2017 Glassboro Road Trip Cathletes – Thanks For Coming!!!


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Huge hugs and a heartfelt thank you to all of our 2017 Glassboro Road Trippers! It’s hard to believe that another RoadTrip has come and gone already! We prep, we pack, we travel and in what feels like the blink of an eye we are headed back home. We carry our memories and our sore muscles and we reflect on a whirlwind of a weekend!

We kicked off on Friday with our very first Fit Tower livestream class! Wow! What a sight to see 106 Fit Towers set up in the aerobics studio! You were all amazing! The movement of all those Fit Tower bars sounded like bells as we pulled, pushed, jumped and pulsed until our legs were on FIYAH! You worked on those towers like pros even with some tight spaces! Some of you chose to purchase towers to take home with you and I can’t wait to hear how much you’re loving it once you settle back in and use them in your own homes!

Friday night we held our Cast Meet and Greet. Jai, Brenda, Nicole and Julie joined us for pics and hugs. We had mothers come up with their daughters, wives with their husbands, veteran roadtrippers and many newbies! It was wonderful to see so many new faces! There was even a handful of trippers celebrating 10 roadtrips or more! Wow! I can honestly still say that each one is as special to me as the last and I appreciate so many of you that have come back year after year with pure Cathlete energy in your heart!

Saturday was a jam packed day! We started a kickin’ kickbox class! We worked up a great sweat! What a way to start the day! We even managed to throw in some burpees and air jacks! You’re welcome
Spin was up second and spin we did! “How’s the back row? How’s the middle? How’s the front?” Lol… It was fun to carry down the framed picture of many of your workout rooms from my office! It’s a constant reminder of how connected we are even when we aren’t here together in Glassboro. Our last workout of the day was Metabolic Bootcamp. For this class we pulled out weights and hit those muscles hard! There’s always energy for one more rep and we sure proved it, right through to a challenging abs section and one final burn on that sit-up push-up combination! Way to go warriors!

Saturday’s Q&A was GREAT! It was so nice to have such a variety of questions! From food to filming to livestream to reflecting on old memories, the time flew by! It also helped to take our minds off how hungry we were… wink!

Speaking of food, I must say that meals are some of the most important hours on these trips. Not only because we more than earn the need to refuel, but also because this is where we mingle, bond and meet new people! There were so many new faces on this trip and each and every one of you that I spoke to seemed like you were having a fantastic time meeting everyone. That is what the roadtrips really are all about!

Saturday night ended with a super charged super hero themed Zumba party led by instructors Darlene and Debbie! Cycle Sweat cast members Nicole, Lisa and Heather joined to party for pics and dancing too! I loved seeing all of your fun costumes, but we’ve always known that every Cathlete is already a super hero!

Let’s talk about step on Sunday! Oh my, you were all STEPTASTIC! I was a little hesitant on putting in all those spins, but you were ON IT! Now THAT was the way to take on the last class of the roadtrip! You brought such amazing energy! I left the class with such joy in my heart! You told me at the Q&A that you still love step and in this class you more than proved it! After class we headed over to the filming studio one last time for a well-deserved farewell brunch. A few more pics, a few more hugs and even a couple of tears shed as we all had to say goodbye. The goodbyes don’t ever really get easier, do they? But just remember, as we make our way out of studio and wave goodbye, that I’ll always see you next workout and hopefully I’ll see you again on another roadtrip!

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