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    slippery fitness ball ?

    Thank you to all who replied! Yes I guess I must have worn it out! I use it about 5 times a week (no dust on it, that's for sure!), and have had it for years. I am glad you said your new one had some grip as that was something I was wondering about, and I have had this one so long could not...
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    slippery fitness ball ?

    Have anyone had problems with a slippery ball? Do they need to be washed or cleaned somehow? I have a 55 cm ball which has served me well for years but lately it seems slippery. I can't hold onto it with my legs (wearing my usual nike workout pants) as my legs often slip off of it and it pops...
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    Calendar Issues

    There is definitely still something wrong. I have been trying to enter a workout into the calendar for the last 24 hours - have tried 2 different operating systems and 3 different browsers - nothing is working.
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    Re: Scuba Divers?

    This is a very interesting thread even though started a long time ago! I think this is really very different for everyone. I got certified in open water about 7 years ago and am about to get rid of all my equipment. I worked hard at this, got certified in basic, then got two more advanced...
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    XTRAIN- a request for wrist friendly exercises

    bumping big time! Yes, count me in too for more wrist-friendly exercises, or at least suggestions for how to modify. For most exercises like pushups, planks, e.g. anything that requires bearing weight on flexed wrists, I use a pair of push-up stands, which is the only thing that makes a lot of...
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    Recommendations for guided meditation?

    I really have used and liked CDs by both Jack Kornfield and Bodhipaksa. Jack Kornfield has a 2-CD set that is called "Meditation for Beginners" and I still use it even though I've had it for about 5 years. I also have a CD by Bodhipaksa and think he is wonderful as well. He has one geared to...
  7. workingToBeFit

    Life Cycle vs Spin Bike

    I also have a lifecycle and am an avid outdoor biker. I prefer the lifecycle feel to spin bikes overall as to me the lifecycle has a more "real bike" feel (though nothing is as real as a real bike!); but I enjoy spinning bikes a lot whenever I get to a gym class (which is not often). Anyway...
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    Happy Birthday and Thank you again!

    Have a great birthday! Any many many more happy, healthy birthdays to come! And again, thank you for ALL you do! Ann in Florida
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    merrell barefoot pure glove shoes

    I have not done an entire plyo workout in them yet, but I did try them out with a lot of jumping in my living room. They felt great. I also ran on the treadmill a little, but not outside yet. They felt great doing that too. I plan to do a real plyo workout of Cathe's in them as soon as I can...
  10. workingToBeFit

    Which Washer to Buy?

    Sure, we just went through this so I am happy to comment. Re front loaders, there may be reviews that list all the problems better than I will, but this is what we had: (1) constant moldy smell; we tried running bleach and commerical cleaners through, cleaning all the parts that we could reach...
  11. workingToBeFit

    merrell barefoot pure glove shoes

    I had to write and say I am LOVING these shoes. I just did some kickbox and a Cathe weight workout in them, and I was happy as a clam. I have been walking around in them at home and they feel fantastic. Tomorrow, work in them. I am a big convert to the minimalist/barefoot style of shoe and...
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    Which Washer to Buy?

    This is always such a major decision. We had a set of Whirlpool Duets for 7 years, and just got rid of them. For one thing they left brown streak marks on many of our white clothes - google that, you'll find a LOT of people complaining about it. We had other problems with them as well and also...
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    I know Cathe has answered this particular question before - if I had the link to it I would post that, sorry that I don't. Anyway perhaps if you do a search you can find it on the site.
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    If you had to give up high heels or cardio.......

    I gave up heels about 2 years ago. After years of wearing them, and thinking they looked great, and that I could somehow exercise through any foot problems. After a couple of bouts of minor foot problems, and then a major problem painful severe enough that I was using a cane for a couple of...
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    Gin Miller, Simply Interval

    I like this video too and would recommend it. If it weren't for Gin Miller's "Everybody Steps" I don't think I ever would have gotten started stepping. I also like her "Classic Moves" for a longer, steady state burn.
  16. workingToBeFit

    Early Risers??

    I just wanted to reply that I was looking for some inspiration, and hearing about what you all are doing to work out in the morning, in various ways and schedules, is REALLY inspiring. No more excuses for me.
  17. workingToBeFit

    Kettelbell Rotation

    jackie7, re your questions, I also have the Lauren Brooks rotation, which she emailed me when I emailed her and asked for it (her email address is on her web site, The rotation I have includes her main "ultimate" videos 1 and 2, and the other one with z-health (but I...
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    Kettelbell Rotation

    Hi Cupcake, I am very interested in this new DVD by Lauren Brooks. I have volumes 1 and 2. I was thinking of getting her DVD with "z-health" incorporated but it looks like getting volume 3 might be something I'd like more. How is volume 3 different from 1 and 2? Can you make any general...
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    20% off coupon

    The presale price, in August 2010, for all 4 DVDs was $69.97. The current full price for all 4 DVDs is $91.88. If the 4 DVDs could be bought now using a calendar-related 20% discount, the price would be $73.50, plus in addition having to buy and ship the calendar, which ran about $24 depending...
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    push ups and abs

    First I agree, please pat yourself on the back for doing these workouts. I never can do everything Cathe or the crew does, and often feel like I am not keeping up, but the main thing is to just keep working out regularly at your own unique level, appropriate for you, and improvements will come...