Me Three! :D
I am enjoying the feeling of having worked out hard and can't wait to see how my body is going to change over the next 90 days.

Denise R

I LOVE Xtrain!

I am starting week 4 of the undulating program and I'm noticing lots of changes. I am noticing a little shrinkage in my low back and buttocks and my thighs are toning up. I am feeling stronger in the upper body. I have lots of weight to lose (gained 60+ after my hysterectomy and then found out I had thyroid issue, just started meds) but I am toning up with program. It isn't dreadful and I do my designated workout & I'm done! (I like the fact I don't have to think about it....I used to try and make up rotations and I think that wore me out, ha)

I can't wait to try the Xtrain/Low Impact rotation! ;)



I'm totally in love with XTRAIN too! I just started it this week do I haven't done a ton if the workouts but I'm loving what I've done so far. So challenging! I just finished STS a couple weeks ago and got great results from it so I'm super stoked to see what gains I'll see with XTRAIN. cathe is truly a winner!


Jo, I agree! Totally loving this seris although Cathe is definately kicking my butt with DOMS! I have noticed changes in my clothes and I am lifting heavier in all muscle groups. I am so pleased. Your training method sounds interesting. I am currently doing Cathe's 90 day undulating rotation but think I will keep your method in mind for future options. Thanks!


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