#10 Challenge - Sept 28


I didn't see any #10 Challenge checkins for the weekend - so we all have some catching up to do. :)

I am back up .5 pounds today (from my 4# loss last week) which I'm totally happy with. I knew the 4 came off too fast and my body would adjust a little bit. Overall eating for the weekend was much better than it's been in the past even though I didn't write down what I ate - I still tried to keep a mental log to keep me in the ball park of calories. And I think it worked.

Workouts were not what I wanted either -Friday was too busy, Saturday I was at a Chi Running workshop (we did run, but not too much), Sunday was too busy. I was pretty annoyed that I couldn't at least get a run in.

Oh - and I had a nice cheat on Saturday morning. This local bakery makes black and white donuts. It's a freshly fried cake donut with one half dipped in dark chocolate ganache-type frosting and the other side dipped in a vanilla/white chocolate ganache-type frosting. SO GOOD! When I hit my goal weight - I'm having another one!

I'm back to journaling and exercising today. I'm hoping to see 150 or better on the scale this week.


My bad, I have not checked in since last Monday.

Only got 3 workouts in last week but I'm also packing, etc. to prep for move so that helped. Didn't journal food but was more aware of comsumption, the obligatory cheat Sat night for friends party but otherwise I guees I did okay as I lost another 2 lbs.

Did circuit this morning, protein shake and vitamins for breakfast...back on the wagon....

Have a good week to all!


looking good

Morning Ladies :)

Well I decided to change things up. I got my butt out of bed this morning at 4:50 and did 30 minutes of cardio. THIS IS HUGE FOR ME!!!! My workouts have been slim because I have not had enough time at night between my DD and DS games, homework, their practices etc. I figure I need to at least get the cardio done in the morning before I go to work and I can do the weight workout at night. So this is my new goal and hopefully will help with the weight loss. I am also trying to make sure I eat at least 5 smaller meal a day....

I have to say I felt accomplish starting my day today doing the cardio :D

M1 - Protien Pancakes, coffee - (200 cal)
M2 - 8oz 1% milk protein powder, apple ( 330 cal)
M3 - 3 zucchini cakes - big salad (350 cal)
M4 - apple, 15 nuts (200 cal)
M5 - pork chop, spinach, salad (450 cal)


-PS have only lost a pound....this weekend I took my kids and their friend apple picking and came home with about 18 pounds of apples!!! Made an apple pie which I did indulge in this weekend. Going to make applesauce with a bunch of them! Debbie I remember a couple of weeks back you did this didn't you??? If you don't mind sharing your recipe that would be great.



Well I'm back on the straight & narrow. I didn't gain any weight over the w/e, which is a major deal for me. Usually I pick up at least 2 lbs. :eek: I did have a couple cheats on the w/e--a dark chocolate & orange candy bar that was sitting in my cupboard screaming my name, & a whole wheat bagel that I couldn't resist when I left the gym yesterday (bagel bakery right next door--how's that for strategic location? The smell of fresh baked bagels gets me every time! :p).

Workouts have been consistent (but never had a problem w/the routine, just the diet). I did Bento's KB surge & Core Max sec. 3 & 2 Saturday, tris & shoulders at the gym yesterday, Bento's ASC2 this morning (don't know why I'm torturing myself w/Amy's workouts when my energy level is still a bit low LOL).

So, I'm officially down 3 lbs & expect to be down at least 5 by Friday. I updated my ticker but it doesn't seem to be showing. :confused: Not to beat a dead horse, but can someone please 'splain again?

Cindi, yep you probably lost some water weight w/that 4lbs, but not all off it was water. Def. do not sweat the .5 lb!

Therese, good for you! Boy, if my cardio depended on me getting up before 5 am, it just wouldn't happen! Oh, BTW, you have an awful lot of space in your sig line, it's taking up more than your entire post! :D You can delete those blank lines in your user cp.

looking good

Ok...went into signature and delete spaces ( I think) but I don't have anything in my signature....wonder if that happen when I was trying to do the ticker :confused: ....I don't see a lot of space on my end but let me know if whatever I did work ;)



Okay we did a food drive at an ice cream place on Sat. and Sun. You bring a can good and get a free ice cream. So, yeah I had some ice cream:( It is one of my weaknesses.

On Friday I weighed in and I weighed 2lbs less. But this morning I went to my annual GYN visit and I am up 6lbs from last year.:eek::eek:
She is checking my thyroid. She said if she ate well and worked out as much as I do she would be pissed if she gained any weight! It's nice to have a doc. who gets it.

Cindi: good job keeping 3.5 lbs off.
Laura: 2 lbs is better than nothing. I love the smell of fresh bread products cooking.

This morning I did KPC/L&G circuit premix. I burned 472cals.
So far I've had:

1. 0.5C oats, 2 large strawberries,0.5C low fat yogurt, 0.5scoop of whey protein, 0.5tsp of flax seed
2. Chix breast,spinach, 1tbsp of guacamole, smart wrap, and some grapes(~10)

3.apple,cottage cheese, jelly
4. not sure what's for dinner
5. if I am still hungry some gaot cheese and wasaba crackers.

I have to go check on my puppy she is probably full of mud from digging in the back yard. Yuck!


Hey folks. Happy Monday.

Nice job with the weight loss Laura, and Cindi, you too. I'm down 3. I plan to weigh in on Saturdays. Saturday food was great, Sunday was OK but I did myself in with the popcorn and 3 tablespoons of Peanut Butter at 9:00ish.

GS chest and tris today. Up at 5:30 tomorrow for LIC Cardio. Therese, I'll be thinking of you!!!. Nice job getting up this morning.


Therese - It worked! No more blank space!

Someone just shoot me now please! I went to a party on Saturday and completely and totally blew it. So I am still refusing to get on the scale. So I am digging in once again and starting over.:(:(:(


I'm sorry, Linda. Weekends are so hard. This past weekend I made myself step on the scale. For me, a daily check in keeps me honest with myself and more motivated (even if it goes up).

Should we just use this thread all week? Seems like we had A LOT more ladies checking in the first week. HMMMM.

I had a good day yesterday. Scales going back down.
Breakfast - hardboiled eggs, cheese stick, banana
Snack - Protein bar
Lunch - Salmon, carrots, red pepper, brown rice cake
Snack - protein bar, banana
Dinner - Whole wheat pita with peanut butter, carrots

Workout - Extreme Intervals (new Chalean workout) and 3 mile run.


I'll just add on here, too.

I posted yesterday, but it didn't show up. And I didn't feel like retyping!

To recap, I survived last week of baking birthday cupcakes twice, a fundraising breakfast at a hotel, a catered Italian dinner at school (I snuck in my own chicken and asked for a plate of salad!), dinner at the movie theatre, and making chocolate chip pancakes for the sleepover gang. And no workouts all week long! I'm pretty happy that I made it through all that with minimal damage: a yoghurt parfait Thursday, 2 bites of cake on Friday, a hot dog and cupcake and white cheddar popcorn on Saturday and some jelly bellys on Sunday.

Yesterday I ALMOST ate 2 truffles, but held strong and lovingly passed them off to my children. :)

I did 4SD LIS Circuit premix yesterday, and since DD's home sick today and I'm missing work, that means a workout for me!


Hi everyone,

I was afraid to get on the scale yesterday, so I didn't, and I didn't post here either...

But this morning I bit the bullet and lo and behold, I lost 2 lbs. Don't know how... because the weekend was not good. Clambake and other crap...

The 2 lbs is really nothing to cheer about because since I gained weight last week, I'm only really down about a half a pound since I started this, but something's better than nothing I guess...:) And checking in here keeps me more focused. I just hate the fact that I keep falling off the wagon and having to get back on...over and over again. Grrrr.... But at least we keep getting back on, and that's the main thing.

Today's Kick Punch and Crunch. Can anyone recommend any other fun cardio workouts that aren't step? I'm getting step-burnout...Any other instructors you love?

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