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  1. JulesMT

    No BodyMax 2 in Workout Manager

    I did BodyMax 2 today and was going to add it to my calendar, but I don't see it in the drop-down menu for DVDs any more. All I see is the Bonus Cardio option?
  2. JulesMT

    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    Just starting a new thread for January. :)
  3. JulesMT

    STS Pyramid Challenge - December

    I thought since we are now in December I'd start a new thread. :) Here is a copy of Kiki's November invite for all to join:
  4. JulesMT

    Can't Get STS Workouts to Show Up?

    Help! I cannot get any STS workouts to show up on my calendar today (but other DVD's of Cathes do appear). I am on a Mac using Safari. I also tried in Firefox and Chrome. ETA:I'm still having problems with just the STS workouts. All other workouts load on my calendar just fine. I tried in...
  5. JulesMT

    Plyo Legs is Awesome!

    I just did Plyo Legs for the first time and it was such an awesome workout! I had a total blast doing this routine and not only did my legs get a super workout, but so did my heart! Thanks, Cathe, for putting together such a fantastic workout for those of us who don't own a squat rack. :)
  6. JulesMT

    What is Your Fave? Rice, Almond, or Coconut Milk

    I'm going to try to cut back on dairy to see if it helps with me fight off colds and improve my sinusitus/hayfever symptoms. I have used soy milk in the past, but with all the bad press, I want to try something else. I usually use milk in cereal and protein shakes. What do you ladies...
  7. JulesMT

    360 Max Support Sports Bra by Champion

    Has anyone tried this new sports bra yet? I usually buy seamless sports bras, but am intrigued by this one-promises no bounce. I was curious if the seams on the sides chafe though.
  8. JulesMT

    Did Intense Cardio and Sick Again

    Just wondering if this happens to you guys? I get on a fantastic fitness roll where I am feeling great and working hard. Then I do an intense cardio workout, like Imax or HIIT, and come down with a terrible cold the next day. I guess these intense workouts just lower my immunity too much. It...
  9. JulesMT

    Male Cast Members-STS

    Dear Cathe/SNM, I was wondering if there will be any male cast members in the upcoming STS workouts? I would love for my husband to work out with me and this system sounds like it will be great for men as well as women. It is always easier to convince hubby to work out with me when there are...
  10. JulesMT

    Wow! I'm Pregnant!

    Hi fellow Catheites, I just found out I'm pregnant with my first child and would like join in the fun here! A little info about myself: I am 34 years old (almost 35) and have been an avid Cathe fan since PowerMax was released. I live in Northwest Montana and work out exclusively at...