to Nathan's after the movies. They have some healthy items in there-NOT!! I just got a diet coke and ate when I got home. See what did I tell ya- you guys are keeping me focused!!-:eek:

Crystal- I hope you are trying to make the most of your trip. At least you have the computer so....you still have us on your trip-HE HE. I have my BS in accounting from Buffalo University. I graduated in ahem...'92. Yikes.

Mary- ah yes the arm pit DOMS. I had those a few times in Meso 1. Kinda weird aren't they. I'm glad everyone is in on the Easter challenge. I planned out my day and I am sticking to it. I just haven't decided if I'll get up early to do a workout or just have it be my rest day.
My boys are 8 and 10, and they have not shown any signs of wanting me to get lost yet-Ha!! In fact, one of them is usually trying to snuggle with me. And they still kiss me goodbye at the bus stop.

Cendrine- as far as my nutritionist. We talk about what I want too. She asks about my week and any challenges that are coming up for the next week. Like this week, Easter is my challenge. She told me I should plan to have something that is special/tradition for easter, have a portion, and then be done with it. Like growing up my grandmother always made these big easter cookies (they weren't typical cookies but that is what we call them. They were not as sweet as cookies) Well I love them. I always ate them for breakfast with peanut butter (a downfall for me. I could eat PB on just about anything.) She told me to have a small portion and make sure I plan for it. I shouldn't deprive myself of everything because then I tend to binge -and she knows it.
When I first started going to see her, she asked me what kind of foods I like, then she gave me a general food plan to follow. I don't necessarily follow it all the time, even when I eat well. I think I need her more for the accountability right now. I know I have to see her every friday and I don't like my weight being up. Checking in with her keeps me in line- or more so then if I didn't go. Sorry to babble- if you want to know anything else just ask!

Tomorrow is my first leg workout in Meso 2. I can't wait. Maybe if my legs hurt enough I won't be able to get up to get my chocolate;).

Have a happy friday everyone.


What a weekend for an clean eating Easter challenge! First, DH made chocolate chip pancakes as it was ds's birthday, then we went to MIL's for an Easter lunch where she had a chocolate fountain and a birthday cake for ds. DS wants to go out to Montana's for his birthday supper :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Doing good so far though better than I would usually do as I'm thinking about all of you being so good ;);)

Chrissy '92 was the year I graduated university as well. Funny, how patients will ask me how long I've worked at the hospital, I used to know the answer and now it always takes me a few minutes to do the math. Hope you enjoy disc 14 tomorrow, I did that one today and really enjoyed the triset format!

Jo Like I typed to Chrissy I really enjoyed the format of disc 14 and the time sure seem to fly! My legs feel okay right now, but the real test will be my 5 mile run with my friend in the morning.

Cendrine Does your ds have school today? Isn't it a holiday? That's interesting about your PMS getting better! Enjoy your dinner out!

Gayle Thanks for the itrain info, I'll have to have a look at them. I don't really use the cc that much because I often run with friends.

Mary DS still will do things with me, just no kisses/hugs in public. It is sad when they don't want to spend the same time with us.



Kim, my son did have school today. It was kind of funny, because his teacher has two kids in childcare and childcare was closed, so she had to get a sub for her class today so she could take care of her kids at home...:)

Chrissy, thanks for the details about the nutritionist visit. I agree that having someone to be accountable to helps tons. Fortunately you guys are plenty of accountability for me right now.

Well, we got all our easter eggs colored. So, not much to do now until the kids are in bed tomorrow night and then we hide all the easter goodies around the house... The kids love hunting so much, it is really cute to watch them!

I'm planning on a walk with the kids in the stroller and on the bike for tomorrows light cardio and then rest on Sunday.

I'm commited to eating clean, although I have to confess the low carb experiment I have put myself on is starting to become a little confining. When you are already on a clean diet and then you can't have complex or simple carbs for most of the day it makes for a very limited eating experience. I have two more weeks to go. I can do it! I'm gonna do it! Otherwise I will always wonder what the results might have been. But it's funny, as I am pushing through it I am also thinking about how badly do I really want faster results? Maybe a bit more freedom in the eating department justifies the slower progress? I wonder.

Chrystal, how are you holding up? I'm thinking of you!

I can't wait to get started on meso 2!


Hi everyone! Tomorrow is rest day for me (however it's also clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, etc.!) We have friends coming for Easter dinner.

I find I can generally be pretty disciplined with my workouts and my eating, but checking in with all of you makes me want to be good! So I appreciate the encouragement and support everyone provides here! I feel like I couldn't have picked a better group to check-in with! (And this being my first check-in group!)

Everyone have fun with your kids and hunts and eggs and bunnies and baskets! Eat the best you can and DO YOUR WORKOUTS! :p



sorry so late in posting. crazy day today. ds had ski team banquest that went til 9pm then had travel home. do laundry etc. gettn ready go to bed. i have to get up at 4 am for a 2 hour drive to meet with tax client. i am sipposed to do legs 2moro but i am only getting 3 hours sleep so going to save for sunday.

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