1RM Test Schedule?


Does anyone have a 1RM Test schedule already planned out for STS? I'm looking forward to beginning STS for the first time but I'm dreading the 1RM Testing.

If not, then some detailed advice on how to get it all done? I'm thinking this will take at least two weeks? and will replace all the strength workouts during this time?


The quickest way to do the one rep max is by using workout manager. Reading STS guide does also help familiarising with the exercise. On the workout manager you can view the exercise before testing your rep max. All the best ;-)


Hi bzbnmom,

Here is the link to what I posted a few days ago: http://cathe.com/forum/f104/1-rep-max-made-easy-er-295195/

The 1RM are categorized by body part. This will make doing them a breeze. You can do one body part a day or push pull, etc.

It may help with the dread factor. Seeing that list of 1RM tests made me cringe the first time and I went into procrastination mode immediately. I did some of the tests but I never got through all of them. This chart made all the difference.

I hope it helps you.

Fitness Friend,


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