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    Help with changing credit card info

    Hello-I have the Cathe Live/On Demand subscription for $19.95/month. I need to change the Credit Card info for this and I can't see where to do it onine. Please help?
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    Chromecast icon disappearing?

    Lately when I play a Cathe Live video, the little chrome cast icon has disappeared. I can still play the workout, but I have to mirror my phone to the TV. I prefer using the Chromecast icon. It appears on the On Demand videos, but it is greyed out. I always used to be able to use the icon...
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    HIIT and Tabata

    Can you please explain the difference between HIIT and Tabata?
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    Roku in Canada

    Hello- I'm sorry to keep nagging about this, but based on the answers to my previous post regarding Roku in Canada, I subscribed to Cathe on Demand. Yet when I tried to add the channel to my Roku, it gave me this message: "We're Sorry. This channel is not available in your area." So what is...
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    Roku in Canada

    Hello A month ago I posted a question about being able to use Roku in Canada to access Cathe Live and On Demand. This is the response I got: Has anyone followed up on this? Thank you.
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    Live and On Demand using Roku available in Canada?

    I had seen a thread earlier this year about how Roku users in Canada were unable to access Cathe Live and On Demand. The final word was that someone was looking into it and would report back. I haven't seen anything since. Has this issue been resolved? Thank you