6 Monthers, Monday morning


Just a real quick post to get us started. I have to get to work although I would love to stay home and watch the Boston marathon live on tv.;)

Will try and check in after work but dd has piano lessons and the teacher is letting them bring a friend tonight so will probably take the two little girls (age 8) out for a treat after the lessons. Suppose to do some kind of cardio today, I think it will be something easy like 30 mins of intervals on the tm. My body is tired and ready for a rest day tomorrow.

Have a good day! Kim


Good Morning Kim and all other 6 Monthers!

I am also going to do a quick post. I'm at work and need to actually do some this morning. Kim-My DS'S best friend's dad is running the Boston Marathon today. Can't wait to hear his reviews!! I think this is his 4th or 5th?

DS has his first track meet today, and it's suppose to rain all day :(:(. Gotta Love it!!!

I'll CBL when I have more time.

Have a Great Day!!!



Hey guys! Later than normal post for me.

DS is home with me, till we go to the Ortho later today. We're looking for the Boston Marathon on TV.....will have to google it to see what time and what channel! Thanks for the heads up.

"Weird" morning for me, and I think it's because of the few 'treats' I enjoyed last night. I slept GREAT, but woke up a bit later (5:30). Hit the treadmill with the new iTread, and that's when it began......lol......3 minutes in, I had to go potty, then 3 more minutes in I hit a button on my iPod and screwed it up, so I restarted the iTread again. lol I ended up, because of time, doing only the first half of this iTread (plus the 6 minutes beforehand, lol). Logged 3.75 miles and then did an iStretch. Ran out of time for abs. I have a very VERY dry mouth. lol Cotton mouth...YUCK! Drinking my hot green tea, but I think only water will fix this problem!

Today is a bit laid back till the Doc appointment. RAIN RAIN RAIN all day and all night today, so baseball is going to be cancelled. That means home time with the kiddos. LOVE IT!

BBL, ladies.


Everybody hanging in there??? I'm seeing some awesome results now that I have my eating in check during Meso 2 and it's so very motivating to keep on keeping on!!!




Good Morning everyone. I am back. Just a quick post right now and I'll be back later.

I am scheduled to do cardio. I am going to head off to the gym and either get on the elliptical or run. I have not decided. I guess I'll wait till the feeling comes to me.

I had a good time over the weekend, although it was also stressful. It was therapy so there were alot emotions that came out. I did like the social aspect of the weekend. I do wish we had a little more free time to enjoy the outdoors. It was very structured.

Gayle- so sorry about your son's foot. I hope all goes well today at the doctors.

Rachel- welcome to our check in.

I'll BBL with personals.



Our friend who is running the Boston Marathon is also a journalist. This is his article for today and it talks about the marathon. Thought you might enjoy it!!!


Monday Moanin’

By David Smith


April 20, 2009

Greetings from the scribbles in the margins,

By the time most of you read this I will already be somewhere between Hopkinton and Boston. If things go according to the plan, maybe already finished.

Ah, the plan.

Woody Allen said: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

I have practiced this on the road and in my head for months. I can run a certain pace. My training tells me that I should pass the ten mile, the fifteen, the twenty, at certain times. I have the math scribbled on scraps of paper all over my desk at home. I could do ‘reverse splits’, save something for the end, go all out, in the last few miles.

Or I might be sitting on the curb somewhere. (That would not be part of the plan.)

I began paying attention to the weather a few days ago. I held out as long as I could because I knew that if I checked once, I would check five times an hour. Monday morning in Hopkinton, some 26 miles from here, is predicted to be around forty degrees with a little 20 mph headwind for those running east. Hah. I laugh at headwinds.

Someone once said that the will to win is nothing without the will to prepare. I have an iron will in that regard. I have run the miles. I’ve run the hills, done the speedwork, lifted the weights, stretched and pushed and pulled to prepare. I’ve read what others have done in hopes to find something that might make a difference in my run.

I packed my duffle with every possible thing I could need for every possible contingency. Two different pair of tights, shorts, three types of shirts, several layers of outer clothing. I packed extra pairs of socks in case one of the first pair accidentally burst into flames.

I lay this stuff out on my bed and touch each piece; ‘Ok, I’ve got shorts, socks, shoes, race number,..’ This will go on until the last possible moment, when I am wearing everything I need to step up to the start, and even then; “Ok, I’ve got shorts, socks,..”

I have eaten. Carbo loading all week, adding protein and anything else that sounded helpful or magical or lucky, including dark chocolate.

Plan. Plan. Prepare. Pack. Prepare. Re-pack. Then lace up and go, the plan written on the inside of my eyelids, burned into my subconscious, scribbled on my wrist. I also plan to improvise, to go to Plan B if needed. It’s all part of the plan.

Then put it in God’s hands. Which is a comical thought, considering it has all been in his hands since the beginning. I am always late to realize this, and usually just as my plan is dissolving around me.

Monday morning, Patriot’s Day, 25,000 of us will gather in an otherwise nondescript town in Massachusetts and then run from small town to small town, until we reach the big city. It’s a strange outing unless you’re in it.

The 26.2 miles between Hopkinton and Boston is filled with curves, dotted with small towns, various historic landmarks, and hills. And people. Hundreds of thousands of people line both sides of the road. These are my friends. They stand in for the friends who could not make it to Massachusetts today.

For many runners, these people are the tie breakers, the element of difference between walking up the next hill or running, between pushing past the pain or giving into it. We see the look on their faces, of encouragement and expectation. Not even knowing us and believing in us. After all, we qualified for Boston; we are heroes.

They don’t all know it, but they are part of the plan too.

This past week I week I attended a memorial service for a friend. She had her life mapped out I’m sure, and certainly didn’t plan to spend the last year or so battling cancer, and absolutely did not consider losing that fight. It is an imperfect place, this life in which we build our plans.

At the service she asked that this passage be read; I may not get it verbatim but
Proverbs 16:9 says: “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Even if you are believer, as I am, that part is sometimes hard to give over.

In the marathon, especially Boston, if you do not prepare the failure rate goes up dramatically. But I also know that, like life, there are so many possibilities you cannot foresee that sometimes all the planning and preparing seems laughable. “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

I don’t know of anyone who would approach the start of this challenge without the confidence in the strategy, the plan, which might get us to the finish. It is the nature of the athlete to believe in his abilities. But at some point we all know that ego will not carry us, carbs won’t carry us, the plan will not carry us, alone.

Here’s the thing, what every marathoner knows, what my friend Sherry knew; no matter what the outcome, no matter what obstacles or victories appear, the most important thing is to live with passion, to find the joys in your life and pursue them with all your will. Find your gifts, use them, help others find theirs. Whatever happens on the way, whatever becomes of the plan, you still create the life you were meant to live. In His plan.

Hope this finds you making plans,


Copyright © 2009 David Smith


Boston Marathon!!! That's where I live, in the burbs anyway.

Gayle, I know you spoke about body for life before, can you explain it. I went to the web site to check it out. I think I am going to do it.

Kids home from school today it is spring break. I have so much to do, including my workout!!

I will check back in later.



Just checking in quickly here, too. Hi everybody!

I just finished disk 13 for the second time. I can tell I'm stronger, I was lifing better and with more control, feels great! I'm feeling a little spasm in my back/neck area, so I'm taking extra potassium for the day to see if I can take care of it with that and lots of stretching.

Sorry abou the rain for you guys. Here it is supposed to climb up into the 90s today! Wow! I don't like the temperature roller coasters. I do well with one set of temperatures, but when it keeps going up and down and up and down my body can never quite adjust....

Eats for the day:

m1 chocolate banana EAS shake and 1/3 cup oatmeal

m2 Strawberries, greek yoghurt, 1/3 cup oatmeal

m3 Salad with tomatoes, chicken and almonds

m4 leftover red cabbage/lean ground beef mix with walnuts

m5 baked, macadamia crusted cod, sweet potato oven fries(for the fam) and string beans



Well, like the rest of you GOOD MORNING and I'll CBL also! :D

It's going to be 75 here today (Yeah!). I did Disc 17 today. I love those trisets!

Talk to everyone later.

Jo :eek:


Hey guys! We're heading out to the Ortho in 15 minutes but I wanted to post real quick!

Julie, if you PM me your address, I'd be more than happy to send you the Body For Life book I have. You don't need it, but I used it a lot my very first rotation. The program is simple. When I get a chance later today, I'll explain the details. It's not bad, I swear and I LOVE it almost as much as I'm loving STS!

Here's my menu for the day:
M1: EAS Myoplex Lite shake with L Glutamine Powder
M2: 3 egg whites, 1/3 C oatmeal with 1T ground flax seed
M3: (last serving of leftover) Chicken Noodle Soup with Rutabaga
M4: banana, with either 2 lite string cheese or a non fat yogurt
M5: 4 oz roast beef, tossed salad spring mix with 1/2 C corn and balasamic vinegar (REALLY looking forward to this meal)
M6: BSN Lean Dessert Protein drink

Gotta scoot! BBL




I have a little extra time this afternoon, so I justed wanted to report in. I won't be home until later tonight, and not sure if I'm going to be up for posting.

I feel totally out of place without doing weights this week:confused:. This is really going to be tough sticking to just cardio!!! I printed out my workout cards for Disc 13-15 and realized that I missed testing for a couple of exercises. I'm going to try to sneak in a few lifts just so that I can have a proper recording for next week (I'll just do 1 a day, so that my muscles are adequately rested for what's to come).

After I finish posting, I'm going to order the Cathe slanted risers using my 20% discount from the preorder. I don't have a weight bench, so when I put my step bench on a slant, I always feel a little unbalanced. I guess it's best to be safe! I wanted to take advantage of the coupon before it expires!

Since I'm working out at home full time now, my DH is going to rig something up in the basement for me to use for doing pullups and chinups
. I've currently been using the Cathe tubing, but I would like the option to do the traditional version as well.

Gayle-Good luck at the Ortho, and hoping for some good news! Do your friends at home realize what a gem you are???? You have such a kind heart and open spirit!! I'm glad I get the opportunity to peek into your life a little bit. You make me want to be a better person!

Jo-How did your walk go yesterday? You were probably tired after doing 6 miles!! Enjoy the nice weather today, and hopefully it's headed my way!

Cendrine-The spasm in the neck/back is never pleasant. I get those periodically if I run long distances. I'll have to try the extra pottasium next time to see if that works. I'm envious of your 90 degree weather. I love the 80's and 90's, even with all the humidity that comes with it!! Why I live in Michigan with all the cold weather is still a mystery to me. Have a great Day!

Julie-Are you enjoying the rest week? How far away are you from the start of the race? Have you ever gone to watch? Can you imagine the stamina of the people running? I pat myself of the back when I finish one of Cathe's 1 hour workouts, can't imagine the determination these people have to run 26 miles.




Back in the day I lived one block from the finish line. I have never gone to watch because it ussually falls right around the tax deadline, it is too crowded, etc. I actually prefer to watch the Reggatta on the Charles River. Both events have a lot of heavy duty partying which at 42 I'm really not into anymore.


Hi ladies--

Quick check in--I think the natives are getting restless upstairs:p.

Dh bought me a spinning bike yesterday and the dripping sweat is crystallizing as I type! I love that man! Didn't bother my ankle at all and my heart rate got way up. I love how I can "stand" to pedal with this bike. I'm so happy. Been without good cardio for too long!

Disk 13 second time round on tap for tomorrow, if I don't get down here to post.

I ate very well all weekend, because of last week's funky scale numbers. Weight at a new low today--I think it must be off, but it looked good. Haven't seen that number in a long time. If it's right, I have 6.5 lbs to go.

I'm going to have Ds14 take my meso 2 pics today or tomorrow. I hope to see some changes.

Helped Dh and Ds14 do part of their one rep maxes yesterday....should be interesting!

take care everyone


Hey to everyone..

We had a tough day at work today. It is strange how sometimes doing nothing can wear you out more than when work a steady good work day.

It is good to get back to STS though. I am not really into recovery week too much. I don't think it would have been so bad if I had worked that week but we were off and it just made the week drag by. It also did not help that recovery week fell on my hungry week if you know what I mean. I will have to be more prepared for that next time. Of course the next recovery week will fall in our busiest time of the year so I will not have time to indulge my cravings. Even if they are healthy treats, there were still too many healthy treats.:eek:

Today I did the cardio fusion 80 premix. whooo! It was my first time for that one and it is a kicker. I will sleep tonight I am sure. I like the drillmax in the middle. It really gets that blood pumping and you are begging to get back to steppin'!

Good luck on everyone fitness goals for today!:D

Glad to see you made it back safe!

Hope you have a great spring break with the kiddos.


Kim, thanks for starting us off today! In answer to your question yesterday, we have never shared a car nor could we. We've either worked in opposite directions, our schedules, (DH used to go to work at 4 a.m.) etc. Besides I could NEVER be without my car! I commend you for making it work for so long! How goes the flooding there? Have the waters receded yet?

Gayle, Well?? So what was the results of the Boston Marathon? Did you get to see it? How did the ortho appt go? Sounds like you had an interesting workout this morning! I hate it when I have to pee right when I get started; I try to hold it and then I can't concentrate until I do something about it! Ugh!

Mary, I have the slanted risers and love them! I bought them with whatever the last 20% coupon was for! They are really worth it! Our walk was great! We did 6 miles on the hilly trail. My legs were fried after doing CCV8 and then the walk. (Then I did Disc 17 legs today.) Also, I enjoyed the article you posted; I loved this: "the most important thing is to live with passion, to find the joys in your life and pursue them with all your will." I needed that inspiration today!

Chrissy, glad you had a good time at your retreat! Even with the emotional part, was it a cleansing experience for you? Would you do it again?

Julie, I'm with you on attending events (like the Marathon). Though the excitement of the crowd is energizing, you often have a much better seat at home in front of the TV! Hope you enjoy the week with the kids!

Cendrine, your menu looks good! Glad you had fun at Disneyland yesterday! So what did you end up doing about your food? My calipers are supposed to be here tomorrow. Oh, and, using my Omron, I checked my BF yesterday. So three weeks ago when I went "whole hog" clean eating I started at 21.5% (per Omron). Yesterday I was 20.4%. So it'll be interesting to see what the calipers say! Even if the Omron is wrong, I believe something has changed! (SOMETHING MUST HAVE CHANGED!) I can't believe I've eaten this good for three solid weeks!

Maggie, YEAH on the spinning bike! I love my spinning bike! What did you get? I got mine about 3 or 4 years ago. It is the best! You definitely need to get Cardio Coach now (if you don't already!). It is awesome on the bike! Yeah on your weight loss! You're doing great!

Rachel, I did the pure Cardio Fusion on Friday (and loved it!) I'll have to try the premix you did! Yes, I know what you mean about nothing taking a lot of energy! That's right up there with shuffling in large crowds of people! It completely drains you!

Okay, tomorrow will be my rest day as I have to be into work at 6 a.m. for an east coast quarterly financial meeting. Sigh...I hate getting up that early!

Oh, and I forgot - I LOVED DISC 17 TODAY!!!! It was a killer leg workout - oh my! Talk to you all later! :p

Jo :D


Uh, Mary....what did I do or say to earn the compliments from you, my dear? lol

Julie....Body For Life. In a nutshell (see if I can do this):
6 meals per day, every 2-3 hours.
Each meal consists of a serving of lean protein and a serving of carbs and veggies.
6 days of the week.
7th day of the week is your Free Day, when you can eat anything and everything you want.
It's basically clean eating for 6 days with a complete free day for the 7th.
EXERCISE, weights
Pyramid sets, maxing out on the very last set.
Each set looks like this: 12 reps at xxx #s at YOUR intensity level of 5 then 1 minute rest;
10 reps at a higher weight at YOUR intensity level of 6 then 1 minute rest;
8 reps at a higher weight at YOUR intensity level of 7 then 1 minute rest;
6 reps at a higher weight at YOUR inensity level of 8 then 1 minute rest;
12 reps at a lighter weight at YOUR intensity level of 9 then IMMEDIATELY into
12 reps of a new exercise but for the SAME body part at a weight that gets you to MAX OUT or HIT YOUR 10!!!!!!

Then 2 minutes rest and repeat with a new body part.

So for upper body, you might do the above set for chest using bench presses and then the last set doing bench FLIES.
Then the next set for, say, shoulders, would use overhead presses, last set being lateral raises.
Continue for back, bis and tris.

Or leg day would be quads, hamstrings, calves and abs.

Cardio days are HIIT, all-out, 20 minute sessions and these are KILLER if you do them properly!!!!! 4 intervals that progressively get harder and harder, each increase lasting 1 minute. I'm telling you.......do this right and 20 minutes is all you WILL NEED or WILL BE ABLE to do! lol (on a side note, I always did abs following cardio)

I think the easiest way to explain it to you is for you to look at the BFL website here:
And be sure to look at the Exercise Journals here:
The journals document gives you a sheet for each upper body workout, lower body workout, cardio session, and food journal for the day. It also gives you a complete 12-week look at how your workouts fall for each week.

Again, I have the book, if you'd like it.

I hope I didn't confuse you. It sounds like a lot at first, but once you do it, one day at a time, it's really easy. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'd be glad to help.

OK.........in for the night, and already in jammies and contacts are out too! LOL We're watching Bedtime Stories (again) and kind of fiddling around the house. I'm glad today's over, though. It was nice being home with DS, but it was a drag with all the running around for this Ortho appointment and the hoops you have to jump thru just to get a stinkin' foot boot! Geez....the kid's got a broken foot and they want me to wait till the 'lady upstairs can verify your insurance'. Uh........"no...my son will NOT walk around one more MINUTE without a boot on his foot, please take care of this now, while we wait!" And they did....and I promise I was nice and smiling to the lady the whole time, but inside I was FUMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Kill em with kindness....and it worked!

OK...going to get my hot green tea and set up my workout area for LEGS tomorrow!!! WOO HOO!



Hi Guys,

back to see what you all posted.

Mary, I like hot temperatures myself, since I'm always on the cold side, but whe the temperatures fluctuate from day to day it gets a bit hard. We have the nice dry hot here, so that is nice. I remember in switzerland it could be in the 80s in summer and feel unbearable and then I come over here and I can take 95 and be ok because it's not humid...:)

Gayle, I'm so glad your son's foot is all taken care of, and good job on killing them with kindness, I know it works, I just need to practice cause I'm not very good at it....:eek:

Jo, my legs would be fried if I did all you did the last couple of days...:) I'm glad your calipers are coming. It is interesting to compare readings on different measurement gadgets. The calipers had me lower in body fat than all the tape measure methods and all that stuff. I'm measuring Wednesday myself and there better be a change! I've worked hard! Actually, I can tell there has been improvement, I have visible definition in my abs and the lower stubborn part is shrinking, even though only slowly...
I took your suggestion and grabbed a couple of the pouches of tuna and munched on carrots and sugar snap peas. meal 1 I ate at home, meal two I allowed myself a protein bar, since I only get to do simple and complex carbs in the morning for my experiment... Then I did the tuna for meal 3 and 4 and ate dinner at home for meal 6. It worked great, I didn't feel hungry nor deprived and had no desire to taste the kid's ice cream! I like this clean eating thing! It is working well for me!

Maggie, so fun you got your bike! Enjoy! I'm using you as a guide since you are on the same week as me in terms of water retention weight. I was wondering if and how much there would be when I measure on Wednesday and how far off it would be. Your 2lb fluctuation and then your new low was very helpful for me to read about, thanks for sharing. I'll let you all know how I measure up on Wednesday!

Rachel, funny that you mention your 'hungry week' :) Would you believe, I used to eat out of whack so much that I was never able to tell when my hungry week was because I just always ate too much. Only now that I have started doing the clean eating and calorie monitoring, have I noticed the difference... I always thought my cravings were all month and nonspecific, but now I know that not to be true. At the same time, though, the less I cheat, the more I seem to feel even keel and not notice the hungry week as much. Like last month, it just kind of snuck right by me without me noticing it. I liked that!

Hi everyone else! I'm hitting the sack early today, still catching up from our disney land day, 'it's a small world after all' song kept going through my head all night last night, ugh! hopefully I am cured of it for tonight!lol


Cendrine, I'm glad the tuna packets worked! Even if it's not ideal...it sure works for helping stay on track! You did awesome!

Here's my menu today:

M1 - 2 poached eggs, oatmeal w/blueberries, 6 almonds
M2 - smoked salmon w/sweet potatoe
M3 - tilapia w/raw broccoli
M4 - protein drink w/banana & a couple of strawberries
M5 - big salad with tuna


Hope you all have a great day tomorrow!


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