Good Morning.

I am taking the liberty of starting a new thread for the week since it was brought up in y'day's thread that we should consider it. Hope nobody minds and that everyone sees it. I think I will go post in the old thread that a new one was started just incase....

I'll be back!:cool:


Cendrine:: Nice work out y'day girl! I soooo wish I could get a TM and do things like you did y'day with it but my house is too darned small. :( Maybe some day....*sigh* Reading about the dehyrated foods you make was making me DROOL! LOL I am not one for enjoying cooking. I love my kitchen (fave room in the house) but not for cooking. :p Therefore I would probably never purchase/use a dehydrator but man oh man it sure does sound yummy and the healthy part sounds good too! :D So I have a silly question about the weighted vest. I have one and was going to use it for Disc 3 to be able to lighten up the DB's I was holding but I had a brain fart and didn't know how to count the vest's weight! :confused: I have the lighter vest (10#) because I bought it shortly after it Cathe put it on the market. If I wear it I consider it like holding 5# DB's in each hand, right? For some reason I was thinking that perhaps I had to count it as 10# in each hand but if it's only a 10# vest that doesn't make any sense right?? :rolleyes: :eek:

Okay, looks like that's it for personals. I wrote to everyone y'day and Cendrine was the only one who checked in after that.

Today is my scheduled rest day and tmrw is the start of week 2 with Disc 1 again. Depending on my mood and my day though, I may very well hit Disc 1 today so I can sleep in tmrw morning! ;)

BBL Girls!


Morning all! Thanks for starting the new weekly thread, Wendy. I actually got to sleep in a little. that's two days in a row for me! Amazing. Since having children, sleeping in means sleeping passed 8 o'clock, lol. Anyway, today's workout will be Step Moves and an ab workout from circuit abs, not sure which one yet. Disc 4 tomorrow!!!!

Wendy- don't know much about using the weighted vest, but I think you are right int hinking it is like holding two 5 # DBs. That makes more sense to me, but who knows?

Cendrine- The dehydrated food was very interesting. Thanks for sharing. It seems like a lot of work, but I guess once you get the hang it, it gets easier.

Today I am going to Dick's Sporting goods. I need to get 2.5 # plates for my BB. My BB only came with 5, 10, and 20 # plates, and to get up to the different %'s I need the 2.5's. I also need to get ankle weights. My mom got me a set for Christmas, but hse got the 5 # ones that do not adjust, I need the adjustable ones for sure. I alsdo might buy a new pair of weighted gloves. I'm excited to get some new equipment. I think I am going to need 30 # DBs soon too, but that will be another day.



Good morning to all you early risers!!! I wish I could sleep in every now and then, but I have a mastiff puppy who wakes me up at the crack up dawn. She is very hungry and has to go potty when she wakes up, so I can't convince her to give me an extra 15 minutes. She has this internal clock that doesn't seem to have a snooze button!:p My boxer guy would sleep til noon if he has someone to cuddle with!:cool:

, I'm not sure where my son will go after school. He will have to do an internship with a company during the summer. My DH works for a large engineering firm and is trying to get him an internship there. If he is successful, he will most likely have to travel.

I need to check out how to dehydrate food!!!! I feed my dogs a raw diet and use dehydrated organ meat for treats. Dehydrated treats are very expensive and I'm going through a lot training my puppy.

I just finished 20 minutes SS cardio on my elliptical and Disc 1. I'm definitely stronger this week. I increased weights and could almost keep up with Cathe during all the push-ups. I didn't do the staggered arm push-ups at the end, I did barbell chest presses in place of the push ups.


Hello Everyone!

Thanks for the encouragement yesterday...I am definitely feeling better about STS today. I did disc 4 yesterday, well most of it :confused: I did skip out on most of the advanced pushup segments. Can anyone really do those core pushups?!? Those are way past my current abilities! I am already a little sore but I am hoping it will hold off long enough for me to get disc 5 in today. I usually don't do the w/o back to back but my work week is crazy and I may not have time to get two more w/o in this week if I don't do it today. I also did Imax 2 yesterday for the first time. It was not nearly as hard as I expected. Not that it was easy...I just expected to be near death at the end and I wasn't :D

Wendy - I bought that same workout pack from target! Wasn't that an awesome deal?! I previewed all of them and they look great. I started doing Strike Zone Friday morning and while I was enjoying it my calorie burn was not where I needed it to be so I switched over to 4DS KB to get the calories going. I can't wait until I have finally lost these last 10 so I can stop trying so hard to get my burn rate up!!

Kristin - Have fun at Dick's...I have to be careful about going there...it's easy to spend too much money!

Cynthia - I'd really like to have a dog to wake me up :( My husband came with a cat that is very unsociable towards other animals so I have to wait to get a dog. I really want an american bulldog. Someday!!

Ok, I am off to do some cardio and disc 5. Have a good day everyone & stay warm!!



Step moves and MB abs completed1 Woo hoo1 disc 4 tomorrow. I got my 2.5 # plates and ankle weights. I am ready for the week.

Lisa- I did NJ RT las tyear and it was my first one. I am thinking about doing it again, being as though I live on LI it is so close to me. Disney seems cool, but what will the price be? Disney is never cheap. Have you ever been?

Fit44- WTG with all those push-ups. I see on disc 4 there are drop sets, kind of like gym styles. . . oh boy!


Sherry K

Hi all!

Today is a rest day, so all I did was TBS. I was pretty stiff this morning, so that's about my speed. Between STS and starting to run again, I'm working the muscles hard. Besides that, got all the Christmas decorations down except for the lights across the porch. Too much snow and ice to hold the ladder stable, so they can just stay there for awhile.

Needing to rethink the menu - not eating as healthy as we should this weekend (pizza, chicken tenders, etc.). It's harder to get the good food together when we are pressed for time, running to soccer games, etc.

Cendrine - Love all the food you make with the dehydrator. Might need to investigate it more.

Wendy - Let me know if D1 is better the second time around. I'll just wait to see where I am by Meso 3 before I think about weights for plyo.

Kristin - Just give it a few years and the kids will sleep 'til noon! Enjoy all those new toys!

Cynthia - I know Rolla well. I grew up in St. Louis. Gotta run when the sun shines; it's so cloudy here all winter.

Lisa - Glad you are motivated again! I do most push-ups on my knees - expecting STS to get the upper body strength up so I can do more on my toes. I'm holding out for a Chicago RT, if it ever happens.

Off to get a few more things done, then start dinner. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.


Rest day for me too! And I am enjoying it! Tomorrow will be here soon, so I better relax...LOL!

Lisa, I'm glad you are feeling more motivated! Let us know how your legs are doing this week!

Wendy, not all dehydrator recipes are hard or time consuming, but if you want to put it to good use you do need to invest a bit of time. And yes, I would consider the 10lb vest equal to 5lb dumbells in each hand. ;) Let me know how you did with it in your workout!

Lisa, I would love to go on a roadtrip some day! I just don't think there would be much fun in it right now for me since I can't do high impact. I'm hoping on healing fully and working my way slowly back into some high impact workouts as time goes by and then I might consider. Last year's in San Diego was super close and I might have gone had it not been for my injury. I hear its a lot of fun! And I would love to meet Cathe in person!

Cynthia, dehydrating meats for your dog would be easy. You would need to spend time cutting the meat to size then putting it on the trays and possibly flipping them over once, then washing the trays, that's about it. I'm thinking you could save a lot of money doing it that way, and if you make a big batch, you might only need to do it semi regularly! If you get serious, let me know and I'll send you the website where I got mine.

Kristin, I love getting new equipment as well! After Christmas i went to Dicks for a mini trampoline (used for therapy with my back exercises, for marching on not jumping....) and a lumbar support belt to do weight lifting safely.

Have you guys had time to look at the updated workout manager? I'm not quite sure how to work some of the new features, but then, I wouldn't have time to play with it much anyway.


I got disc 4 done today :D That's a relief, no more weights until thursday. I will still get up and do cardio & abs on the other days though. I also did 4ds double cardio (step) premix today. I haven't taken a rest day :eek: I know I am supposed to but I don't burn enough calories if I don't exercise. I don't get enough movement in my day to day living. I do take it easier a couple of days a week though.

Cendrine - I have been using the WM to track my workouts but there is a bug that is causing calories to not be accumulated correctly. I think they expect to have a bug fix out this week. I haven't used it much beyond marking my workouts complete and printing out STS cards. On the injury - I really feel your pain :( I injured my back working out in May 2005. I spent the next 18 months doing rounds of physical therapy, taking oral steriods, getting cortisone shots and then finally had surgery in Dec 2006. It took a full year to heal before I was completely cleared to begin exercising again. I have learned how to care for it properly so now I have very little problems with it. I hope you have a faster road to recovery than I did!!

Sherry - I am right there with you on the stiffness!! I tend to get stiff in my hips especially with too much impact. My diet is not what anyone would consider clean either. I don't really shoot for clean though, I just try to make sure I am getting some nutrition along with the junk and I keep a good deficit between what I eat vs. burn. I have a BodyMedia Fit that helps me track the burn. Are you going for clean or just clean-er?

Kristin - I am trying to decide if the RT is worth the money. I think if I went I would want to do NJ. Disney will be fun but it probably will be expensive. I have been to Disney a couple of times. It is a wonderful place...if you haven't gone and could swing the cost you'd love it.

I have MMA boxing on tap again for tomorrow. I love starting out my week with that workout!! I will try to pop in tomorrow but I have a baby shower after work so I may not have time.

Have a great night and I hope everyone has a great Monday!



Morning everyone!

I missed the check in again yesterday.:( Workout was AM Yoga hip openers and twists. I'm starting Meso 2 this week, but this time around I'm following the Shock Cardio Rotation (even though I don't have all of those) and the schedule for today is Hiit 30/30 plus Med Ball Abs.

Lisa, I'm glad you're feeling better about STS. And no core push ups for me.:eek: I love IMAX 2 also! I don't like taking rest days either, but I've sure enjoyed them this past week! I think my body was just done after that first mesocycle. I have never done a RT but would LOVE to! My DH didn't go for the idea of us all going to Disney and me off having fun with other Cathletes.:confused: But I would definitely consider another one.:cool:

Cendrine, I was hoping you would have told me your vest was the 10-pounder! You are enabling me with all your talk about it, but I don't know if I'm ready for the next size up.:p And thanks for describing the dehydration process. Definitely something to think about. By the way, I had to go back and look for your success story...VERY NICE! Congratulations!!

Sherry, My Christmas decorations didn't make it down this weekend.:eek: And I hear you on the food prep!:eek: I ate much cleaner last week though and I have to say it felt great! Cynthia's info about the 5gms of sugar made me think twice about my choices.;) I am a sugar-holic so it's hard for me to resist.:eek:

Cynthia, I have a puppy too that's sometimes my alarm clock, but I love it. Otherwise I might miss my workouts.:p Glad to hear you are feeling stronger! Yay!

Kristin, I love getting new equipment too! I bought my bb at a second hand store, the weights are 1/2 the price of the poundage.:cool: My dumbbells only go up to 20lbs and I've already discovered I need more.:confused:

Wendy, good plan sleeping in on a Monday.;) So what are your thoughts the second time around w/STS??

Okay, off to do my cardio! Have a great Monday everyone!:D



Good Morning.

So is it just me, or does anyone else here find themselves having to jot down notes in order to do personals b/c we have a rather large group here? I'm not complaining, mind you. Just curious! :)

Kristin:: Sleeping in for me is anything past 6am considering I get up at 4:15 most weekday mornings. :eek: Glad you had a successful shopping trip at Dick's. I have 1.25# plates for my BB and platemates for my DB's. I also have Cathe's weighted gloves. It all comes in very handy!

Cynthia:: Your boxer sounds like my Golden w/the cuddling thing. :) Your mastiff pup must be huge already! How much is she weighing in at these days? She's a very pretty girl. Love the pics you've posted of her.

Lisa:: I used to have a heart rate monitor that also did calorie burn. It drove me crazy and really didn't help me much in the end. Just gave me another # to obsess over. :p I try to balance out my cardio between what I imagine are the more intense (higher burn) and less intense (lower burn) work outs but I've given up on the actual numbers. :) I will count calories now and then but that's about all I count besides the stars I'm seeing when I am lifting weights with Cathe! ;) I went to a NJ R/T a few years ago and had fun. Haven't been on one since. I will consider the one in Orlando/Disney this summer but only if we are able to plan our family vacation around it so we'll see. I'm not holding my breath though. :rolleyes:

Sherry:: Talk about bad eating girl...We ordered in Chinese food saturday night and I ate left overs last night! :eek: It was yummy and I was very good about portion control but Chinese food can sure do a number on me if I'm not careful! :eek: Doing Disc 1 for a second time was wonderful because i was familiar with the work out and able to up my weights in almost everything! I think this 6 month rotation idea of mine is going to be a winner after all!

Cendrine:: I didn't wear the weighted vest for Disc 3 b/c of that brain fart I had over how to count the weight of it. :p I will probably use it next time though. It'll be nice to take some of the stress off the forearms. 20# DB's hurt after a while! :eek: I've checked out the new WOM because I record my work outs in it. It seems pretty easy to use the new stuff they added but I haven't really taken advantage of it as of yet.

Julie:: I love HiiT 30/30! I am already liking STS better this time around then my first attempt. I am convinced that I just went way too heavy. It was exhausting, gave me horrid side affects and made me miserable all around. Lightening up this time is the best thing I did!:)

So today is my rest day. I worked out 8 days in a row. I'm over due! Tomorrow will be cardio!

Have a great day everyone!
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My check-in

Friday was not a good day. For some reason, despite eating healthy, I had a major energy crash. So I went to bed.

Saturday, I had limited time in the morning to work out due to a plethora of activities for the kids followed by plans with friends in the evening. So I did Cardio Coach just press play and skipped the warmup and cooldown to make it shorter. Then I shovelled snow.

Sunday I was going to do disc 3 on meso 1, but instead, I did the treadmill - 8 minutes run/ 2 minutes walk for 30 minutes. Again, I had snow shovelling to take care of, and then my inlaws were coming over so we could take my 12 yo daughter out to lunch for her birthday. For those of you who know me here and VF ("Leela"), this is the baby that was born at home. It's shocking to me that i've been a member of some of these forums all these years, as well as the fact that 12 years whipped by so fast!


My goals are to get 5K ready as well as do STS. I'm very much embracing the lower calories and healthy calories and I feel I have much more energy.

Today is logistically challenging because I have to go watch my daughter's dance class (it's that time of the year where the parents get to watch each dance class. For me, that's 4 for Anjali. At least my younger daughter no longer takes dance, so this isn't as huge a time sink as it's been previously).

I'll try though to do a combination of Disk 3, Meso 1 and 15 minutes of jogging on the treadmill.

All my cardio will be treadmill work, even though I'd love to do STS cardio, I want to achieve the 5K goal by april so I can actually run a 5K!


Good afternoon everyone! I just finished Disc 3 legs with bonus at the end.
I love working legs and I love working them with Cathe even more!:D

Sherry, I grew up in St. Louis (on the Hill) and now live in the outskirts on a few acres of land. My husband grew up around St. Joan of Arc off Hampton Ave. Small world!

Lisa, I have considered going to a Cathe RT but haven't made the effort to plan one. I will eventually. :D

Leela, sorry to hear about your day Friday. Your daughter's baby picture is beautiful! They grow up way too fast.:(

Julie, the sugar info really makes me think twice too. I'm paying closer attention to labels now. I was looking at smoothie mix at the grocery store and it looked healthy until I read the sugar grams. It's shocking!
I'm trying so hard to eat clean this STS round. I want results like lrusso in the STS feature story. It's hard to believe she is 44 years old. Her story gives me hope that I can build muscle in my 40's.

Fit mommy, Isabella is rabidly approaching 90lbs. She is built like a tank! I bought her a custom made tutu for Halloween and she HATED it! She tried to eat it!!!:eek: Okay, so she's not a frilly kind of girl.:p She looked like a line backer in the tutu.:D
Next year I'm buying her a football jersey for Halloween!



Second round of disc 1 done today! It felt a bit harder than the first time around, but that is kind of how it felt last time too, maybe because I was knowing what to expect and really got into it? I also did an uphill tm walk with the vest.

Lisa, I'm glad you are able to keep your back issues under control now. Isn't it amazing how much time and effort it can take to recover from a back injury? Was your injury a herniated disc? I'm sorry you had to have surgery, but glad it is better now! I'm not a candidate for surgery or meds, as they would only mask the problem, so I am trying the tedious, longterm therapy round. I actually thought I was just going to focus on pain management but then stumbled on something that promotes healing as well as helps with the pain, so tough all the exercises and therapies etc are time consuming and repetitive, I feel motivated and have seen imporvement, even if only small. The vest really helps me stay motivated because I can keep up the intensity and calorie burn that I thought were going to be a thing of the past....;)

My dehydrated power bars are done and tasty! I already have ideas of how to play around with the recipe next time around, but am very pleased with how they turned out. I mainly made them for dh who likes to grab healthy stuff on the go and didn't like any of the bars I got at the health store.... I don't snack, so it's more of a dessert treat for me. The current flavor is dates and raisins with lots of nuts, and seeds and some buck wheat and blueberries. I'm thinking of replacing some of the seeds or nuts with coconut shreds and cacao nibs next time, although that would make them all the more tempting for me, since they will have chocolate flavor....LOL

I hope you all have a great workout today!


Disc 4 is done! My arms are fried. Tonight doing certain exercises, I felt the weights were too heavy. For instance, the overhead press called for 15 # Db, but I could only do 10 with good form and then I stopped, then did two more at the end, with bad form though. the push ups are killing me too. I can do the first set or two on my toes and then I am done and on my knees. Even later on when she goes back to push ups I can do 1 or 2 on my toes in bad form, and then it is back to my knees :eek:. My chest feels fried though, so it is still working ;).

Fit44- that pic could be on a hallmark card, OMG!!!!!!!! She looks miserablly cute, lol.

Julie- yea, I think with this program you'll be needing more weights, lol. did you enjoy the rest week from STS? I think the rest week will be the hardest for me. What is too much or too little. I know no lifting, but as far as cardio is concerned. . . I plan on doing dvds, lol. What did you do during your rest week?

Wendy- I only have the weighted gloves, and I am finding it a PITA to take them one and off, or remove the weights and put them back in for those little increases in weight especially b/c of the time. I think that is why Disc 3 was my favorite no need to really worry about weights, I only needed a few sets and the band, that was it.

Leela- did you get to workout today?

Cendrine- I always find that once i know what to expect in a workout it seems easier to me.

Lisa- if you've never been to one, it is worth going. It was an awesome experience. I was glowing for weeks. Every time I hear certain songs on the radio, it brings me back to taking step with Cathletes, lol.

sherry- when they want to sleep until noon, I'll be waking them up, payback ;):D

Good night all,
Kristen, my pushups start out on toes, but they are shallow and then I drop to knees after a few

I DID workout. I did disk 3, meso 1 (legs) followed by 14 minute jog.

I am fried, but feel fantastic. also ate really clean today so I feel energized. I know that if I keep doing what I'm doing, I will lose the fat, gain strength and muscle, etc... and feel really good come summer-clothes time.

Sherry K

Reporting that D4 and abs done! All push-ups done on toes - we'll see if the pecs feel as bad as last week. Good workout - but bicep curls with the band?! Those were hard.

Lisa - going for cleaner, cutting out the processed food as much as possible and cutting back on sweets (my kids inherited my sweet tooth as well as my preference for baking; DS can make some very awesome cinnamon rolls!)

Julie - Yes, so hard to cut back on the sweets, so trying for more fruit as the first substitute.

Wendy - When I'm posting, I constantly scroll up and down or open another window to keep track of everyone here! LOL!

Leela - Also trying to get back in 5K shape. It's possible if you work slow. I think the STS/5K training plan is perfect (since that's basically what I'm doing).

Cynthia - Love the photo! Both DH and I grew up in south county near Sunset Hills (where the tornadoes were a week ago). Yes, it is a small world. One thing we do here that is very clean are smoothies - at least I have that going for me.

Kristin - I think by not trying any push-ups on the toes, the pecs won't be quite as bad tomorrow. Still playing with the shoulder and bicep weights. Some seem too light (did I actually say that?).

Cendrine - like the idea of making the power bars. DH is always picking them up at the store. He'd tried making some in the past, but they only turned out questionable.

Now heading off to bed. Sleep well and see you tomorrow!


Good Morning Ladies.

This morning I did HiiT DWP, Tonique Premier Squat segment and BBL Abs Rapido.

Leela: Happy 12th Birthday to your little girl! A 5k is an awesome goal but watch out! Running is addicting! You'll want to go farther and farther and...well, you get the picture! ;):)

Cynthia: Oh my your puppy looks so silly in that tutu! Too funny! ITA about LRusso. She got awesome results!

Kristin: I use my weighted gloves for kickboxing a lot. I used them for Disc 1 the second time around. It was a great way to up the weights by a small increment. I used them for MOST of the exercises so I didn't have to fuss with them much. It worked out well. I only have the 2# pair right now but am planning on getting the 4# pair as soon as they are back in stock!

Sherry: All push ups on your toes!? You rock! I got good at push ups when I did them a lot during my X rotation back in 2007. Got good at pull ups too. Now I stink at both of them. :eek:

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