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    Cathe question about your pre-order pics! in all of your pre-order pics there is a woman with amazing abs!!! Is this a "real" woman that you've photographed or just a generic pic. I know the question may seem silly but those abds and the overall muscle tone is always so inspiring to me!! Thanks Beth
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    Cathe-I need your HELP!!

    Cathe, I have made a commitment to get healthier. My goal weight right now is 150#(possibly less, just have to see how I feel) and currently I weigh 208#. I want to be toned with less fat. I have so much admiration and respect for your high quality workouts and how fantastic you look. I turned...
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    Xtrain rotation question

    Does anyone else do the Xtrain rotation but not follow it exactly. For example I am following the upper body weight but vary the cardio and leg workouts. I work 12 hour shifts Fri-Sun and am all my feet all day (charge nurse on a cardiac step down) and just don't have enough energy to workout...
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    Intensity Deal of day; Should I buy

    Okay so I have previewed this and it looks really good, so I need some input from y'all...or rather some enabling! So let me hear what you think...I have tons of Cathe dvds including step (IMAX3, BM2, LIC, Low Max). In all honesty I was kind of holding out for a deal on 4DS...I really, really...
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    But I am sure tomorrow (probably the next day and the next too) I will thinking of you each and every time I have to sit down and may not be thinking all "nice" thoughts ;) I did LEGS today...the premix with ALL of the leg portions plus rear delts. Loved it but it is only afternoon and I can...
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    Cathe...Just when I need you most!!!

    Cathe , I just wanted to say that I have been waiting and waiting for this workout series to get here!!! It is absolutely fantastic!! And during that time my hubby and I have been waiting for a repeat colonoscopy to see if he has to have his entire colon removed due to Chron's disease and...
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    Xtrain and workout manager

    I know everyone is busy packing our dvds to ship so I am asking those of you who have been on board with new series before when to expect the information to be available in the workout manager. Thanks for your time. I am so excited about this series!! Beth
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    Ride dvd question...

    This may be a stupid question but can you use the ride dvd with an elliptical instead of a bike. I do not have a bike but wondered if it could be modified that way. Any comments greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! Beth
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    slide & glide disc do you recommend?

    So I have the low impact series but have been using a different sliding disc I bought at Wal Mart...they are frustrating and I can not use them that well especially with jumping jacks. What do you guys think of Cathe's discs and do you recommend them? If they come highly recommended I will...
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    To the Max-do you still get the afterburn effect if

    YOU HAVE EXPIRED AT THE END OF THE WORKOUT!!!! :-) JK!!! WOW!!! To the Max was absolutely all I hoped for and more. I have not done crossfire yet...hope it can measure up!!! Thanks Cathe for a fabulous butt kicking workout!!!!
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    ? about when to do weight days with LIS

    This question is specific to athletic training, afterburn, slide n it okay to do weight workout one day and then do these workouts the next? Do you consider them mostly cardio or more weights? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I needed some clarification with this. Thanks so much.
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    STS total body or High Reps???

    So I am going to order one of these but wonder which one...I do not have the money for the entire STS system. I have the low impact and am pre-ordering to the max and want to get one of these with it. I also have muscle endurance, muscle max, pyramid upper and lower, butts and guts, legs and...
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    Hey guys...I am looking for some help to put together a rotation of my cathe dvd's for weight/fat loss. I am 5ft 5.5inches and at 215 pounds. I am eating clean now and want to step up my game with my workouts and do a rotation that helps me. Here are the workouts I have... 1.KPC 2. Bootcamp...
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    DOMS and when to lift again?

    I know you must wait at least 48 hours but my question is should you lift if you still have DOMS or wait until it completely gone? This may be a silly question but I just wanted to be sure I did it often enough but also waited long enough between training. Thanks Beth
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    HELP!! How often to workout?

    So I know I need to clean up my diet some more but I wanted to really kick my butt into high gear and workout 2xs a day maybe 4 days a week and then 1x day 2 days a week. My question is "Is it to much?" I was thinking cardio in the morning and weights in the evening. For example A.M. KPC...
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    leg press question

    So I have butt and guts and also have legs and glutes which I have never done because I don't have a high step. I was looking it over again after KPC and wondered could I do it with my regular step and of course it wouldn't be as good as a high step. What do ya'll think? Or just skip it and...
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    Shock wt loss suggestions Please

    Okay this may be stupid but I am currently trying to get healthier and lose weight as well. Is this a good series to lose weight with. Which ones would be the best. I currently do Body Max 2, LIC, KPC, Butt and Guts, Drill Max. Any suggestions would be welcome. I can not afford to order the...
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    Cardio Suggestions--PLEASE

    I was looking for some cardio suggestions of what you consider the best investment would be. Currently I have Low Impact Circuit, Body Max 2, Boot Camp -intensity series, Kick Punch and Crunch. I would greatly appreciate any ideas...when I look I am stumped as to what my next great Cathe...
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    Cathe This may be a silly question but I wondered about when the best time to start working your abds is. I have lost 35 pounds but still have at least 50-60 more pounds to lose and so of course my belly is soft and snuggly and not a 6 pack. I know that I have to lose the fat to see muscle...
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    Workout if muscles are sore?

    Cathe I wondered if you should workout with weights if you still have muscle soreness. I want to do pyramid upper body tomorrow and it will have been 48 hours since my last weights but I am still quite sore...especially in my chest which I did not think I would be because I did not really...