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    A Yummy Update

    Thank you so much Cathe! Kareng:)
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    Friday Schedule for RT!

    I really enjoyed starting out the Road Trip with a regular Cathe cardio class! It just seemed to add to the excitement and enthusiasm. A friend of mine who is relatively new to Cathe will be coming with me and I think for new people it would be great to get right into the thick of things with...
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    Cathe: I have tried numerous times and I cannot make this link work for me. Let me know what else to do! Thanks, Joycerib (Karen)
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    So, who's in?

    Suzette and Mama Pew! I got in--so excited!!:D I am # 87. A friend who I introduced to Cathe workouts is coming too. This will be her first time! It was great to be a member of the Chain Gang team! Kareng
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    Cathe road trip

    Thank you so much Cathe! Joycerib (Karen):D
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    Cathe road trip

    Cathe-- I know you are probably as busy as ever with QVC and getting ready for the Eggland's San Diego trip. But I was wondering, have you had any time to think about whether there will be a REGULAR road trip to your gym in Glassboro in July or August as you usually do? Thanks so much for...
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    1st Time Road Trippers...

    I agree with Suzette! PRICELESS!!!!!!!! Kareng:D
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    Thank you, '09 Road Trippers!

    Thank you so much coordinators for all your incredibly hard work and many kindnesses to all of us Roadtrippers!!:D Kareng
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    Thank you Cathe, Crew and Road Trippers

    Thank you SO MUCH Cathe, Chris, Coordinators, everyone connected with and the studio!! I had such a wonderul time. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. The classes had me raring for more! Well maybe not today:eek:! I hope to try to participate next year too. Thanks for everyone's...
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    Experienced RTers got tips for First Timers? Post 'em here!

    I agree with not changing your outfit each time. See my post in a thread listed below this one entitiled, "Making my list". The upshot is, especially if you are in the first group of Bootcamp exercisers (that class starts soon after Saturday's FIRST class ends) you really won't have a whole...
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    Making my list.....

    One thing I found helpful last year: I was in the first group of the bootcamp class which started not long after the first class of the morning was done. I decided NOT to change clothes and shower before the bootcamp class because time was slightly short and I was still relatively "fresh";)...
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    7-11-09 ANNOUNCEMENT: New RT Webpage!!!

    Thank you so much coordinators for your unending hard work!!! Kareng:D