6 Days To Go



Hi everyone--- my bags are already packed. I cannot wait. If I could get on the plane tonight, I would...

Oops, gotta go call my substitute because I am NOT TEACHING SCHOOL FRIDAY!!!!! I will happily be meeting you all instead...

Yippeee! Bought some cute new workout clothes and Kelly Ripa RYKA trainers today. Plus new socks. Plus I got them on sale. Plus..... I am being silly, aren't I?

(Just for the RT of course)

Love, Jen

P.s. My ticker is wrong. I have actually lost seven pounds and 28 to go.


Hi Cathe and everyone I can wait to meet all of you!

Today I have to pack.

Jen your so funny, I got new socks too;) and a couple new outfits;)

Jackie, can't wait to meet you and Nicole and Cathe I can't wait to expend my weekend with you, that make me sooooo happy....:)
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Help! Cathe--where's that packing list! I have not packed and really need to know what you reccommended to bring! (lest I forget someting very important!!!)

I'll check in soon so I can get to it....gotta go get my regular packing stuff ready....!

in Christ~susan

I am sooo excited!!!


I am SO excited too. I also bought new socks and workout clothes. I wasn't going to check any baggage, but it looks like that is going to change (LOL)! Now I just have to get rid of this dang cold!

I was looking at the schedule and we are going to be busy little bees. I can't wait!

See you all soon!

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