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  1. Stephanie0523


    So I'm doing a Biggest Loser type of competition with some friends of mine in a fitness group I'm in on Facebook, and Cathe is going to be my secret weapon. (I want to lose 20 pounds.) I have not worked out, shamefully, since before the holidays, but I am an avid Cathelete... So, any advice for...
  2. Stephanie0523

    LIS Athletic Training DVD glitch

    Wondering if anyone else has noticed a couple of glitches in the Athletic Training DVD. I did it tonight for the first time, and it had a couple of glitches, where the DVD just kind of paused for a couple of seconds and then resumed.
  3. Stephanie0523

    Blog post topic idea

    Hey Cathe, Do you think you could eventually do an article on how to get adequate protein/build muscle if you're a vegetarian? I'm mostly vegetarian now (still eat some fish occasionally), and I'm finding it hard to reach adequate protein levels each day. I want to lean out AND build muscle...
  4. Stephanie0523

    Anyone ever tried OxiMega?

    I just ordered some Orange OxiMega greens because I had read some good things about it and wanted to try a greens drink that wasn't in fact green and taste like grass. I like to eat greens, but I have trouble drinking them. It's a texture thing... Anyway, anyone tried this stuff? Hoping I didn't...
  5. Stephanie0523


    I heard someone talking (Maybe Dr.Oz?) about taking 5htp and green tea as a successful aid in weightloss. I am anti-diet pills, but 5htp seems to have other great uses (sleep aid, mood lifter, etc.) BUT I don't know much about the side effects, and I am wary of that. (I have mitral valve...
  6. Stephanie0523

    New Rules of Lifting for Women

    Hey guys, A friend of mine and I are going to do this together. We recently ordered the book, and she has heard wonderful things about the program. I want to do this before I start Cathe's low impact series. Have any of you done this? Did you lean out on it or just build muscle? (I want to...
  7. Stephanie0523

    Can't get workout manager to load up :(

    I can't get workout manager to load up for me tonight. Am I the only one? :( From time to time I have these problems with my computer (stupid Safari), so it very well might just be me. (I really just wanted to find out how many calories I burned doing Cario Core circuit. Does anyone know?)
  8. Stephanie0523

    white bean extract?

    So Dr. Oz mentioned this stuff a couple of weeks ago and how it inhibits carb absorption, so I am thinking of trying it (short-term). Anybody used it?
  9. Stephanie0523

    Question about featured recipe

    Hey SNM, I submitted a recipe back when you guys first started featuring them and I was chosen as the featured recipe. (YAY!) I was wondering if it's possible to submit more recipes and try for it again? Or is that discouraged?
  10. Stephanie0523

    Peak 8

    So I have been reading up on Dr. Mercola's Peak 8 method of training, and for the past couple of weeks I've been doing it two to three days a week. Wondering if anyone else here has tried it and seen results? I really have noticed it's a vigorous workout for only 20 minutes. I'm breathless and...
  11. Stephanie0523

    Prayers for Alabama Tornado Victims

    I cannot believe the devastation caused by yesterday's tornados in Alabama. I used to live in Birmingham; I have many family members in Alabama (who thankfully are OK) and I went to college in Auburn, which is University of Alabama's big rival. Rivalries seem trivial today. The death toll from...
  12. Stephanie0523

    Can't eat! :(

    One of the not so wonderful parts of motherhood is getting your children's illnesses... This past Friday my sweet little boy passed his ugly tummy virus to me. I have been able to keep food down, but I've been able to eat very very little. I'm over the virus, but I still have no appetite. I lost...
  13. Stephanie0523

    featured item

    Hey Cathe, I just saw on my newsletter that the resistance bands are the featured item this week, but the FP-15 code isn't working. Just thought I'd let you guys know. I loved the newsletter this week and am very excited about the low-impact DVDs!!! :)
  14. Stephanie0523

    I'm in love...

    With Supersets/ Push & Pull!!! I just got it this month because of the March discounts, and I adore it. ADORE it! Supersets is my favorite. For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing HIIT and Tabata two days a week (HIIT one day Tabata one) and in between Supersets/ Push & Pull and then a...
  15. Stephanie0523

    CLA and L-Glutamine??

    Hey ladies, I had bought some amino acids awhile back and wasn't very good about taking them regularly... I wonder, do any of you take CLA and/or L-Glutamine? Have you noticed a difference when you use them? Do you have more energy? When do you take them?
  16. Stephanie0523

    Resistance tubing?

    Hey guys, I am thinking about buying a resistance tube thingy. (You know with the handles on the end and the tubing...) But I have no idea whether to get medium or heavy resistance. I usually use 15 pound dumbbells (30 total) for shoulder presses, and 12 lb dumbbells (24 total) (occasionally...
  17. Stephanie0523

    Ayurveda, anyone?

    OK, so I was browsing Gaiam's web site today. (They are having a sale + 99 cent shipping), and I happened upon a DVD called Ayurveda for Weight Loss. I had learned a bit about Ayurveda from Sara Snow's show but I was wondering if anyone here follows it ... Is it a viable way of losing...
  18. Stephanie0523

    What is up with FitTV?

    Is FitTV no longer around? The channel still has it's logo on my DirectTV, but it's Discovery Channel programming. I'm so disappointed. Their Web site remains the same, though. So I'm confused. I'm hoping they didn't do away with the channel. When the majority of Americans are overweight, doing...
  19. Stephanie0523

    Running obstacle (AGAIN with the running!!)

    Hey runners!! As you know, I'm preparing for my first ever race on Thanksgiving Day (a 5 miler). I am SOOOOOO excited about it. I am doing great on the treadmill. I have endurance, I can handle the incline. I can focus and really enjoy it. However, whenever I run outside, I am anxiety stricken...
  20. Stephanie0523

    Again, with the running...(Training questions)

    Sorry, I know I've beaten this horse to death, but I'm desperate... so HELP!!! OK, I'm running in a 5-mile run in... ONE MONTH!!! It's my first ever run. Problem is, I don't feel like I'm ready. But I don't want to give up on this. I'll feel like a failure, and it's really important to me...