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, cheetahs! Happy Sunday!

Wendi—lol ‘bout the new moniker for “WonderChick.” I take it somewhere a village is missing its idiot? J

Jackie—So, have you been adding cardio to each of the CLX weight workouts? What movie did you end up watching?

Karen—good luck with dad’s tests today. Will be thinking of you.

Gloria—I can see how the blustery weather would wear on you after too long. How's school been?

Carole—have fun in the relay!

I hope Linda'll check in with us. Has anyone heard anything?

Today's workout will be Burn it off & Recharge.

Have a great day!


Good morning ladies!

Well, don't know how good it is:confused:...it's snowing like a banshee, I was *supposed* to be into work by 6ish and DSO locked my keys in my *running* car that has less than a quarter of a tank of gas in it and AAA thinks that someone *should* be here by 7-7:30 to unlock it. JOY:rolleyes:! Oh well, gonna be scrambling to play catch up all day:(.

Cathy - OMG, crackin' up here at your village idiot comment!

Gonna go for now. Fingers are crossed that they get here soon.


Wendi—oh no! That sounds like my early morning scramble last Monday when I discovered I had a flat tire. :confused: Thank God for AAA, though. Good luck!


Good morning cheetahs

Cathy...I didn't think Grissolm's last show was anything spectacular, the ending was cool. No, I have not offset my Select tech unless by accident! I did see the girl in P90X+ do that though. Glad you enjoyed the Burn Circuit 3 workout. LMAO about the village idiot remark...:D..Enjoy your CLX workout today.

Wendi...Yes our weather is quite bizarre. Raking was not bad as DH helped...:)..Hope the chili was tasty last night. Sorry about the keys locked in the car!! Hope AAA gets there ASAP.

Jackie...No, I do not take many rest days. Saturdays I don't do very long workouts though so the rest yesterday was nice. Thanks re: my 22 miles. DH did help with the raking so it went well. How was the movie?

Karen...hope the tests go well with your Dad today.

Gloria...I would send you some of our warmth if I could. Cold weather makes me a bit crabby too.

The weather for the 22 should be good today. Karen and I will do the 1st 2 legs of the marathon relay and then hand off to our friend (they have to do 7 more miles) so then we will run about 3 more to get in 22 and wait for our friend to finish (poor girl as she got the dreaded cold last week). Then I will scramble home for some football viewing. Go Steelers!!

Have a great day..:)


Wendi- tough morning today! did it get any better?

Karen- Is your Dad stab at this point? Cheetahs are here for you to vent as needed.

Thomassina- what are Ya cookin' today?

Today was 3 miles easy. I did 0.75 wu, then 1.0 mile on a 3% hill at tempo pace, then 0.25 easy, then 0.5 on a 5% hill at a slower pace,then 0.5 steady no hill. Next was two x 2 minute planks on the inverted BOSU ~ short but got the job done. ;)


My Garmin has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, I can tell this is going to be fun. Off to devour the instruction manual!


Hi Cheetahs! :)

Cathy: A flat tire on a Monday? Ick. Glad it got taken care of. School is going well. I am going to the Gallagher conference in a week. I am excited. I love learning about teaching reading. In fact, anything about language arts is fun for me. I hear you on being a phys. ed. teacher! No papers to check, the kids just love it, etc. I had to take a physical education class for elementary teachers in college. It was actually a lot of work, but right up my alley. I thought it was great. I almost bought CLX. I entered in all my info. on the checkout page, thought about it too long before submitting and my session had timed out. Maybe it is a sign??? Did you have a nice weekend? :)

Carole: Good luck on your 22! Thank you for wanting to send some warmth. I am a big baby sometimes. :eek: Dh's good friend is a Steelers fan. The super bowl is coming up. DH and I are not really into sports, but we always watch the super bowl, have special snacks, and drink beer. It is actually pretty fun even though it is just the two of us. Enjoy your afternoon! :)

Wendi: That sounds like something I might do! We had a huge storm yesterday. I think we got around 10 inches.

Judy: Hi. Nice job the other day with 11 miles on the tm!

Wendy: I think it is necessary to do a long run every week. Training starts in one week for me. How was the party?

Laura: Your new siggy is way cool! :) A trampoline is a child's dream gift. My kids are always talking about theirs. I am a one workout per day person for the most part. When DH was in MT I tried working out twice a day, but it was really hard.

Karen: I am sorry. My heart goes out to you and your family. :(

Jackie: I LOVE homemade pizza! I remember my mom making the best. Great run in those weather conditions! So what movie did you watch?

Hello to Linda, Christine, Brighton, Shelly and Dallas. :):):):) Hope I didn't miss anyone.

Sorry for the negativity yesterday. I just hate being cold. At school it is always cold, so I have to wear lots of layers. My principal even has a space heater in her office! Part of my frustration was having to drive in the bad weather. I went down to see my mom. We had made plans and I would have felt terrible cancelling on her since it means a lot to her.

Someone was telling me yesterday about Yak tracks. They are things you put on your running shoes to help with traction in the winter. Has anyone tried them? I think I will look them up and see what they are all about.

According to the 10% rule, I need to run 1.5 miles today. I will have to throw in something else to feel like I've worked out. I have minimal school work to do, so that's good.

Hope all are having a nice day! :)


Quick post for now

The 22 went very well. I actually ran 22.3, I turned on the iPod at the hills (about 13 miles) and smoked them! I had a blast and we got 2nd place in the relay for our age group. We got a wineglass and a coffee cup....:

Off to see if the Cardinals can pull this off!

I will catch up with personals later or tomorrow...:)


I loved Burn it Off! Fun, short, sweaty workout. Especially liked the screamers and lateral lunges with lateral raises. Recharge is pretty good, too. A sort of yoga-stretch mix. Perfect for those times when you've got a short attention span.

Gloria—can't wait to talk Gallagher with you soon. :) ...*lol* about it being a sign not to order CLX. I believe there is a backorder at the moment...I've had a great, relaxing weekend, thanks! I have a liiiittle bit of grading to do tomorrow along with lesson plans, but not too much. And it's a short week ahead. :D...Don't apologize—I think we'd all be on edge having to drive in bad weather. I haven't tried the Yaktracks, either, but I remember seeing a post about them on the OD not long ago.

Carole—Congrats on coming in 2nd in the relay! Awesome!!!

Laura—woo-hoo on your Garmin's arrival. Enjoy!

Have a great night, everyone!



Hey Cheetahs,

Been a real busy one for me that is fo shizz. Our office is busier than ever with the semester beginning and the increase in enrollments due to the numerous lay-offs causing peeps to return to school. To add to my schedule, I have an online class, plus I’ve been dealing with some minor stressful situations, um, like my DH has joined the ranks of unemployed; he was laid off 10 days ago. Sooo, anyway, my posting has become of the weekend variety as well.. LOL

Unfortunately, I have not yet received my CLX. :( Let’s just say, I will NEVER order from Beachbody again. Yeah, I’ve been jerked around for a few weeks now with the customer service dept. from hell :mad:. They initially messed up my order with the shipping address/type, then I kept getting promises of a re-shipment 2nd day air – of course nothing – then finally I’m told my order (from back in DECEMBER) is on backorder now. So, I may end up getting STS before CLX now. Whatever ….just finished Cathe’s LIS from the 4D’s..not too bad. I’m sure the shoulders will be squawkin’ in the am, so I guess I’ll do the HIS tomorrow to balance things out…

Cathy – Hey! Good job with the CLX and congrats on the weight loss! Now I REALLy want my CLX!! Love youse guys’ reviews. Yeah, it has been a busy one, huh? I know you’re bogged down as well. I hope to get my Chalean soon so I can have workouts to fit my busy life right now. I am going to write the letter. Unacceptable of the service and the way I’ve been treated. You got a nice 3 day-er too, huh? Swwaaaaeeeeeettuuuh! Hey, love dat new siggaaay….

Wendi – OMG, that is such a bummer about your car! I hope AAA made it before the gas ran out! ….stay warm up there!

Carole – Yeah, you’re rockin’ 22.3 miles now! Tha is superb! Congrats on the 2nd place too! Yeah, this weather is something else, huh? Today was almost 70??? wth? Usually raining or snowing here this time of year. I even have a window open for fresh air! LOL

Judy – LOL yep, I'm a cookin', Last night was chicken fajitas, tonight ravioli (um,of the frozen variety..lol) and ceasar salad and tomorrow is beef chuck roast in crock pot. Oh, and the spoiled lil’ devils get to have some homemade butter yellow cake with chocolate icing. I’m cooking me selves up some Halibut, brown rice, salad…and I’m thinking of a soup to cook tomorrow for my lunches at work this week. Great job on the long run dreadmill thing. I did that once during marathon training…eek. Yeah, it was super bad weather out so I had to do like 14 miles on the treadmill. My son had a friend over at the time and we were all watching a movie. Um, to this day, I think the visiting kid thinks I’m some sort of looney bird for running on the treadmill for the entire length of the movie!

Gloria – Hey, not negative at all. I’m sure the cold, snowy weather is getting mighty old by now. And hey, I don’t blame you for being frustrated driving in dat shtuff. I really don’t like it either! I have heard of the Yak Tracks, but don’t know much about them. Maybe try googling them and see what discussions you may find about them on other forums?? Stay warm there, girl!

Ok, well, I best be folding this up now and getting to that dinner bell… lol. I still have to shower from after my workout! Atleast I have tomorrow off and I am SOOOO happy about that! Going to get one more R&R day in there before I have to head back to the trenches…

Have a great evening, ya’ll



Dad had a (heart attack) but not one again almost in the hospital last night. She said it was not officaily a heart attack because the oxygen didn't shut off and turn black and die in his heart but rather it was squeezing and releasing the oxygen making some number go to 23 when normal is 1. So it was close to one but now he is stable. That was last night in ICU. Today he had no tests done and is being sent to St Joseph which is the #1 cardiac hospital in MD. He will have a scope put in to see what is going on and if stints are needed he will get them tomorrow and we shall go from there. Right now I'm pigging out again. I hope he does well tonight. I'm off to bed. Sisters and I are carpooling to the hospital in the am.


Hang in there...

Karen - I'm so sorry to hear about your dad! Just want to send some well wishes and prayers...hang in there, girl!


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