2021 Virtual Halloween RT Oct 29th & 30th

Cathe Friedrich


Calling all ghosts and goblins! Join Cathe via ZOOM on October 29th and 30th for an amazing two-day virtual roadtrip jam packed with high energy workouts and festive Halloween fun! What does a Cathe Virtual Roadtrip entail? Much like with our in-house Glassboro Roadtrips, you’ll experience several intense classes with Cathe plus an active stretch class! Cathe will stream these classes from her filming set and will be interacting with you directly to make these streamed classes extra special! Cathe can’t wait to see you all crushing these event classes in your homes! You’ll enjoy some other classic Roadtrip events like the lobby parties, fire pit meet & greet, Q&A with Cathe, and a virtual shopping experience with exclusive deals for virtual attendees. Cathe will also be doing some raffle giveaways live! In addition to these classics, you’ll have some extra time together with Cathe as you virtually enjoy some special Halloween themed “extras” throughout the two days! More details on these surprises to come! Dust off your broomsticks, sharpen your fangs, mix up your potions and get ready for a hauntingly great time! Sign up details will be announced soon so keep your eyes peeled! Hope to see you all there, if you dare…heeee he he he heeee!76FCDA15-B60C-4F1C-8A02-91D6B555F5A8.jpeg

Cathe Friedrich

Please note that the in-house 2021 Glassboro Halloween RT has just pivoted to a virtual RT. Refunds for the in-house sign ups are being issued shortly. Sign up details for the Virtual Halloween RT will be provided soon. For now we have posted a few details as to what you can expect on the Virtual Halloween RT above


I signed up! I haven’t been to a RT in over 10 years. In that time so much has happened, including gaining 100 lbs. BUT I started working out exclusively with Cathe again late last year (after a looooong hiatus). I began my fitness restart with Cross Train Xpress (the first Cathe DVD I ever bought!). I could not make it through the warm-up of Step and Intervals without taking a break. Since then, I am 60 pounds down and my cardiovascular health has improved. It took a lot of courage and a few tears to sign up today but I’m more excited than scared, which is a good thing.

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