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  1. Jess_jugs


    I keep telling my dh that when we finally get a bigger house all I really care about is my own fitness room!!! :D Enjoy the new workouts!!
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    It looks like they found Caylee Anthony

    It just breaks my heart. I just don't understand things like that. :(
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    Why...WHY won't my no-bake cookies harden??

    OK, I was close. Here's my MIL's recipe that I always use. 2 c. sugar 1 stick butter 2/3 c. milk Mix together in saucepan and heat til boiling, stirring constantly. Let boil for 3 minutes, and keep stirring. Remove from heat. Add: 1/2 c. crunchy PB 1 tsp. vanilla 3 c. oatmeal (but...
  4. Jess_jugs

    Why...WHY won't my no-bake cookies harden??

    I always use a bit more oatmeal than called for. I think it's 1 stick of butter, 2 c. sugar, 1 c. PB, 1 tsp. vanilla, and 3 c. oats (but I usually use 4). I'll have to double check, but these are a family fav!
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    Biggest Loser.....who ya voting for???

    ITA with you!! I love Ed, he seems like a real sincere guy. Heba looks great, but I just don't care for her personality. If Vicky wins I will be SOOOO mad!! I really hope Michelle wins and for sure Colleen (or her Dad!) the at home winner!
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I thought that taking things to email would be more appropriate than posting here on Cathe's site (like you mentioned before). I will make sure to change how I word things from now on. Next time feel free to PM me if you have any other suggestions!
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    Oops, DISrespect! DOH! Thank you, Liann!
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    Cost of a Christmas tree?

    I'm in IL also and paid $30 for a gorgeous tree! We go to a local tree farm every year. Sad news though... they're closing in 2 years!! :(
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    I'm sorry that I made you feel that way. That is not my intent. I usually post to the questions about BB workouts (P90X in particular) because it is something that I am familiar with and trying to help out. I don't answer questions from other posts if I have no knowledge or workouts that I have...
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    Fitness 2008: The Year in Review!

    Over all I'd say it was a good year. I accomplished a big goal of mine and finished a triathlon!!!!! I wanted to run another half marathon but broke my toe and wasn't able to do that. But... I am signed up for a half marathon in May '09 so I'll be ready for that! I feel that I am stronger...
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    My apologies if I violated any TOS. :( I was not the original poster but have had a lot of Catheites email me from here interested in preordering. No disrespect meant at ALL to Cathe. I think those of you who have gotten to *know* me know that I'm not only here to sell products. I'm here...
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    Thanks for posting! It's in Carl's blog. I'll send out an email to my customers, it looks like the pre-order for customers starts on December 12th!!!! :D If anyone has questions, please let me know. I preordered mine as a coach...
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    Dorky confession time!

    Oh my gosh, I LOVED Trixie Belden books!! I forgot about them, must get my 9yo reading them!! ;)
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    Dorky confession time!

    Yes, yes, and don't forget Some Kind of Wonderful!! LOVE the '80's movies!!
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    1st cold day in houston,tx

    We loved it!! But it was weird to spend Thanksgiving in the ocean!! And it didn't really feel like T'giving until we got home to snow? LOL I know, my brother has been in TX for 11 yrs now and he can't handle the cold in IL anymore. :p
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    1st cold day in houston,tx

    It was amazing!! Wow, I want to go back!! LOL I know, quite the reality check to get home to a snow storm!! From running on the beach in 85* weather to running in full snow gear is quite a change! LOL
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    1st cold day in houston,tx

    I'm glad that it was hot in TX last week!! :p We flew through Houston and were in Mission, and then the South Padre Islands. It was 80- 85* and perfect all week. Returned to IL to 32* and SNOW!! My kids even had a snow day on Monday, lots of ice & snow! What a reality check!! :eek:
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    For any other Achilles Tendonitis sufferers...

    I find that my achilles always bothers me when I run on incline. I know it burns cals, but it's much better if I skip the hill work. It's now been a while longer and I have been back to my regular running (4-5 miles 3x a week for now) an am keeping up w/ the stretching. It's REALLY helped me...
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    p90x question/opinions

    I think... P90X is really a versatile program. I've switched things up a lot, but try to stick to the 2 upper body workouts and Ab Ripper X (subbing sometimes for a Cathe CoreMax or other ab work), and just follow a similar rotation. Just try to fit in the 3 weight workouts a week and you'll...
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    My name is not Mrs!

    I hear ya! I'm only 31, but I've been married for 12 yrs. It's still weird to be called Mrs. _____. I was helping out in my dd's class the other days and all of the kids call me Mrs. It just makes me think of my mother in law!! :eek: