40 & Over Lifting Heavy-Diet?

There is probably a thread out there somewhere on this but for you older ladies if you are lifting heavy more often than not these days what is your diet like mobdro kodi? Believe it or not I have found that I can't tolerate wheat as much, after all these years I just don't tolerate it as well. Just wanted to see what others are doing.
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I quit wheat and other grains a few years and feel so much better (along with quitting sugar). You might want to add more protein to build muscle (I used to eat a low fat, lower protein, higher carb diet -- it was NOT good for me). After eliminating grains & sugar, Inflammation decreased, weight dropped easily, joint pain decreased, etc. Oh, & I also added collagen.


As I get older I find myself becoming less tolerant of many foods. I developed an intolerance to yeast back in 2003 (when I was in my early 30s) which rules out a lot of foods, including a lot of baked products such as bread/buns/paninis, anything crumbed, beer, wine, vinegars made from wine or apple cider, some fruits, and fruit juices. This is a really frustrating intolerance as it is not common and many people confuse it with gluten/wheat intolerance. Quite often I am served a salad where they have left out the croutons but used a wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar dressing.:mad:

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes so I have to watch my sugar intake. Thankfully I have got this well managed now through diet and exercise and my blood sugars are back to normal. I limit foods with added or hidden sugars or where the sugars are concentrated, such as dried fruit.

Then last year, while we were locked down for Covid, I developed an intolerance to lactose and eggs, so now I avoid eggs and use lactose-free milk. Some vegetables also give me problems with gas and bloating, such as broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, and sometimes carrots.

With all these intolerances I can't always get the nutrients I need from my food so I use supplements. I use a green vegetable powder which I add to my morning smoothie, which I make with protein powder, and I also take a multi mineral and vitamin supplement daily.

While I still do heavy weight lifting I find that I need longer to recover between sessions and I have to take at least one day off a week as a complete rest day. I also need to incorporate a stretch and mobility workout session at least one day a week, sometimes more if I have been doing more intense workouts.

All this has taught me to eat sensibly, exercise wisely, and listen to my body.


Before menopause, I loved to eat Ezekiel sprouted grain bread and muffins. Now when I eat it, I have acid reflux and bloating. If I eat too many eggs, I have acid reflux. If I eat high fiber foods, I am constipated for days. I used to love to make risotto now it makes me feel like I just ran a 40 yard dash. At least I realized I needed to make adjustments. Most people don't and they suffer with joint pain and digestive issues.

Getting old sucks!


the main difference is I have to significantly reduce calories to maintain a steady weight. I dont get a free pass on treats anymore, not that I ever had much luck that way. I work out quite a bit, but always gained easily and struggled to lose. the older I get, the more attention needs to be paid. I used to be vegetarian but find it was easier to stay stable with chicken and fish. I eat eggs, low/non fat dairy, grains, seeds. I love cheese but it goes directly to my butt so limit amount. I have no issues with wheat or dairy. I don't drink my calories, no weird supplements or protein powders. smoothies don't work for me, if I don't chew it feels like I ate nothing.
I eat a lot of lower cal vegetables/fruit. I switched to whole wheat pasta. like it better than white. I eliminated most sugar and sweeteners mainly for the calories. I love wine but limit amount. it's basically the mediterranean diet, though I am using weight watchers the last years Its a place for me to track my food and exercise, and gives me a point total to aim for. I do what works for me. I lost pounds and now weigh what I did in my 30's. I was not skinny then nor am I now, but I don't want to be. I work hard ( cardio and weights) at not losing muscle mass due to aging. yes I'm getting up there in years. we all have to listen to our bodies when they try to tell us something.
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