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    Cathe converts

    Woo hoo!!!! Awesome job! Congrats on your results! You're an inspiration to me. Beth
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    FitSplit review

    I think you do a great job with the music in light of the restrictions now.
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    Results from ICE....

    I cant say enough of the ICE series, one of best from Cathe in a long time. I truly enjoyed each workout. I just want to say that you have inspired me to do an ICE rotation. My problem has always been that I get bored and never finish a rotation but I am committed to this now. Thanks so much...
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    Cathe question about your pre-order pics! in all of your pre-order pics there is a woman with amazing abs!!! Is this a "real" woman that you've photographed or just a generic pic. I know the question may seem silly but those abds and the overall muscle tone is always so inspiring to me!! Thanks Beth
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    Cathe-I need your HELP!!

    Cathe, I have made a commitment to get healthier. My goal weight right now is 150#(possibly less, just have to see how I feel) and currently I weigh 208#. I want to be toned with less fat. I have so much admiration and respect for your high quality workouts and how fantastic you look. I turned...
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    Xtrain rotation question

    Thanks so much Nathalie. I work out pretty regularly but have struggled with my eating. Seems to have clicked now that I need to eat less processed and more whole foods and I have been doing great with that (read and re-read Xtrain book about nutrition...'made by man throw it in the can"!). Am...
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    Xtrain rotation question

    Does anyone else do the Xtrain rotation but not follow it exactly. For example I am following the upper body weight but vary the cardio and leg workouts. I work 12 hour shifts Fri-Sun and am all my feet all day (charge nurse on a cardiac step down) and just don't have enough energy to workout...
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    Intensity Deal of day; Should I buy

    Thanks! okay guys thanks for your input...ordered. Still got my eye out for 4 day split. I really look forward to doing this one! Beth
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    Intensity Deal of day; Should I buy

    Okay so I have previewed this and it looks really good, so I need some input from y'all...or rather some enabling! So let me hear what you think...I have tons of Cathe dvds including step (IMAX3, BM2, LIC, Low Max). In all honesty I was kind of holding out for a deal on 4DS...I really, really...
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    But I am sure tomorrow (probably the next day and the next too) I will thinking of you each and every time I have to sit down and may not be thinking all "nice" thoughts ;) I did LEGS today...the premix with ALL of the leg portions plus rear delts. Loved it but it is only afternoon and I can...
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    Cathe...Just when I need you most!!!

    Cathe , I just wanted to say that I have been waiting and waiting for this workout series to get here!!! It is absolutely fantastic!! And during that time my hubby and I have been waiting for a repeat colonoscopy to see if he has to have his entire colon removed due to Chron's disease and...
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    Xtrain and workout manager

    THANKS!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply and for everyone's hard work!!! Looking forward to it!! Beth
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    Xtrain and workout manager

    I know everyone is busy packing our dvds to ship so I am asking those of you who have been on board with new series before when to expect the information to be available in the workout manager. Thanks for your time. I am so excited about this series!! Beth
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    another question... I was wondering something. I know on dreary, rainy days or days that I just lack some oommph I have to dig deep sometimes for inspiration and my accountabilty workout buddy is a huge motivating factor for me BUT I wondered...where do you get your inspiration on...
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    Thanks Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I appreciate your commitment to fitness and health. You are truly an inspiration to me. Beth
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    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for producing such high quality workouts!!! You are hands down the best in my opinion. Question...I have read about working out harder for shorter periods being better for you trying to lose weight verses longer workouts. So when I am reaching for a workout...
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    Xtrain and weight loss Cathe thanks for your workout videos...they work me hard and I don't even have to leave my house! I have a question about weight loss. Is this a good series to use while trying to lose weight? I would like to lose about 60 pounds. I know eating plays a vital role and...
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    Ride dvd question...

    Thanks for your reply Debbie...sounds like it would make for an interesting workout!!! Beth
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    Ride dvd question...

    Thanks for your answer.
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    Ride dvd question...

    This may be a stupid question but can you use the ride dvd with an elliptical instead of a bike. I do not have a bike but wondered if it could be modified that way. Any comments greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! Beth