2011 New Year's STS Challengers

Sherry K

Good evening!

I was able to get in a 2 mile run/walk on clean streets before it started snowing again. Want to get in another 30 minutes of cardio, but also need to go to the grocery store as we have no food for lunches (darn kids - they eat!).

As for chocolate - sounds like I need to introduce you ladies to a chocolate port wine! Goes extremely well with the triple chocolate mousse cake. (Did I mention that I have a sweet tooth? And I wonder why I have trouble with my weight!)

Kristin - Hope you enjoyed your rest day and holiday party!

Julie - Kickmax is one of my favs! Don't want to hear about the bicep DOMS - I'm staying in blissful ignorance for now!

Wendy - I've always had to do pull-ups assisted, so if I ever get to 1 I'll be ecstatic! Something to do with pear shape . . . ever since I got hips . . . think I could actually do them when I was like 10!

Leela - Welcome! I'm also pear shaped, not enough upper body strength to match the strong lower body, working to get the running going once again, and wanting to get my body strong and fit!

Cendrine - Walking with the weighted vest - that would do it. Great way to compensate for not running.

Waiting until after work tomorrow for the legs - anticipating difficulty coming up the basement stairs. See you all at the gym tomorrow!


Good Morning Ladies.

I did Disc 3 this morning plus 2 of the abs segments from BBC Chest and Abs. YEOWCH! :)

Sherry:: Chocolate port wine you say? WHERE!? I want some...NOW! :D I am a wine lover and a chocolate lover and I too have a good sized sweet tooth! You and I could get in lots of trouble together I think! LOL

Cendrine:: OMG, when I read y'day that you had DOMS in your inner thighs I about died cause I did too! Very odd! LOL And watch, I did legs today and WON'T have it tmrw when I SHOULD! :p

Leela:: Sounds like your off to a great start! Welcome to the check in! :)

BBL or tmrw!


I'm trying out a dehydrated power bar today/tomorrow (dehydrating time is so long, it may be ready on Monday for review....LOL!) Do any of you dehydrate? I only recently got into it and am still experimenting with recipes but have found some good ones that are keepers already. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, sweet tooth here too! But it doesn't just stop there....LOL!

I did another tm walk with cathe vest, more steady state today, and disc 3! I am feeling it already, and I didn't even do a lot of weight....:rolleyes:

Wendy, I think I figured out where the inner thigh doms came from! LOL! It might be from when you are sideways on the stability ball to do the arm exercises (any of them) I guess your inner thigh muscles are used for stabilization? That's all I could figure out...LOL!
However, I won't be needing to look for doms in my legs tomorrow...they are already announcing their arrival....LOL

Sherry, your comment about the difficulty going up the stairs cracked me up! Isn't that exactly how I feel! But disc 3 was fun nonetheless!

How is everyone else doing?


Hey everyone!

I'm checking in late today because I was helping my youngest son pack up and travel back to school. I'm always sad to see him leave.:( I really enjoyed having him home for two weeks.

Yesterday was my rest day. Today I did Chalean Extreme burn intervals (45 minutes alternating light weight with high intensity cardio drills). I needed the pep talk from Chalene today.:D It was a fun sweat fest!

Sherry K

Hi All!

Just finished Disc 3 - legs plus medicine ball abs. Good workout, and I could make it up the stairs when I was done. Which means I should probably go heavier next time - I'll wait to see how I am in the morning.

Wendy - Been a long time since I did BBC (I have the original). As for the wine, the good ones are a red wine with chocolate flavoring, and a little goes a long way (like a shot glass amount to sip while you eat that small piece of cake). My favorite is Wilson Creek's Decadencia Chocolate Dessert Wine. Pricey but well worth it!

Cendrine - We don't have a dehydrator, but a friend does, and he makes lots of food for when the scouts go hiking/camping. DH has been thinking we should get one, too, but so far he's only thinking. What all have you tried and liked? The guys might like the recipes, too.

Cynthia - Give me a few years, and I'll be where where you are. We joke that they are going away to school, but I know I'll miss them lots. I know others really like Chalean, but I haven't tried her yet.

Hope everyone else is doing ok with the rotation. One week down!


Evening ladies. Last night was my work's holiday party. We had a great I just finished disc 3, oh my gosh!!!! My legs are burning. I could not do theose front lunge into front kick combo with the weights. I did the bonus burn at the end. this was my favorite disc for this week, and I usually do not like to work legs.

Sherry- I think we'll both be feeling the DOMS tomorrow ;).

Cendrine- I thought disc 3 was fun too. I also liked that I had enough time to actually catch my breath between exercises and I was sweating profusely. I sweat more with this one than the other two, while being able to enjoy the 30 second breathers, lol.

Cynthia- Where does your son go to school? My oldest is in kindergarten and we had such a hard time letting him go on that bus, lol. I cannot imagine when they go away to college!!!!

Wendy- What did you think of disc 3? How are your legs holding up?

Leela- Welcome! i did most of the push ups on my knees as well. There were so many sets of push ups, come on!

Julie- I love that premix for kickmax, one of my favs.

Okay, I am beat! Be back tomorrow.

Week one done!


Cendrine:: Perhaps you are right re the inner thigh DOMS. I think tmrw I will not care anymore though cause I just won't be able to walk at all! :eek::p Keep us posted on how that dehydrated power bar turns out! What are the benefits of using a dehydrator?

Cynthia:: Good ol' Chalean. I toyed with doing a CLX rotation over the last few months. It was one of about 20 possible rotations that didn't actually happen tho! LOL My mom hated sending my sister back to school. I went away to college but only for one year and was close enough that I ended up coming home most weekends after a while. She didn't have a chance to miss me before I was home again! :p

Sherry:: My SIL uses some type of chocolate wine to make her own version of chocolate martini. Not sure if it's the same type you are talking about though. Not sure if I could just sip a little bit of wine. I like to fill up the glass baby! :D LOL

Kristin:: I love disc 3! I'd done it once before when I attempted STS for the first time and ended up quitting after 3 weeks. :rolleyes: I also tried one of the plyo work outs a while ago just to see what it was like. Again, loved it! It was freakin' KILLER though! OMG! :eek: I don't think my legs ever recovered from the work out this morning! I think DOMS started to set in immediately! Tomorrow should be interesting! :rolleyes:;)

Off to bed with me.

Good night!:cool:


Hi Ladies!

I'm sorry for being so behind! I've just been really busy. I will have to catch up tomorrow.

Today's workout was AM Yoga hip openers followed by 4 DS Kickbox and Abs, then the stretch. Yesterday I rested since it was super busy and I wasn't feeling 100%.

Welcome, Leela! :)

See you all tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!




Cendrine: I'm interested too in knowing the benefits of dehydrating the protein bars. I don't know if I would have the patience for something like that!:eek: And all your talk about the vest is enabling me! Which one do you have? I'm thinking it would help me with the intensity since I have to normally go low impact.

Cynthia: That must be hard with your son leaving. I miss mine when they have sleepovers at a friend's house!:p I don't have any of Chalean's workouts but they're sure tempting! One knee prevents me from doing crazy impact so that's my excuse (oh, and the cost;)). I think you would like Jackie's Xtreme Abs by the way. So sorry about the cervical epidural!

Sherry: Another chocolate fan here. The wine sounds like something my book club would like.:) How are the legs today?

Kristin: Glad you had fun at your work party. I am not a fan of leg workouts either, but I especially loved the bonus burn on the leg disc too!

Leela: Glad you've joined us! Good plan adding on the cardio. Towards the end I did the same thing before the workouts as I wasn't breaking much of a sweat and I need that to feel like I worked!:eek:

Wendy: Two chest workouts if I read that correctly? Don't think my DOMS would have allowed for that!:eek: What is BBC?

My workout for today will be some fairly light cardio and hopefully some yoga if time allows. I can barely contain my excitement to start Meso 2!

Have a great day!



Good Morning!

I've been MIA on the thread for a few days. Going back to work this week after the holidays was hard. I am so busy at work that it sucks the life out of me and I don't have the energy for anything after work except to veg on the couch :( I did stick to my workouts except I didn't get in enough ab work. I did MMA Boxing on Tuesday with it's core work and then had serious tailbone soreness after that. When I went to do ab circuits - yoga inspired abs I was too tender for most of the moves.

I am experiencing a definite dread factor with Meso 1 right now. This happened to me last time too. I got through the first week and then didn't want to do it anymore. I have been sooooooo sore. A little soreness is good but to have so much pain just getting up and moving around is discouraging. I don't want to quit though...I've just got to power through it.

I'll check in later today for personals...I've got to go get in disc 4 before I change my mind ;)


Morning! I actually got to sleep in/rest this morning. Today's workout will be MMA Boxing. I have only done this one once and I love it.

Lisa- just stick with it. week one is done! YAY! I had serious DOMs in my abs after the first time I did MMA Boxing.

Julie- I am interested in your thoughts about MESO 2, I am looking forward getting where you are!

Wendy- how are your legs? Mine are not too bad, but I have a feeling as the day goes on. . .


Sherry K

Good morning all!

Just finished 4DS Kickbox, cardio only. Legs were tight this a.m., so needed to loosen up. I could really feel every muscle work today, but that’s just what I needed. Since the legs were not as bad, I’ll be going heavier next time. Paper plates - simple yet very effective!

Julie – I agree, the leg workout was my favorite disc this week. It’s feeling really good to be doing weight work again.

Wendy – Looking forward to the plyo workouts, though the little squat jumps at during the warm-up of D3 just about did me in!

Julie – I don’t always like the bonus burns – legs are usually fried by then – but yesterday’s were quite effective.

Lisa – Go for it! The DOMS are the muscles feeling good about being used!

Kristin – I love the MMA’s, too! Actually most kickboxing. I love feeling the legs move like that.

Now, to bundle up for a 2 mile run/walk. It’s about 16 degrees out right now, but the sun is shining! Gotta get out there when it’s not a gray day!


Good morning all!

Wendy – Looking forward to the plyo workouts, though the little squat jumps at during the warm-up of D3 just about did me in!


They were killer, weren't they. And I have Butts and guts a number of times, and so I didn't think I'd be burning like that in the WARM UP!



Good morning everyone! I just finished MMA Boxing. LOVE the core work in this workout!

Kristin, my son goes to Missouri University of Science & Technology in Rolla, MO. It's an engineering college. He is in his 4th year of a 5 year program for Mechanical Engineering.

Fit Mommy, I don't think I could ever do a CLX rotation as "prescribed" ever again. STS spoiled me good.:D I have a modified rotation that works better. Plus, I hated the lean circuit.:eek: I like her burn intervals. Chalene has super high energy, but I can't take her everyday because she begins to get on my nerves.:p

Lisa, try backing off the weights in meso 1. If you are too sore to function, it sounds like you are over doing it. There are so many sets and reps in meso 1.

Sherry, you are one dedicated individual to run in cold weather girl!!!


MMA boxing all done! I really love that workout. My core is fried.

Cynthia- great minds think alike, huh? Lol. I just thought doing this one after a few days of upper body rest would be good. Engineer, you must be so proud!!!!

Okay guys, I am thinking of making this a weekly thread, so that tomorrow would be the start of week two. So many postings, it is getting hard to keep track of what I read, didn't read and who I responded to as well. Sound good?



Good Afternoon Ladies.

Late check in for me. Odd too. I'm usually early with my check ins.

Today's work out was STRIKE ZONE by Janice Saffell. I picked it up as part of a 4 pack of kb work outs that were being sold at Target for $12.99. It's an older work out but a goody for sure! I loved the work out AND the instructor! Can't wait to try the other work outs it came with! :D I finished off my work out with a 3 minute prone plank hold on my elbows that nearly killed me. :eek: It was awesome. :cool:

Kristin:: A weekly thread sounds great. It does start to get hard to keep track of things after a while when there are so many posts happening. Who ever gets here first tmrw should start it. Keep the name the same, just change the date so everyone knows what to look for. Cool? Oh I definitely have DOMS in my lower body! My work out this morning was quite painful at times! :eek: It'll be interesting to see how I feel tmrw...atleast it's my rest day!

Cynthia:: I want to do another CLX rotation b/c I want to finish the darned thing! I got stopped 2 weeks short of finishing it when I did it by a nasty sinus infection that lasted for about a week. I was soooo not into finishing the rotation by the time that ordeal was overwith! :rolleyes:

Sherry:: Plyo legs is awesome but hard to do. I did it with 10# DB's for the weight work and it *still* kick my azz!:eek: I heavied up considerably on Disc 3 from the last/first time I did it. I don't think I'll be doing that for Plyo Legs ALTHOUGH it IS meso 3 and if I make it that far (LOL), I SHOULD be stronger so perhaps I'll be able to go heavier after all!;)

Lisa:: ITA with the poster who suggested you lighten up the weights for Meso 1 if you are that sore and dreading it. I went waaay too heavy the first time I tried it and was miserable. :( I've lightened up my weight loads this time. They are still challenging but very doable and I MUCH happier. I think my body will respond better as well.

Julie:: No no, not 2 chest work outs. I'm not *THAT* crazy! LOL I did ab work from a work out called "Chest and Abs". BBC is Barry's Boot Camp btw. Good luck with Meso 2. It seems to be a fave of the Cathletes around here! I wouldn't know. I didn't get that far the first time I tried STS..:eek:

Okay, that should catch me up! Have a great night. Be back in the am.!:)


Boy I've missed a lot since the last time I've been here! I kind of hit the ground running today and never stopped until now!

I did a tm walk with the vest in the 40/20 format using incline for the intensity, boy it got me good! I had to throw in a minute of recovery every ten minutes I felt so winded, and at the end I cheated a little and did two minutes as 30/30... but still, it was a great workout, and then I tacked on no equipment abs and stretch, all of which felt awesome! My legs are definitely sore from the disc 3 but notice I said sore and not I'm in pain, because that is literally what it was like last round and this round, now that I'm doing lighter weights, I can handle it much better, and obviously I'm still working hard enough to get some doms anyway. 1st week completed! YAY! Same thing again for me next week (I like knowing what's ahead before moving on to something new!

So, Lisa, I suggest you ease up on the weights, I don't know how heavy you are lifting for all of the exercises, but maybe 20-30%lighter would be worth an experiment to see if your body is happier with it. I really think I did it too hard last round and like going lighter, even if the 1RMs guide me to be tougher, it's a computer, you need to use what makes it challenging but still enjoyable! I hope that helps!

Julie, I use the Cathe vest that starts at 12lbs and can be upped to 20. I started out just walking with the 12 for three times a week, the other times I walked without the vest to give my neck time to adjust and get used to the extra weight on my shoulders. Then I started every day with the 12, and now I'm planning on upping my weight by one pound about every two weeks. You could probably up them faster than that, but I tend to rush things, so I am trying to be conservative! Definitely a great buy! The best thing is I got it for free because I wrote my workout story and it made the spotlight on Cathe and so I got a giftcertificate and got the vest for free! Isn't that awesome? Definitely recommend it to anyone who has to stay low impact!

Sherry, how was your walk in the cold? I walk on the tm in our garage and sometimes it sure does not feel appealing when it's cold, but then I remind myself that in the summer I'm going to be wishing the garage was airconditioned...LOL

Cynthia, I still have years with my kids at home, but I know for sure I am going to miss them when they leave too! Will ds come back in your area if he can find a job after college?

Kristin, making this a weekly thread sounds like a great idea to me!

So for those of you who wanted to know about dehydrating, there are many reasons people dehydrate, I mainly do it for the health benefit. For instance, if you heat nuts or seeds above a certain temperature, the oils that have been healthy fats actually become changed and are not so beneficial any more, so when you buy roasted nuts, the oils have been damaged (think of it like frying with extra virgin olive oil), so I make my own nuts by mixing them with whatever flavors I like (smoked paprika, anyone) and healthy, mineral rich salt and water, so the spices and salt stick to the nuts, then I dehydrate them at a low temp (which takes longer but is healthier) until they are crunchy again. I also make a really yummy granola that way and because it has sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds and any other kind of nut I feel like tossing in, it keeps them 'raw' which keeps the oils intact and keeps the enzymes alive that help with digestion and such. You could also sprout the seeds and nuts (for the power bar, I soaked nuts and seeds overnight to get them 'activated' which doubles or even more the nutritional content because it becomes a live food. I don't sprout too often because it takes time as well, but when it's just an overnight soak I might do it. Garbanzo beans for instance need to be soaked for several days, and that becomes a hassle....;) I have made yummy sweet potato chips in the dehydrator instead of the fried stuff you buy at the store, and I have a recipe that makes flaxseed crackers and one where you blend a whole bunch of raw veggies and kale and seeds, spread them on the sheets and dry them until they become like a raw veggie cracker without the carbs a regular cracker would have. Not that I count carbs but it's nice to have some healhty crackers that actually taste good too! A fun thing to do is get smoked deli turkey (I get mine nitrite free) and dehydrate the slices until crispy and have turkey chips... quite fun! My test batch didn't make it through the end of the day...LOL! Also, I can make candied almonds with agave and raw cacao powder for a chocolate craving satisfier with extra nutrients.... Ok, enough already. As you can tell, I can get carried away with this....:rolleyes:


FYI:: I started a new thread for the week. Same thread name but end with "WEEK OF 1/9" just incase you didn't notice it!

See you all there! :)

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