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  1. workingToBeFit

    slippery fitness ball ?

    Have anyone had problems with a slippery ball? Do they need to be washed or cleaned somehow? I have a 55 cm ball which has served me well for years but lately it seems slippery. I can't hold onto it with my legs (wearing my usual nike workout pants) as my legs often slip off of it and it pops...
  2. workingToBeFit

    Happy Birthday and Thank you again!

    Have a great birthday! Any many many more happy, healthy birthdays to come! And again, thank you for ALL you do! Ann in Florida
  3. workingToBeFit

    merrell barefoot pure glove shoes

    I had to write and say I am LOVING these shoes. I just did some kickbox and a Cathe weight workout in them, and I was happy as a clam. I have been walking around in them at home and they feel fantastic. Tomorrow, work in them. I am a big convert to the minimalist/barefoot style of shoe and...
  4. workingToBeFit

    nastiness on the internet

    Does anyone else sometimes feel like there is so much mean stuff on the internet they just don't want to look at it anymore? I love this forum, and please know right away, I am not talking about this forum! But, I got really flamed in a very nasty way on a different forum today, in a really...
  5. workingToBeFit

    if you could only keep one thing, what would it be?

    If you could only keep one piece of workout equipment, what would it be? I started thinking about this idea this morning, thinking in this bad economy, what if I lost my job and had to sell off my exercise equipment, what would I keep if I could only keep one thing? I was thinking at this...
  6. workingToBeFit

    working kettlebells into rotations

    For all you experienced kettlebell users, how often do you work them in, to say a week-long or month-long workout plan? Do you ever do them 2 days in a row? Do you sub them in for a purely weight workout, or a circuit training session, as it seems they train a lot of the body and even have a...
  7. workingToBeFit

    food for thought: More magazine, Are you pushing yourself hard enough?

    The March issue of More magazine has a very interesting article. I am sure this will spark some debate. The article is called, "Are you pushing yourself hard enough?" There are sections on resistance training, jumping movements, and aerobic workouts. What really hit me was the section on...
  8. workingToBeFit

    brazil butt lift - low or high impact? Etc.

    Ok so I am intrigued by the infomercial and the positive posts people have written here. But I haven't seen mention yet of impact level (maybe I missed it?). But for anyone who has this workout set, in the 6 or so workouts, are they generally high impact, low impact, mixed, etc.??? Also, is...
  9. workingToBeFit

    what is your favorite Cathe warmup segment?

    My favorite is the warmup from Body Max 2. I don't do BM2 much at all, but I do this warmup A LOT. I just love it. No matter how crummy and un-motivated I feel, this warmup always gets me going. The step work is simple yet totally FUN, there is stretching of both lower and upper body, the...
  10. workingToBeFit

    yoga tune-up quickfix Rx w/jill miller

    has anyone tried this? I am always looking for "healing" i.e. rehab/stretching type videos. As much as I love to work out hard at age 52 I seem to spending a lot more time stretching etc. to try to get rid of various sore areas. Anyway I just got this in the mail after ordering it - it has...
  11. workingToBeFit

    barefoot cardio - ellen barrett - loving it!

    Ok so first I own every DVD workout Cathe has put out - and am a Cathe fanatic. That said, I found myself recently with a very painful foot problem - almost could not walk on it - much less workout as usual. My doctor did blood, xrays, and could not find anything wrong in the tests. I spent a...
  12. workingToBeFit

    my shock cardio is coming on today's UPS truck!

    I am so excited and had to "tell" someone. I can't believe it is getting here for Christmas Eve :-) Thanks Cathe and everyone for getting these shipped even in a northeastern blizzard. This is the best Christmas gift ever!!!
  13. workingToBeFit

    Are you in the midst of a snowstorm?

    Not sure if the huge snowstorm is hitting Glassboro - but the Philly airport has cancelled a ton of flights due to snow. I hope you Cathe and everyone at Four Seasons is safe and warm and not snowed in :-) I lived in Buffalo NY for 22 years so I can sympathize!
  14. workingToBeFit

    PT certification in 3 1/2 months?

    I am wondering if it would be possible to get a worthwhile personal training certification in about 3 1/2 months, from a reputable certification agency. I am a university teacher (computer science) and next summer I will not be teaching, by choice, for the first time in many years. So I am...
  15. workingToBeFit

    book "Younger Next Year", Joanna's blog

    I read Joanna's inspiring blog post "no pause for menopause" and as soon as I got done reading that, I ordered the book she recommended, "Younger Next Year." I got the "for women" version. I am nearly done reading it and first I want to thank Joanna and second I want to heartily recommend this...
  16. workingToBeFit

    still-legged vs bent-legged deadlifts

    I was not sure where to put this post - but hope that Cathe or Debbie (fitness freak!) or some other weight-guru will see it. What would you say are the advantages and disadvantages of doing stiff-legged vs bent-legged deadlifts? I have been working hard on form based on DVDs and book...
  17. workingToBeFit

    want to recommend DVD for rehabbing

    I am feeling inspired to recommend a DVD I bought a few months ago for upper body rehabbing. I was having pain in my right shoulder, my right elbow, and both thumbs, for a very long time. The elbow was in pain for a year (originally from an injury weight lifting) and I've had trouble with both...
  18. workingToBeFit

    thoughts on Beachbody's "Total Body Solution"

    I just got this video and did the whole thing, once, today. I am really impressed with it. I plan to stick with it as recommended by Beachbody, for 30 days, every other day. I will write another comment in about 30 days with my long term results. This is a video for "rehabbing" parts of the...
  19. workingToBeFit

    ming chew book "permanent pain cure"

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else has tried the Ming Method to help shoulder pain or any other kind of muscle or joint pain, anywhere in the body. This book was recommended in Oxygen magazine a while back. I have tried some of the techniques, with some good results. I admit I have not used...
  20. workingToBeFit

    not happy with jari's "extremely ripped"

    Has anyone else gotten this DVD and have any opinions about it? I am really curious as to what other people think of it. I am considering sending it back, and I almost never return a workout DVD. I like the music and the energetic feel to it, but I am not happy with (1) the lack of decent...