1st Half Marathon - DONE!!!!


Still alive, too!!!

2H20M unofficial time. I wanted to come in under 2:15, but it was close. I slept awful last night do to nerves and it was hot in the bedroom. Then had to get up at 5 am to make a 7 am race.

But once I got there, it was fun. The 1st 3 miles seemed a little rough (thought I was going to die) and right at the 3 mile mark we had to go under a viaduct that had several inches of nasty standing water, so they stopped us all to a walk, and we had to walk single file on the sidewalk underneath it.

Miles 3-6 were pretty good, that short walk break seemed to put a spring in my step.

At the beginning of 7 there was a big ol' hill. Most of the hills were short, rolling hills, but this was a biggie. After that it was mostly flat, with just a few ups and downs.

7-11 went really well, but at the beginning of 12 my legs were starting to yell at me. I've been fighting piriformis issues, and it chose to start talking LOUDLY at that point.

When I passed up the 13 mile sigh (yay!!!!!) I had to take a quick, 1 min or so, walk break. I couldn't hold the run anymore. Ran some Coach Sean and Cathe quotes thru my head, gave my head a little shake, and ran the rest.

I really wanted to run the whole thing, but couldn't quite hold it at the end. Oh, well.

It was a beautiful day today, upper 60s and overcast to start, and then lower 70s and the sun came out. Most of it was thru forest preserves and the McDonald's corporate campus, which is beautiful.

Had a good time. Right now, I'm just enjoying the ice pack on my butt!


In the pic, that's me in the gray shirt and black pants


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:eek: Way to GO!
I'm so impressed ~ I'd die after mile 4.


I think finishing a 1/2 marathon is a great accomplishment, and I'm sure many of the participants walk at least part of it.
You did great!

I did three and I thought I'd die doing every single one of them but the feeling of accomplishment is the best! And it's all thanks to Cathe. Your course looks way, way better than mine!


Awesome work Nan! That's a great time! Kudos! You give me motivation and inspiration to maybe try a half next year myself! Keep up the great work!



Way to go Nan! Isn't it awesome, the sense of accomplishment at the finish?!? Hope your tushie quits screaming at you and great job overcoming your brain and bodies negative chatter...not always easy but you did it!


Congratulations on your great accomplishment!! I hope you are still basking in the afterglow and that your piriformis settles down quickly.


Congratulations!!!!! Way to go!!!!

Have you seen those commercials for the new Skechers Shape-Ups running shoes? The slogan is "Run less. Get more". Obviously.... Skechers don't get the point of running, do they?


Awesome finish, and in spite of that nasty piriformis pain!! Hope you're feeling better.

Congrats again on a terrific accomplishment!

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