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  1. maggie101

    thoratic segmental dysfunction

    This is my second week of therapy. My chyropracter said I can start doing planks on the stability ball +all the other stretch exercises I do.I assume by next week I can go back to work. How should I start working out again? Should I do freestyle? I have most of your dvds.Just not the very first...
  2. maggie101


    I am considering whether I should have this done for my cat or put her on steroids probably for the rest of her life.She's had ultrasound,gi pannel,and thyroid tests that turned out normal.Since the doctor does not know what is wrong,there will be alot of trial and error.I was going to skip the...
  3. maggie101

    foam replace for pullup bar

    mines is almost completely torn.where can i get some to replace it? laura