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  1. peggy1619

    Please add Live option to workout manager

    Wondering if it’s possible to add a ”live” option to daily workouts we could post on the workout manager. This will allow the workout manager to keep track of the live classes we have completed. The second add would be the basic area of the “live“ class focus, legs, cardio, arms, pylo, Hiit...
  2. peggy1619

    Can't change date on previous rotation in workout manager

    No matter what rotation I choose, I can't change the date to make it current. Is this related to the update is doing?
  3. peggy1619

    How to get to purchased Cathe video on computer

    I watched the tutorial and still I can't see how the program knows where to look for the already purchased video? In th tutorial they just appeared on the right hand side in her saved location. How do I direct the program to look in I tunes or movies? Thanks Peg:(