4DS LI & HI Step


I just wanted to say how much I love these two complex step routines. Something about them leaves me smiling and happy :). The music is darn fabulous too :cool:.

I just recently had to put my cat down :( and I have been in a grieving state this past week. My boy meant so much to our family, and we were left heartbroken :(. It's been hard for me to get back into my regular exercise routine, but I knew I needed something to lift my spirit and get me going again: enter 4DS LI Step. I left the workout feeling great :). It was just what my body and mind needed.

So thank you Cathe for making these workouts, and bringing a much needed smile to my face during this very difficult time in my life.

(P.S- please take note of my signature line ;) )
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Natasha...I am so sorry to read about your cat. Our animals become part of the family and it really hurts when we have to say good bye. My thoughts are with you and hugs are coming your way.

To Natasha,

So sorry to hear about your cat!

I do not have any pet but growing up we had a dog who was so much part of the family.

As to 4DS---I love the step segments because of the complexity of course. Music is great and does top up the fun for sure :):):). We are on the same page on this ;)
Actually I am now inclined to do the low impact segment tomorrow. Hmmm better stick to the plan :rolleyes:



So sorry to hear about your boy. Lost mine to cancer in August. Still grieving. They just become such an integral part of the family.

This is my absolute favorite workout. Always makes me smile as well. Exercise is so therapeutic.


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Just wanted to tell you that I was sorry to hear about your sweet dear cat. So sad.
from one fan of 4DS to another.


Thank you everyone for the thoughtful condolences :). They mean so much :).

And to all who have endured the grief of losing a pet, my heart goes out to you.

Thanks again :)


Hi Tash,
Just wanted to let you know that you were in my heart and mind when I submitted 4DS Higher Intensity Step to the Greatest Hits DVD:D You encouraged me to keep trying because of how fun it is and you were right! I still don't nail it every time but it is a fun workout:)
Still sorry about about kitty boy:(

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