6 Monthers, STS, FRIDAY!!!!!!


Good morning ladies.

I'll be super quick...today is the day I'm taking the day off of school/work to hit IKEA in Philadelphia, so I'm getting the car ready to go, plus my cooler. I prepped stuff last night so I'll pack it all in a cooler and eat while I'm out and about. This way, I'll be eating CLEAN and CHEAP! lol

MARY, you're gone by now, I'm sure, but just wanted to say how glad I am to hear that everybody is okay. Car accidents, no matter how minor, are so scary and surely get the adrenaline pumping.

OK.....I don't mind sharing my story. I asked yesterday, because several people on the Cathe boards know my story, many do not, and I can't remember who knows and who doesn't.

5 minute recap:
I married in 1995 at the ripe ol' age of 23 (we went to high school together). I was an HR Manager and LOVED it so much! We had our first son in 1997 at 25; I became a stay-at-home-mom. Company offered my job back, I said I'd take it if I could work from home, so I worked from home for a while for them. We had our second son in 2000 at 28, and again quit that wonderful and fun job. We built our house and moved in the day after younger DS turned 1 in 2001. Then, in mid-2003, DH was diagnosed with leukemia. It rocked our world. At that time, I was still a SAHM and he had been unemployed for almost 1 full year!!!!! We needed health benefits for him to get his treatments and stuff, so I approached my company, asked for a job, and they hired me back FT on the spot. Got benefits, DH got treatment and then a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, there were several and too many complications, and he passed away in September of 2004. We're coming up on the 5 year mark and I can't believe it. My kids were just 3 and 6 at the time and it was very hard in so many ways and on so many levels. I was still working FT, my mom was watching my kids this whole time. I knew I needed to return to SAHM status, so 6 months after DH's passing, I quit my job and stayed home with my boys. We struggled and saved and pinched pennies to make dollars. It was hard. BUt it's gotten easier each year they get older. Last year, when younger DS was finally in school FT, I knew it was time to find some kind of income (we didn't have life insurance, shame, shame). So that's when I got my PT job at the school. I need(ed) something to work around their schedules and the school is the closest I can come to the exact same schedule as them.

So.....sorry you asked or sorry that I shared??? ;)

Now....on a lighter note.

This morning's workout: I did the step sections of SJ&P and then hit my stationary bike for a 20 minute interval workout. My plantar fasciitis was acting up on my foot so I figured I'd better skip the hi/lo portion of SJ&P. Then I tacked on abs.

I won't be checking in till tonight, ladies, till I get back from my PERSONAL and ALONE shopping trip and the kiddos are settled after school.

Gotta scoot!



Good morning!

Gayle I am sorry for your loss!! I didn't know your story thank you for sharing. Have a great time at Ikea. I love that store that is one thing I miss about livin in Pittsburgh.

This definately was not an active recovery week I only did cardio one day!!! Yikes
I will have to see if costco's is in Florida sounds like a great store. How are the prices?


Hi Guys,

I got my disk 12 done! Now it's just cardio for a while, wow. Quite a foreign concept. Last time I skipped weights for a week was when I had my daughter... I'm not so worried, since that one week break then didn't leave me super sore when I picked back up. So I'm going to really enjoy this time, but I actually enjoy doing weights more than I do cardio.... Oh well...

Gayle, thanks for sharing your story, and I'm so sorry you had to go through that. You seem like a very strong and positive-thinking person! Your kids are blessed to have you for a mom!
I hope your alone-shopping trip was fun and that you found what you were looking for! Our house has quite a few rooms with Ikea things in it. Great place to shop!

Julie, I hope you do find a costco near you, it's a great place! Sorry to hear about your upcoming divorce. How are you holding up?

Jo, I'm very impressed hearing how consistenty you were working out when your work had you travel. That takes a lot of self-control and flexibility! I'm such a rountine person, if I get thrown off, it is very hard for me to do what I usually do.... way to go on the clean eating all week, too, to you and everyone else eating clean! I find the more I do it the easier it gets because it becomes a new routine, and I can do routines for ever....:)

As far as homeschooling goes, I'd like to homeschool again, but for now I decided to put my son in school so he could make more friends and learn socially. He's an excellent independent worker even at K level and would be the perfect candidate to do an independent school schedule. It's nice to be able to teach and focus just on my daughter, once she is a fluent reader I can see myself teaching both of them at the same time.

I don't know how you do it, Maggie, teaching seven levels all at once! I think that would be a real challenge for me, at least until I had a system figured out! What materials are you using? I have a whole bunch of things from Sonlight, and love them so much I really want to get back to them. They are fun for me! Maybe I should just homeschool my own self....:)
Shortbread! I am a sucker for shortbread! I'm sure glad I have none in my house! I'm planning on tweaking my 1RMs a bit too, during this week's break. I hope you get to get that bike soon!

Mary, I'm sorry to hear about your accident, stuff like that is not fun, I'm glad you are ok. No biggie on the goldfish crackers, you could have done a lot worse, I probably would have !
Congrats on your son's success! I'm proud for him right along with you!
I'm sure you noticed today I finished meso 1. Since you asked, would you like some cheese with your wine?:)

My eats today:

chocolate banana smoothie, 1/3 cup oatmeal

1/3 cup oatmeal, 1 cup berries, 1 cup greek yoghurt

Salad, tuna, cucumber, onion, almonds

leftover chicken and chard with walnuts

Spaghetti squash with lean ground beef marinara sauce, yum!

Have a great day, you all!


Oh Gayle that was a lot for all of you to go through! I am so sorry for your loss and no, I'm not sorry I asked! I can only imagine the strength it took for all of you to get through that - and especially for the kids being so little at that time. I hope you enjoyed your day today!

I am sitting here waiting for my new refigerator to arrive and have been visiting with my friends.

Cendrine, I am very disciplined and focused and find it easy to stick to things I've committed to. My health has always been a top priority for me so I've always made it work! :D I'm like you though...I like a routine and working out for me is like brushing my teeth! It's just part of my day.

Gotta go, the truck just drove up.

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!! Happy Friday!



oops! Sorry about the double post. It took me a while to post MINE, so we probably were typing at the same time.

My shopping trip was ok. Just ok. They didn't really have what I was looking for, but I walked out a proud owner of a new floor lamp for my living room! LOL It wasn't on my list of things to buy, but oh well. Then I stopped at Target on my way home (which was a LOT closer to home) and found EXACTLY what I was looking for! Go figure! LOL

Thanks, for your kind words on DH and all that. It's hard to believe it's almost 5 years. My kids are well-adjusted, happy (most of the time), well-fed, healthy and thriving....what more can a Mom ask for, right?

OK.....how is your EATING TODAY, LADIES????

Are you ready to take on this weekend???


Plan ahead to hit your goal. 2 DAYS...Saturday and Sunday. WE CAN DO IT!!




Hi ladies!

I'm done with meso 1 and the ankle is feeling much better. Next week is Garden Max, Clean Max, and Easter Max, so I'll be glad for the break from working out.

My weight maintained this week--lack of cardio or just one of those mini plateaus I hit after losing a couple of lbs? Only time will tell.

You've been motivating me not NOT EAT THE CRAP!! Tomorrow is dds birthday (she'll be 10) and I'll probably cave and eat a donut, which she has requested in lieu of cake, which she doesn't like. The rest of her meal is actually not too bad if I eat small portions.

Gayle--what a story! I am so sorry for your loss. What an incredibly difficult thing to go through. (((hugs))) Thank you for sharing it. Hope you had a successful day at IKEA.

Jo--I depend on the blueberries for my morning oatmeal/egg/cottage cheese concoction--keeps me not hungry until lunch! Enjoy your new fridge!

Tracy--don't feel bad about the active recovery week. I'm planning a complete rest. I always take whole rest weeks (in my ongoing and apparently unsuccessful attempts to avoid injury). I do this every 8-12 weeks anyway (not just for STS).

Cendrine--I don't teach 7 levels! Ds 14 is a freshman and really learns well on his own. I correct and oversee his work, but he's pretty self-motivated. I combined dd 12, who is a little slower academically and dd10 (who is very bright) into one grade level between. Ds 7 has down syndrome and his schooling is more at the pre school level and is pretty easy. And I just play games, read, and do puzzles with the other children--nothing formal. I love Sonlight--we did core 3 last year and core 4 this year for American history--loved it. Ds 14 is doing core 100 (American History in Depth). I use Saxon for math and a combination of things for Language Arts, Rosetta Stone Spanish, Apologia Science and lots of documentaries from Netflix to supplement. Anyway--Sonlight is a great resource for books, even if you don't home school again.

Hello to everyone else--off to watch a documentary on the rise of the Nazi's to supplement our current study of WW2!


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