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  1. Scorpio3110

    Coming back

    It definitely is harder but consistency is key. I'm coming up to 60 next Halloween and a couple of weeks of daily doses of mostly Cathe or some Kelly Coffey Meyer and I can see and feel the difference and know I'm almost where I was. It's very motivating. You say you're returning to Cathe so...
  2. Scorpio3110

    Coming back

    HI Susanne, Welcome back. Have you got Cathe's lite series? If not, check it out. It will challenge you just enough so that you feel accomplished and ready for the next workout. Remember, you can always use the shorter premixes until you are ready for more. Have a look and come back and...
  3. Scorpio3110

    Free nutritional website

    You can use My Fitness Pal on your PC.
  4. Scorpio3110

    After Low Impact Series

    ICE would be a good one. You can then do the rotation with both ICE and LIS before considering Xtrain.
  5. Scorpio3110

    Anyone use Essential Oils?

    Yup! Patchouli will conjure up images of hippies. Google "swiftcraftymonkey" for recipes; this lady's blogspot has lots of info on making your own skincare. We also have 'Making Skincare' here in the UK and they also have a FB page. I used to go round to the girl who started it and she...
  6. Scorpio3110

    Anyone use Essential Oils?

    Yes, Neroli is expensive but I use only a drop or two at a time, as I have very sensitive skin I do respect the potency of essential oils, so it last a long time. Palmarosa is another favourite which I use in oil blends. :) Ama
  7. Scorpio3110

    Anyone use Essential Oils?

    You're so right, Elsie. Although I'd heard about watermelon seed oil for quite a while now, I've only just started using it. I made a nice serum with it as the main oil and added pomegranate, kiwi, sea buckthorn seed oils, carrot tissue oil and a few others, with Coenzyme Q10 and carrot seed...
  8. Scorpio3110

    Anyone use Essential Oils?

    Great thread!! I've been using essential oils for years. I make my own creams, serums and deodorants because I became allergic to the commercial stuff when I hit menopause. My skin has never looked better. I also blend and burn essential oils instead of using air fresheners and it's fun...
  9. Scorpio3110

    It takes 2 b a true cathlete to care --- Thank you ;-)

    Been away from my pc for while. My thoughts have been with you this week, Nathalie - good to know you and yours are safe. Ama
  10. Scorpio3110

    Chicken Breast - Tasty way of cooking - Your thoughts

    Hi Nathalie, (I always enjoy reading your posts, btw.) I'm sat at my desk enjoying a piece of chicken breast I made last night. Just to warn you - I'm a 'chuck-it-in-and-see-what-it-tastes-like' kinda gal... no measuring, no weighing. In essence - no faffing around. This means no two...