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Good morning ladies,

How is everyone doing?

We are well over here. Today I am 37 weeks, wow, it's getting closer and closer every day ;). I am having my first internal exam today, so I am really curious to see there I am at, how much dilated etc. I am thinking he will come early, it just feel this way and even though everyone says that the second one normally won't drop until labor, I think he has dropped and so does my DH. I am feeling slight contractions here and there, but I am sure they are just BH, they are not painful at all.

I went on the treadmill 3 times last week. Not as much as I wanted to but better than no workouts at all.

Went shopping yesterday to get the rest I needed for the hospital. My bag is almost packed. I need to get my camera and camcorder bag packed and see if there is anything else I might want to bring. I remember last time I had way to much stuff and didn't use barely any of it, so I packed a lot less this time and my DH can always bring me what I forgot.

So, I am thinking to go and get on the treadmill now, before I get to lazy :p.

I'll be back later
Kristine :)


Just popping in to say hi! I still need to go back and read the rest of last week's thread to catch up. The kids & I are sick today... sore throats & head colds. Not horrible, but not pleasant either. We're just laying low today and hoping it passes quickly.

Kristine: I am so excited for you!!! You'll have to let us know how the dr. appt. goes today. :D Yay for getting the hospital bag packed! :) You are doing so great with your regular workouts-- I only made it over to the gym the one time last week before the kids got sick, and then I got the bug too. :rolleyes: Oh well. Some weeks are better than others... :)

Well, I'm gonna get the kids something to eat and then I'm laying down for awhile to see if that won't help kick this thing to the curb.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!!


Wow Kristine, not much long now! ;) Let us know how the appointment goes. Way to go on still walking on the TM!

Nothing much is going on here. I have finally recovered from the call about the Trisomy-18 risk. I'm determined not to let it ruin the next 3 weeks while I wait for the u/s. ;)

ETA - So sorry you have been sick Brighton! Hopefully, it is on its way out!


Brighton - Sorry to hear you and your kiddos are sick. Sure hope you will feel better soon.

Liann - Wow, I can't believe that they make you wait that long before they do the ultrasound to find out more about the Trisomy 18 risk. Keep up the positive attitude!!! I am sure everything will be fine!

Ok, just started Heidi on a movie, so I better get my bootie on the treadmill ;).


Ok, so 45 min walk on treadmill done, shower, some rest and back from the Dr.

I am almost 2 cm dilated and 60% effaced, so yeah, my body is working on getting this little boy out, woohoo! :D


Kristine - The wait is definitely killer! I couldn't believe they didn't have any appointments sooner. Congrats on the 2cm!!! :) I'm so excited for you!!!

Has anyone here had a 4D ultrasound? I scheduled one for March and have several family members going with me. I think it will be pretty neat and they are giving me a 30 minute DVD of the baby moving around and a CD of pictures. Here's what a 3D still picture looks like on the left. That's the baby after birth on the right.



Amber, those pictures are so neat! I had a 3D ultrasound at 17 weeks. It was great. I am debating whether or not to spend the money on another one.


Kendra - I wasn't going to at first, but then everything got botch with my gender ultrasound and the specialist I ended up being scheduled with wouldn't allow anyone but my DH to go with me. This is my "birthday" gift to my mom. She is sooo excited about it. ;) The "cheapest" package is $125, but we are going with the $160 package. For that they are giving us:

  • 20-25 minute session to include 2d, 3d, and 4d segments
  • DVD of your session
  • A CD of all the still images
  • 4 thermal black and white pictures
  • 4 4x6 color pictures
  • Gender Determination at your request
Plus we can almost have as many people as we want in the room with us. They have it set up with a flat screen tv, couches and chairs so everyone can see what's going on.

I did get a call yesterday from the specialist who is doing my regular ultrasound and they moved me up by 3 weeks! So I get to find out the sex this coming Tuesday!!! I'm so excited about that!

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