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  1. maggie101

    Muscle Meltdown Upper Body Premix

    I plan on alternating days doing a workout+ bb and mm the next day(2-3 upper body)
  2. maggie101

    Rotation with ICE, RWH and Xtrain

    do a search in yahoo for ice users guide
  3. maggie101

    Rotation with ICE, RWH and Xtrain

    I downloaded it onto my phone but cannot find it on my computer!
  4. maggie101

    thoratic segmental dysfunction

    This is my second week of therapy. My chyropracter said I can start doing planks on the stability ball +all the other stretch exercises I do.I assume by next week I can go back to work. How should I start working out again? Should I do freestyle? I have most of your dvds.Just not the very first...
  5. maggie101

    KICKBOXING DVD Suggestions

    Rapid Fire by Susan Chung-I like them all Powerstrike 6
  6. maggie101

    Low Back Stiffness

    I will have to start doing my kb dvds again-soooo many! Since my hours have increased,usually 2-10pm I have not been working out. I did one of the new workouts and also had lower back pain.Luckily my clothes still fit and I still have some strength in me-I broke a pair of sizzors at work!
  7. maggie101

    Has Cathe posted her inflammation story?

    interested too. I have had it in the past-among other things-so I avoid pulsing like band work in back/shoulders/bi with pulsing and pulsing with dumbells. I am considering doing back/shoulders then bis next day because I was too week during the workout and half hour cardio.For sure biceps...
  8. maggie101

    Low Back Stiffness

    That made me think of work. I work sales floor and get horrible back pain mostly from folding cloths so it is alot of twisting,turning,reaching,slightly bending my back when reaching.
  9. maggie101

    Help me name my puppy

    3389I decided on my cat's name because of what she made me think of.She's tri colored tan,grey,and white so I thought of Peaches.
  10. maggie101

    Favorite rotation ever?

    Step Blast series my fav-still do also,I don't remember what it's called but it has bootcamp twice-another rock bottom from a long time ago.I would like to do it again.Maybe someone knows? Laura
  11. maggie101

    Insanity +?

    Yes!totally spent.I would do burnsets first because of that. Laura
  12. maggie101

    Insanity +?

    I plan on doing burn sets along with insanity-one body part a day. Laura
  13. maggie101


    Thanks!I will mention that to the vet.She has not vomited since taking steroids-4 days.Maybe the steroids similar to pepcid.She is still losing weight and has not used the litter box though she eats alot.How is that possible?She sees the Specialist for a checkup next week. Laura
  14. maggie101


    Just my luck!My 8 month kitten has a bacterial infection so I also have to give her a pill and liquid. Laura
  15. maggie101


    Hill's is at the pit bottom of my list.It is what the vet prescribed for her and it has helped.She had difficulty eating her food before-wellness core-which she had eaten most of her life.I don't think its the food.She vomits even if there's no food in her.She also could not defecate.Since all...
  16. maggie101


    I would like the endoscope done but since my parents pay the bill,I called to put her on steroids,dewormer,and b12 injection.There is only one kind of steroid for cats so I hope this works. Laura
  17. maggie101


    My cat is 12 1/2 yrs old.I used to feed her many small meals a day til I started working more.I give her canned food.Right now she is on Hill's Prescription Z/D which I thought was helping til monday.If I get it done Texas A&M does it.I do not feed her dry because of the moisture in canned.Her...
  18. maggie101

    what are rag dolls? Laura

    what are rag dolls? Laura
  19. maggie101


    I am considering whether I should have this done for my cat or put her on steroids probably for the rest of her life.She's had ultrasound,gi pannel,and thyroid tests that turned out normal.Since the doctor does not know what is wrong,there will be alot of trial and error.I was going to skip the...
  20. maggie101

    Upper Body Workouts Like PUB?

    You have tempted me to do another Body Blast Series-my fav!How about doing meso 2? Laura