25th anniversary

In May, my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. My dilemma is, I want to do/buy something unique, different, memorable, etc. I am not a scrapbooker and I am not having a big party. Does anyone have any ideas?


First of all CONGRATS!! That is awesome! What are some things that he enjoys or you both enjoy? There are some great websites out there that have some really neat unique personable gifts. You may find some good ideas on Pinterest too. Is there someplace that is very special or has special meaning to both of you. Maybe plan a special get away for the two of you.

Good Luck!


Congrats on this significant milestone! :) I don't know your husband of course, although overall I think many husbands like low key but intimate things/acts or an experience you can share and remember forever. Or re-experiencing something between you two that no ones else knows about ...that sorta thing. lol. You could still get a little gift on etsy or something that's personalized.
Find a local media and technology specialist to get your old-school camera film, printed photos, and/or VHS tapes of your wedding put into digital format. If you don't have the films, even printed pictures can be scanned and digitized. You could scan them yourself, but a professional will do it so much better. We recently did this with some old old family pictures and it was great!

If you want to go the extra mile, you can take the digitized photos and upload them to Shutterfly to make a picture book that will be printed and mailed to you.

Another idea is that 25 is the "silver" anniversary, so find a special piece of artwork or something in silver to mark the occasion.

Happy anniversary to you and your DH!


Our 25th is a couple of years away, but I have already hinted at it involving white sand and sky blue waters! We don't give each other gifts so a destination is always fun. When we were first married that destination was often Dairy Queen.
Thanks everyone! You'd think living in Las Vegas there'd be so much to do. But, I really don't want to blow hundreds of dollars on a fancy meal and a show. For our 20th, I bought these beautiful german toasting glasses that I had engraved. They are like this but a man and a woman, not these two characters.

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